Meet Bell, The Cat With A Majestic Squirrel-Like Tail That’s Going Viral On Instagram

This kitty with a bushy, puffy, and fluffy tail is named Bell.

She is a three-year-old cat from Japan who has more than 145,000 followers on Instagram.

Who wouldn’t love to see this beautiful cat and her glorious tail every day?

On her Instagram, Bell loves to dress up, and her photos get thousands of likes immediately after being posted.

Bell is a munchkin cat combined with and Persian mix, a breed that’s also known as a “minuet cat” or Napoleon breed.

Instagram: ricorico_rico

This breed is regarded as one of the cutest cat breeds because of their short legs, fluffy fur, and rounded face.

Plus, they usually have fluffy tails.

Instagram: ricorico_rico

However, Bell’s tail is larger than the average minuet cat.

Therefore, her uniquely bushy tail makes her stand out and attract more attention.

Instagram: ricorico_rico

You can follow Bell’s daily adventures on Instagram.

Instagram: ricorico_rico

Source: Just Something