Lake Michigan Completely Covered In Gorgeous Shards Of Ice

Lake Michigan turned into a frozen piece of artwork which could have been crafted by ice queen Elsa herself, as its icy surface has splintered into thousands of shards.

After months of freezing Winter, Spring has finally sprung and the world is starting to thaw.

At the beginning of the month, fifty-six percent of the Great Lake was covered by ice, but the rising temperatures have caused the ice to start melting.

The incredible scenes at the lake are a result of water moving under the frozen surface, pushing up the layers of ice and causing them to stack on top of one another.

The stunning display was visible along South Haven’s pier on Tuesday (March 19).

While the frozen world would surely look incredible up close, the U.S. Coast Guard has warned those enjoying the scene to stay off the ice.

The fact it’s fractured into thousands of pieces should be indication enough that the surface isn’t very stable, and those razor-sharp icy edges look like they’d have no problem causing some damage.

But on the off chance anyone’s still tempted, MLive report U.S. Coast Guard BMC Grant Heffner emphasised:

No ice is safe ice especially this time of year. The ice is certainly deteriorating and breaking up.

I’m sure it won’t be long before Lake Michigan is fully melted and back to its liquid state, so residents and visitors should enjoy the Elsa-worthy scene while they can.

Disney could even head over there to shoot some background scenes for Frozen 2 and save them some time on animation.

Some fascinated Twitter users took to social media to share their amazement at the phenomenon.

One person wrote:

This is mesmerizing. The frozen water of Lake Michigan has started melting and is pushing up these shards of ice. I’m obsessed!

It will be sad to see the amazing scene disappear, but at least that means warmer weather is on the way!

Source: Unilad