Kid Who Threw Awesome ‘Stranger Things’ Party Gets Support From Millie Bobby Brown

No one showing up to your party is one of the most universal fears on the planet.

That horrible hour or so before kick-off, when you’ve finished setting up some amazing decorations, the drinks are chilling and there’s a sick spread awaiting your guests.

 Usually, though, you find out you’re just being paranoid and everyone rocks up and has a great time.

Not for one unlucky kid, Aaron, who threw an awesome Stranger Things party that no one bothered to come to.

His older sister, Ayen Alambat, tweeted a series of photos from the party, revealing that his friends had let him down.

“My brother invited eight of his classmates for his Stranger Things themed bday party and none of their punk selves showed up,” Ayen wrote in the post.

 We know, absolutely heartbreaking, especially when you find out how much effort went into it.

From the pictures, you can see not only a pretty impressive spread of buffet food laid out on the table, but also a bespoke Stranger Things cake and a ‘demagorgon blood’ punch.

There were even themed decorations – including fairy lights, as a nod to the moment when Winona Ryder’s character strings up the gaudy festive lights to try and communicate with her missing son, Will.

In one photo, Aaron can be seen proudly posing in front of the detailed set-up.

But Aaron’s classmates decided not to come along – and Ayen took to Twitter to voice her anger at their ‘punk selves’.

The tweet quickly went viral, as people across the globe reached out with messages to Ayen’s little brother. It even eventually reached stars from the show, with Millie Bobby Brown and Gaten Matarazzo tweeting their support:

Thankfully, Ayen later said that while those pesky classmates didn’t make an appearance, her little brother was still surrounded by those he loved. She also said that there were plenty of people to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to him.

She wrote: “He’s chillin’ now. He says if his classmates are gonna invite him, he won’t go. That’s his payback.”

Too right. Screw the haters, Aaron, you’re killin’ it!

by Jess Hardiman

Source: Ladbible