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What The March Blue Moon Means For Your Sign

If you pay attention to the lunar cycle, you may start to notice that the full moon, in particular, has an effect on us. No, it doesn’t make pregnant people go into labor and it doesn’t cause a spike in crime. But if you believe that the moon has astrological power, then it can have an effect on our moods, our mindsets, and the types of activities we’re drawn to.

The nature of those effects depend on what sign the moon is moving through when it reaches fullness and what your own sign is, too. The Zodiac sign that hosts the full moon acts like a filter for that bright, expansive, look-at-me type of lunar energy and imbues all of us with a hint of its personality.
This March, we’ll face two full moons, the second of which is sometimes known as a monthly blue moon. Where the first full moon (which will crest on the 1st) will be in Virgo, the second (coming at us on the 31st) will appear in Libra. Although these signs are next-door neighbors on the Wheel of the Zodiac, they channel the full moon’s energy very differently.

During the first, you can expect a return to order and a greater desire to focus on the details, while the second full moon will encourage us to cooperate with others and consider how we present ourselves to the world. Of course, these are merely general predictions. The March full moons will treat each Zodiac sign a little differently. Read on to discover what these lunar phases will illuminate for your sign this month.


When the moon’s in Virgo, you’ll feel like you’re back in school. Rams tend to have a low tolerance for rules, and, unfortunately, Virgo is a sign that loves drawing within the lines. But you don’t have to spend this full moon feeling boxed in — rather, apply your fiery energy to tasks that Virgo loves, like household chores and logistical plans at work.

When the moon’s in Libra, your competitive sign will learn to be a team player. Don’t roll your eyes just yet, Aries — you might actually like it this time. Libran full moons bring out the people-pleaser in all of us, so this just might be the day you learn the importance of cooperation.


When the moon’s in Virgo, you’ll finally feel motivated. Where your Taurean instincts say to take a break, Virgo, fueled by its ruling planet, Mercury, says to go, go, go. That mile-long to-do list will start seeing check marks during this lunar phase, Bull. Just put one hoof in front of the other.

When the moon’s in Libra, you may end up with a new haircut, wardrobe, or skincare routine. Libra and Taurus share an affinity for the finer things in life, especially when it comes to grooming and pampering. The urge to splurge on something pretty may rear its head under this full moon.


When the moon’s in Virgo, you’ll be inspired to chase an intellectual passion. You’re a naturally curious sign, Gem, but you don’t always delve that deeply into the topics that really intrigue you. Under the Virgo full moon, you’ll suddenly find the focus needed to truly satisfy your thirst for knowledge.

When the moon’s in Libra, your social perspective will flip. As a fellow air sign, Libra shares your tendency to mingle and flit from subject to subject (or person to person). But, where you’re happy to put yourself first, this full moon will nag at you to think of others, too — and even stick with them after the small talk gets boring.


When the moon’s in Virgo, you’ll feel a little emotionally stifled, but that might not be the worst thing. As an in-your-feelings water sign, your emotions come out in a freely flowing stream most of the time. Under this full moon, shining through orderly Virgo, you’ll be called upon to put your moods and feelings in order. That may sound like grueling inner work, but it may ultimately help you express yourself to others more clearly.

When the moon’s in Libra, you’ll get to flaunt your emotional sensitivity. Libran full moons encourage all of us to look out for the feelings of others. Lucky for you, Cancer, your naturally nurturing, even maternal, instincts are perfectly suited to this sort of energy. Be prepared to be a shoulder for others to cry on.


When the moon’s in Virgo, your generous side will come out in full force. As much as you like — okay, love — to be the star, you also enjoy supporting those around you, Leo. This full moon will nudge you to let that side of you show through in how you treat others, especially strangers. Showing your local community a little love and care, whether by donating used books or volunteering a few hours at a shelter, will warm your enormous heart.

When the moon’s in Libra, watch out for direct conflict. You normally like to address problems head-on, but this diplomatic sign will urge you to consider all sides of an issue before acting. This will feel nearly impossible for any passionate Leo, but it could be a welcome exercise in patience — or, at least, letting someone else talk first.


When the moon’s in Virgo, a cleanse will be in order. This could mean you finally tackle your kitchen’s junk drawer, but you may need to address something altogether more spiritual. With the emotion-ruling moon in your purposeful sign, you’ll find those difficult, personal truths more accessible. And in listening to yourself, you’ll be able to clear out what no longer serves you.

When the moon’s in Libra, that emotional cleanse may evolve into a total examination of the psyche. When channeling the moon’s introspective energy, a Libran influence can take a turn for the self-conscious. You may feel inclined to embark on a major self-improvement project, Virgo, but don’t bite off more than you can chew.


When the moon’s in Virgo, you may get hung up on the details. You always like everything to look presentable, Libra, but this Virgo full moon will push you to prioritize function as well as form. And even your sign, represented by the Scales of Justice, may struggle to strike that balance.

When the moon’s in Libra, prepare to work the room. You’re always up for a little socializing, Libra, but with the moon supercharging your innermost thoughts, you’ll have the confidence to approach anyone. Got a pitch you’ve been too timid to make at work? Have you been meaning to strike up a flirty conversation with the barista? The moon is your spotlight, and it’s time to act.


When the moon’s in Virgo, you’re ready to go the distance for your inner circle. Virgos demonstrate affection by helping their loved ones, and the stars know that you’re always on the lookout for a low-key, non-mushy way to show your friends and partner how much you love and appreciate them.

When the moon’s in Libra, you’ll be more willing to engage with others. Scorps don’t usually mind drama, as long as they watch the conflict unfold from the outside. During this full moon, you’ll feel compelled to close the distance between you and the turmoil and actually help find a resolution between the warring parties.


When the moon’s in Virgo, your professorial side may emerge. Only a full moon in thoughtful, meticulous Virgo can slow down a fiery and adventurous Archer — and coax out the scholar behind the adventurer. Nothing will feel more satisfying than refining your opinion on a complex political issue or parsing the meaning of an old philosophical text.

When the moon’s in Libra, you’ll just want to play. Libra is the sign of harmony, love, and cooperation — and you’re a huge fan of all three of those things, Sag. You love to be where the people are, and this full moon asks little more of you than that.


When the moon’s in Virgo, you’ll be even more on your game than usual. You feel deeply bonded to this sign, Cap, thanks to your shared ruling element, earth. Virgos and Capricorns alike love to execute long-term plans and tackle logistics. What this full moon will give you that you don’t normally have is a keen attention to detail. Don’t be afraid to slow down for a day to make those final touches you’d normally gloss over.

When the moon’s in Libra, you’ll feel like the chaperone at the school dance. Fun, flirty, easygoing energy doesn’t come naturally to every Goat, and you’ll be acutely aware of this fact under the full moon in Libra. Don’t force yourself to be someone you’re not, Cap, but don’t hold back if you do see an opportunity to crack a joke.


When the moon’s in Virgo, resist the urge to tinker. If you had it your way, you’d putter about and dabble in whatever subject interested you in the moment. As Virgo-friendly as that curiosity may be, you’ll feel added pressure to actually work toward a tangible goal as you go about your passion projects.

When the moon’s in Libra, flex your mingling muscles. Aquarians are often dismissed as total hermits, but you can be extremely personable, even the life of the party, when you want to be. This full moon will see everyone coming out of their shell a little more, and you won’t be an exception, Water Bearer. Might as well lean into it and be the charmer we know you are deep down.


When the moon’s in Virgo, you could finally discover a routine that works for you. Your sign is often characterized as the absent-minded professor of the Zodiac, but you aren’t totally allergic to a little law and order. You just need a little time to test out different systems. During this lunar phase, give bullet journaling or KonMari-ing a try.

When the moon’s in Libra, explore the surface as much as the depths. Not everyone is going to want to hear about the last five dreams you had, Pisces. You might have to spend this full moon exchanging pleasantries instead of flights of fancy, but you could also have a chance to capitalize on Libra’s gossipy streak. Others may come running to you for words of wisdom on personal problems before this phase is through.


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