Italian Mayor Is Offering €2,000 To Anyone For Settling In This Small Town

There are some moments in life when we want to go far away from the hustle bustle of our city life and want to spend some moments in a peaceful environment. Nowadays, people visit resorts or small hill stations for enjoying quality moments with their family but what if we tell you that you can settle down in a beautiful and peaceful location and you will get paid for that as well. You will get more excited when you will come to know that this wonderful location is in one of the most beautiful countries of the world.

A small and beautiful town in Italy

You have an option of migrating to a small town in Italy and you will also be paid a handsome amount for shifting there. The population of the town has reduced drastically since 1990s and this has compelled the mayor of the town to come up with this lucrative offer so that the population can be increased once again.

Candela, a small town

We are talking about Candela, a small medieval town which is located in Puglia. Its population in the year 2017 was 2,700 while in the 1990s, the population was around 8,000. The reducing population of the town was a big concern for the mayor Nicola Gatta and he knew that he has to increase the population if the town has to regain its glory.

Little Naples:

Nicola tells that until 1960s, the town was known as Little Naples because the streets used to be full with vendors, tourists and merchants. But as the youngsters left the town for better prospects, it slowly started becoming a ghost town with more funerals taking place than births.

The offer:

In order to attract newcomers, especially the foreigners, Nicola and his council designed offer packages with some terms and conditions that need to be fulfilled by the applicants. They plan to pay 800 euros ($945) to a single person, 1,200 euros ($1,418) to the couples; a family of three members will be paid an amount between 1,500 to 1,800 euros ($1,772 to $2,127) while a family of four to five members will be paid around 2,000 euros ($2,363).

The other incentives

Paying hefty amount to all those who decide to shift to the town is not the only offer that Gatta is offering, he and his council have also offered tax credits on council bills and nurseries. Well, if you think that this is an offer too good to say no, then let us tell you that there are some conditions which have to be fulfilled.

Terms and conditions

There are some terms and conditions which have to be fulfilled by the potential citizens such as they should be earning minimum 7,500 euros per annum, they have to take residency in Candela and rent a house in the town. Only if these conditions are fulfilled then only the interested people will be eligible for living in Candela.

This is what the right-hand man of Mayor says

Stefano Bascianelli, the right-hand man of the Mayor says that the council doesn’t want people just to roam around the town thinking that they will be able to live their life on the revenues of the town hall. All the residents should have proper job which pays them good income.

The new residents:

Six families have already settled in the town and it is being said that five more have applied for it. The janitor of the local school has also used the bonus for the purpose of getting his family move to Candela. The other new residents have set up a news stand.

Living in Candela

The photographer Francesco Delvecchio who earlier used to live in another part of Puglia has now shifted to Candela talks about the life in Candela. He says that life is very simple and quiet with almost no traffic. It is very easy to move around in the town and there is no crowd and no smog either.

Something about Candela

The original residents of Candela are very warm and they are very supportive of the newcomers who have shifted to the town. Candela is basically not a beach town but some of the famous beaches of Puglia can be reached after one-hour drive and a 35-centimeter wide alley which is known as Trasonna is fascinating the tourists. The locals are proud of Trasonna as it is the narrowest alley of Italy.

The Grain Festival

Candela is in the center of Italy barn and every year Grain festival is celebrated which takes people back in the era of farming and agriculture. The newcomers can also take part in the one week horseback tour and the council is also planning to set up a toy museum and a showroom which will feature medieval dresses.

Glittering house of Santa Claus

One of the most notable innovations of Nicola Gatta is the glittering house of Santa Claus which narrates the story of Saint Nicholas. The festival of Christmas is incomplete without Santa Claus and Saint Nicholas is the inspiration behind the legend of Santa Claus. It is also believed that the remains of Saint Nicholas are buried near Bari.

What does Nicola do?

Nicola hires actors who dress up as Santa Claus and his elves and the three-story building which was built in 1600s is occupied by them for a whole month and the local people and kids enjoy a lot. It is also something that Nicola does keeping in mind the influx of tourists.

No tourist in winter

Bascianelli says that it’s easy to have tourists in the summer season but in the winters, the tourists are almost nil. Just to make sure that the town of Candela has visitors in the winters also, the event of glittering house of Santa Claus was started in the town.

What does the building have?

Each floor is decorated and has bright and colorful bedrooms with soft mattresses where the Santa meets the kids who come with letters to him and there is a big workshop where the toys are made. The whole atmosphere is soaked in the flavor of Christmas with stuffed reindeers, Christmas trees and festive hymns being played.

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