LISTEN: This Sea Organ Uses The Waves Of The Ocean To Make Incredible Music

The sound of the ocean is one of the most soothing natural sounds on earth.  But did you know the ocean’s waves can also ‘sing’ a tuned melody?

One artist created a massive organ in the sea, in order to make music from the motion of the ocean.


Carved into steps along the Adriatic Sea are narrow channels that connect to 35 organ pipes, each tuned to different meticulously arranged musical chords.

As the waves lap against these steps, air is pushed through the pipes and out whistle-holes in the surface above, making a harmonious, completely random musical arrangement.

What’s most beautiful about this Sea Organ (or ‘Morske Orgulje’ in Croatian) – as the artwork is called – is that the music it produces will always be different.

Unlike a composed piece of music, the sea’s mood cannot be captured in a specific order. No one can predict what sounds the organ will make next.

The Sea Organ sits on the Dalmatian coast in Croatia, in the city of Zadar.

The city – along with all its landmarks – was almost completely destroyed in World War II. In a bid to recreate a landmark in the city, architect Nikola Bašic designed the Sea Organ steps.


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