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In Japan People Are Transforming Trucks Into Tiny Enchanting Gardens

Kei trucks are mini pickup trucks that originated in Japan. Throughout Asia, Kei trucks are widely used in agriculture, construction, deliveries, and even firefighting.

But in Japan, these practical tiny trucks can serve more than just a mere mode of transportation.

The Japan Federation of Landscape Contractors holds an annual event where Kei trucks are transformed into lovely gardens on wheels.

Every year, several landscaping contractors from around Japan participate in the Kei Truck Garden Contest.

Vying to win the competition, participants try to showcase their imagination, creativity and gardening skills through their mini trucks.

Participants of the Kei Truck Garden Contest arrived on site with their own Kei trucks.

And then they spend several hours constructing and designing the garden on the truck’s cargo bed.

These mini pickup trucks provide a suitable space where landscape artists can build small-scale gardens with eye-catching features.

It’s no secret that Japanese gardens are the most beautiful in the world.

That’s why most of the entries paraded traditional Japanese-style gardens with pebble paths, water fixtures, and sliding screen doors.

Other entries also employed large rocks, miniature huts, bamboo stalks, man-made ponds, and even tea sets.

Of course, layers of green grass and colorful flowers are integral elements of the Kei gardens.

Here are some of the most enchanting entries in the 2018 Kei Truck Garden Contest that will certainly add more colors to your day.

Source: Awesome Inventions