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Jupiter Is About To Go Retrograde! How It Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign

As much as we like to bemoan the effects of Mercury retrograde, not all planets incite such chaos when they move into retrograde (which is when a planet appears to move in the opposite direction than it normally does). Chief among these do-gooder retrogrades is Jupiter’s — and we’re set to feel its effects starting March 8th.

For those of you who only associate retrogrades with ruined plans and awkward miscommunications, we entreat you to embrace Jupiter retrograde — this just might be the “pause” button you’ve been looking for.

You might not be familiar with Jupiter retrograde because it doesn’t occur as often as Mercury does. However, it sticks around for much longer. Where Mercury goes retrograde around three times a year for 19 to 24 days at a time, Jupiter spends 120 days in its single, annual retrograde.

Astrologically speaking, Jupiter rules wisdom, luck, and progress, and where it appears in your birth chart can determine the status of these areas of your life. When this planet is direct (a.k.a. not in retrograde), it promotes movement, active changes, and new opportunities. Before you panic, Jupiter moving into retrograde does not bring these forces to a screeching halt. More accurately, it puts them into slow motion.

If that has you running in the opposite direction, too, hear us out: From what little we’ve seen of 2018 so far, this year is set to be nonstop. We will be moving full speed ahead — and wouldn’t it be great to just take a breather? Jupiter retrograde is your chance to merge out of the fast lane.

Jupiter retrograde encourages us to turn inward and consider the state of things from a perspective other than our own. This is a fantastic opportunity to reflect on a tough decision you’ve been putting off or to reevaluate any progress you’ve made in your personal life or career recently. Have you been working toward something you really want? Is there anything you can change about your approach to success?

These may seem like capital-Q Questions, but that’s the beauty of Jupiter going retrograde — you have plenty of time to ponder them. Mercury won’t go into retrograde until end March. Enjoy this peace and quiet while you can.

So, what does it mean for you?

Bills, Bills, Bills…
For Aries, Jupiter in Scorpio is all about power, shared resources, space and money that comes from outside revenue streams (passive income, inheritance, a partner or family, including inheritance money).

You could be learning how to pay your taxes or addressing debts that till now haven’t been calling you so loudly. Property issues may be more on your radar, similarly you might be called to invest with a partner…

Taxes and shared bills will see the force of your attention while Jupiter is direct, with the retrograde pressing pause on financial matters. When Jupiter appears direct, your money situation will kick back into action and circumstances around finances will become much easier.

This is also the power house in the horoscope, weighing out the part other people play – where they hold the reigns, or power. Raise your awareness of your own sense of gravitas in relationships, and where to appreciate others input.

Use the summer months to harness the gifts of the big, bountiful planet!

Things Work Better In Pairs…
For Taurus, Jupiter in Scorpio is helping you understand the importance of partnerships – love, business and all important interactions.

An apple a day…
For Gemini, Jupiter in Scorpio is bringing your attention to your health and wellbeing, your daily rituals and a busy schedule.

Perhaps very recently you’ve kicked it up a notch where health was concerned, vowing to drink more green juice, go Vegan, be on time at work and generally sticking to your routine.You might be tending to those little niggles in your body that have been troubling you. Call the doctor!

Retrograde Jupiter might put a halt on progress but once direct, healthy eating, the gym, the day job and the ritualistic side of life can resume normality for the Twins. You’ll have the opportunity to push ahead once more – with the forward motion you should be more easily able to get your bottom into the gym, make diet a priority and action positive change!

Hello young lovers…
For Cancer, Jupiter in Scorpio is about your creative passions and romance. During this year you could be determined to produce something (including a baby) and see it tangibly appear.

Bountiful Jupiter bestowing romantic gifts, so you could be lucky-lucky-lucky in LOVE! Sex, passion, creative juices, kids, crafting and performance are all highlighted.

Once Jupiter appears direct your love life and creative projects will progress again, (though projects might stall a little while Jupiter is retrograde).

Expect romance to be back on the cards from July 11th and jump back on the saddle (and into bed…!)

There’s no place like home…
For Leo, Jupiter in Scorpio is putting down roots or growing your nest. It could be a time when you add members to the household, move or simply become a lot more engaged with your roots.

Emotional work is common during this time, and you could be addressing your relationship with mother or parentage issues.

During Jupiter retrograde you can review these issues and once direct, domestic life, and life on the home front will ease up – decisions around where you’re living will cease to bemuse you.

During Jupiter retrograde there may be an issue around your abode that’s felt a little stuck, some matter concerning your address or moving. With Jupiter direct expect normality to resume and home-life to progress again. You may DIY and decorate till hearts content – and shop for bargains for the home *lucky score*!

So call me maybe?
For Virgo, Jupiter in Scorpio is helping you connect with those closest and prompting you to focus on how you communicate. Siblings, short journeys and schooling have all been highlighted lately with social networks will beginning to bloom and flourish! Close peers or new friendships are blossoming, and perhaps a new set of skills linked to learning or speaking up.

You can build a web of contacts, though might feel frustrated with connections while Jupiter appears retro.

From Jupiter directs date, the phone will be answered, emails will be returned and you’ll connect with your clan.

Show me the money…
For Libra, Jupiter in Scorpio is your personal income, wealth and sense of confidence in bringing home the bacon. The universe is about to send you a sign – you are valued Libra!

Your self worth and personal contribution might be on standby for a little time while Jupiter appears retro but be prepared to earn once again. Money matters will begin to work themselves out and you can expect a cheque in the mail. It’s all about your personal values now and how you earn spondoolah.

Enjoy the lucky streak around your earnings!

Restart the engine.
For Scorpio, Jupiter in Scorpio is a time of personal expansion and growth – you could literally be growing a baby or setting sail on a big adventure!

You’re being blessed with one of the luckiest astrological experiences going, consider your fairy godmother by your side! Once every twelve years we’re visited by lady Luck and now she’s sitting with our Scorpio sisters, which is why since last summer you’ve been everywhere, like Virgo Beyonce!

Plant seeds of bounty while you’ve this lovely, blessed transit to your sign. Travel.

Note, with Jupiter retrograde you might feeling a wee bit confused, stuck in the mud around your growth and personal plans.

When you wish upon a star…
For Sagittarius, Jupiter in Scorpio is hanging back in the incubation zone of your horoscope – you’re prepping for a year of luck in 2019!

Allow yourself to percolate gently, allowing old patterns of behaviour or bad habits to leave you. This is a very private motion and gives you plenty to work on behind the scenes.

Jupiter is moving through the area of private dreams in your horoscope and with a forward thrust you can achieve progress towards your special project.

From November, the stars deliver special gifts and masses of growth, with opportunities to really broaden your horizons. If you’ve not got something special in the pipeline dream it up now! In the meantime, let it go…

Get Along Gang!
For Capricorn, Jupiter in Scorpio is boosting your community endeavours – gather towards a group!

You’re at one within a clan, really feeling your place within a supportive tribe. This could also be colleagues, coworkers or another friendship circle that’s imortant to you – even an online forum of peeps!

Once Jupiter moves ahead peers will be more readily available and your plans with them will click more easily.

You might be group leader of a really cool clan! Awesome!

Fame – Who Doesn’t Wanna Live Forever…?
For Aquarius, Jupiter in Scorpio is blooming in your zone of public reputation, your career path and direction in life.

The most obvious manifestation of this are that you become more well known or have a moment of fame and notieriorty – for better or worse.

This past year might have been mega for your personal profile, with Jupiter in the area of your horoscope governing public honours and career direction.

You can spread a large message on social platforms and enjoy a spate of success – people will hear you loud and clear!

Shout it from the rooftops and prepare for a raise in your profile.

Defying Gravity…
For Pisces, Jupiter in Scorpio is calling you to expand your horizons through foreign connections and education.

This is a time when travel is favoured, as well as signing up to a course or turning your attention more towards learning. It could be easier to study or connect with the right people this year.

Broadcasting is also an area of luck, and you should consider putting more efforts into a blog, book or other platform that allows you to blow off steam around all you know. Faith and religion, or learning about new philosophies are met with enthusiasm.

While Jupiter is retrograde you can review your message, learnings or spiritual growth! Once Jupiter appears direct your venture can resume.

Significant learning experiences are possible, Pisces – you’ve come a long way baby.