Incredible Art Installation With Rotating Staircase Is A Mesmerizing Performance Not To Be Forgotten

Recent art installation located in Paris’s Panthéon is becoming a worldwide sensation and it’s leaving spectators in awe.

The artwork set consist of a rotating stairs that acrobats continuously walk up and fall off, bouncing from a trampoline located in the center of the stairs and jumping right back up onto the stairs from which they’ve fallen. It’s like a never-ending loop, so that no single acrobat is ever meant to reach the top, or sink to the bottom.

Yoann Bourgeois’s (acrobat , director and choreographer) installation is called “The Mechanics of History,” or “La Mecanique de l’Histoire” In French.

France’s Center of National Monuments says that Yoann Bourgeois’s project represents the complexity of movement. But we can all agree that every spectator of this awe-inspiring act can interpret it different.

It almost looks like it’s made on a computer, and these guys are coded robots. They jump on the so trampoline light and smooth, and land exactly where they should, even if the stairs constantly move.

Some say that the artwork represents a way to perceive history. As we say “history always repeats itself”. No matter how long it takes for the acrobat to get back on the stairs, they always end up in the same place. It’s also a synonym of the human life. We are always in a rush to become more successful and if we let the blockades in the way consume us, we will never land on the stairs when we fall on the trampoline.

All of these unique interpretations is what makes “La Mecanique de l’Histoire.” so beautiful and mesmerizing. Everyone can see this art performance from different angle.

Thanks to Tony Whitfield for this amazing video!

Thanks to Veri Art for the featured video!