Lucky Colours According To Your Zodiac Sign

There are several aspects that are related to the horoscopes of every zodiac sign.

The list of the lucky colours has been revealed by the astrologers. And here we are sharing the list of lucky colours that are based on your zodiac sign.

Making the best use of these lucky colours can make your year a fantastic one, in terms of your success and happiness.

So, find out which is your lucky colour…


This zodiac is ruled by the planet Mars. The lucky colours for you, for 2018, are saffron and shades of yellow. Apart from this, you can go for white, lemon green, or emerald green colour, as it would attract good fortune towards you.


The coming year is considered to be the right time to focus on your work and progress. The lucky colours for this zodiac are saffron and shades of yellow. Do note that apple green, and vermilion red would bring in the much-needed luck into your life.


This zodiac is associated with the planet Mercury. In the year 2018, colours like white, and light gray are lucky for this zodiac sign. Wearing anything in green on Wednesdays can be fruitful.


This zodiac is influenced by the Moon. They are deeply influenced by colours like turquoise blue and carmine red. Apart from this, other lucky colours are going to be orange and white. On the other hand, your wealth will improve this year.


This zodiac sign people will find themselves to be very busy in the coming year and their efforts will be rewarded duly. The lucky colours that are going to favour this zodiac sign in 2018 are gold, orange, red and white.


This sign is deeply influenced by Mercury, hence using colours like turquoise green, and cyan blue are said to be lucky and auspicious. If you wish to get a little more luck, then wear the shades of green during Wednesdays.


They are known for their style, grace, and enigma, this zodiac is ruled by the planet Venus and using white, green, and blue colours are considered to be lucky. On the other hand, they can opt for cream or off-white colours during Fridays.


These guys are always seen donning either black or white. They need to be careful during the retrograde of Mars and hence experimenting with new colours is not recommended. But on other hand, they can opt for white or prussian blue or even rust and red colour.


This sign is ruled by Jupiter. In 2018, the earthy colours like the khaki green, orange, red, etc., could bring in a good fortune. For good fortune and better luck, they can wear yellow every Tuesdays as well.


This zodiac is ruled by the planet Saturn. In 2018, the good luck factor can get highlighted with blue, pine and green colours. Apart from this, they can increase their luck factor by wearing any shade of black during Saturdays.


With the blessings of most planets, this zodiac will enjoy satisfactory finances in 2018. The lucky colours for this zodiac sign in 2018 are red, apple green, and sky blue. Wearing violet colour during Saturdays can be beneficial for them.


Jobholders are in for a strong growth prospect in 2018. The lucky colours for this zodiac sign in 2018 are sea green, violet, purple, lilac and mauve. Wearing pale yellow on every Thursday will be lucky for this sign.

By Syeda Farah Noor

Source: Boldsky