It’s Literally Raining Gemstones At Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano Site!

When there are reports of a volcanic eruption occurring in any part of the world, it makes us imagine of the destruction and the rubble that will be scattered all over the place post the disaster. But what happens when the volcanic eruption has something precious to hand over?

Well, this is a mysterious case where the eruptions of Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano are reported to have rained tiny green gems, which are known as olivines, onto the island’s streets and beaches.

These green gemstones are found in volcanic rocks and in the land around Hawaii.

These gemstones have always been there according to sources, but they have been dislodged by the recent eruptions that have been happening over the past few days and, as a result, they are coming shooting down on the residents.

Some of the residents have even collected these gemstones from beaches and streets, once they were spurted out after the eruption.

For those who are wondering what is an Olivine, then we must let you know that it is a green-coloured mineral which, in its magnesium-rich form, is known as a Peridot.

A Peridot gemstone has been used for centuries to make jewels and in some cases, these gemstones can even be worth $450 per carat!

According to science experts, as the volcano erupts, it blasts apart molten lava and this allows the green olivine minerals to be separated from the rest of the melt and as a result, tiny gemstones are formed.

In fact, olivine is said to be one of the most common minerals that is found below the Earth’s surface. Though it is a common mineral, it is quite hard to find it separated from its parent rock and even harder to find it of a gem quality.

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Would the reason of raining gemstones be enough for you to plan your next trip to Hawaii? Let us know in the comment section below.

By Syeda Farah Noor

Source: Boldsky