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Italian IKEA Store Opens Its Doors To Stray Dogs

An IKEA in Italy has opened its doors to provide a home for stray dogs to keep them warm over the winter months.

Most IKEA stores in the UK have a ‘no dogs policy’ unless you have an assistance dog. But this shop in Catania, Italy, lets the dogs take advantage of the home furnishings around the store.

Not only do the dogs love it because they can stay warm and dry, but it sounds like the shoppers do too – because frankly it’s an INGENIOUS idea.

Customers have said they not only think it’s an ace move for the dogs, but also because they love having all the good boys around them while they shop, and have been taking to the internet to praise the idea.

Speaking to The Dodo, customer Martine Taccia said she was surprised to discover a group of dogs cuddled up in a furniture display.

Martine said: “My reaction was pure amazement. It’s not a common thing.”

She also added that the dogs are fed by staff and some of them have even found forever homes as they’ve been adopted by customers – even though the store doesn’t advertise that they let the dogs in.

Martine continued: “The dogs receive daily food and pampering from IKEA’s employees and customers. Some dogs have even found a family, going home with customers.”

One customer, who shared pictures of the dogs on Instagram, said: “I love the Swedes for this. With IKEA even the strays have a home [sic].”


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Another user commented: “What an absolutely fantastic thing to do! Showing such compassion to these poor creatures is a fine example to us all.”

Commenting on another photo, someone else said: “What a great idea. It looks more like a home with the pup anyway.”

Earlier this year, an IKEA in the UK let stranded motorists sleep in its beds after a crash shut the motorway.

Motorists were stuck for up to six hours after a crash near junction 30 and 31 on the M25, but the Swedish furniture store didn’t want to leave people stuck in their cars.

The Thurrock IKEA store in Essex offered its beds to the stranded motorists, which earned the business plenty of praise.

Seems IKEA stores are good for so much more than meatballs. Good hustle!

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