How The Delta Aquariids Meteor Shower Affects Your Zodiac Sign This Weekend

We’re well into July, the Delta Aquariids meteor shower is upon us, and honestly, what’s more romantic than watching shooting stars with someone you love? I mean, if summer can include countless wishes upon meteors blasting through our atmosphere and memories forever tinged by a blazing night sky, how could you possibly turn such a magical prospect down? Well, I’m here to let you know that you’ve got every opportunity to witness a cosmic parade of fireworks, which probably already has you wondering: What time is the Delta Aquariids meteor shower? After all, you’ve got to plan ahead, because you can’t always wait for the shooting stars to come to you. In life, you often have to seek them out yourself.

This mystical and enchanting astronomical event typically begins its peak activity on July 12 and continues all the way until around August 23, according to NASA. Luckily, this also means that you have plenty of time to see them and there’s not one specific time that you need to plan for. However, the days you really need to set aside for shooting star viewing are July 27 and July 28, according to, since you’ll have the best chance of seeing meteors burn through the sky then.

While July 27-28 will contain the most meteors from the Delta Aquariids, it’s not the only reason to set aside time to plan for something spectacular. July 27 also happens to be the same evening as a total lunar eclipse in Aquarius, making it an absolutely phenomenal time for astrology and astronomy enthusiasts alike. Sure, it’s definitely cool that a blood moon will rise in the midst of a shower of shooting stars. However, the best part about the synchronicity of these two events is that while the blood moon is in Aquarius, the radiant of the Delta Aquariids — the area of the sky from which the meteors appear to originate — is the constellation Aquarius, the sign of the water bearer. Ah, I can feel the cleansing and revitalizing effects already.

Clearly, the spiritual energy of the Delta Aquariids and the lunar eclipse will be intense, which is wonderful considering that much of the world will have a hard time actually seeing them. While the blood moon will be visible only from places such as Africa, Australia, the Middle East, southern Asia, and the Indian Ocean, according to, the Delta Aquariids are best seen from the Southern Hemisphere and the southernmost latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere, according to NASA. Only a small collection of special souls will be able to see both at the same time. However, we will all certainly feel their galvanizing and transformative power.

In the case of the Delta Aquariids, you’re not completely out of luck when it comes to catching sight of a shooting star if you’re not in the prime location. Glimpsing a meteor from the Delta Aquariids has certainly been known to happen if you live further north, especially if you do it the right way. And if you miss your chance, there are plenty of shooting stars to come, especially when the Perseid meteor shower overlaps with the Delta Aquariids in August, and the Perseid meteor shower is even easier to see from the Northern Hemisphere.


Mars and the Delta Aquariids Meteor Shower energy will be triggering your sociability and leadership ability.

Self-Development: Choose group activities that fuel your enthusiasm and ambition.

In your professional life you could be facing some stiff competition but if anyone can become a success in highly competitive areas, it is you.

Move with the times and experiment with cutting edge technologies and this will make you an invaluable member of the team.

Relationships: Find ways to nurture and encourage those around you. You can help your family and friends achieve their potential.

Take over some of their responsibilities so they can take classes to develop their skills, train for a sport or create a work of art. Draw on your leadership skills to guide people who might benefit from your encouragement.


Mars and the Delta Aquariids Meteor Shower energy will be triggering your restless spirit and need for change and variety.

Self-Development: You’re open to a change of scenery. Because of this, the opportunity to explore greener pastures will be met with enthusiasm.

Taking a break from the pressures of life will come as a relief. Explore places you would ordinarily avoid. Visiting mystical landscapes will enrich your life and bring about a deep spiritual awakening. You can appreciate the philosophies of other cultures without having to change your own belief system.

Relationships: Although you enjoy spending time with friends, you’re eager for new experiences. In the search for your higher purpose, you might feel drawn to groups, workshops and seminars that are focused on spiritual development. What’s important is for you to feel linked with the source that connects us all.

Helping people who can’t help themselves is a good way for you to integrate your mind, body and spirit.


Mars and the Delta Aquariids Meteor Shower energy will be triggering external factors that will have an effect on your life.

Self-Development: You’ve always been practical and patient. You are also a perfectionist who will practice and practice until you get it right.

You might take the opportunity, over the months ahead to learn a new skill and whether this is a technological accomplishment or learning a foreign language, a positive attitude will open doors for you. If you’re being interviewed for a promotion, you will pass with flying colours.

Relationships: You may have to face some impressive rivals in a competitive situation. What you may not realise is that many people look on you with admiration. You have earned the respect of even the most competitive people around you.

Don’t be surprised if you are asked to teach or train people who are new to your field. Being able to share your knowledge with others will be fulfilling.


Mars and the Delta Aquariids Meteor Shower energy will be triggering your desire for increased financial and material security.

Self-Development: Try not to wallow in your financial problems. If you’re doing your best to manage on a shoestring budget, let this be a lesson on finding inventive solutions. Life can be difficult and you may be making your money stretch as far as possible but don’t let this make you miserable and don’t give up hope.

You can’t always chose what happens to you but you can choose how you react to life’s challenges. A positive attitude will draw luck like a magnet.

Relationships: Commit random acts of kindness. Giving praise and compliments cost nothing yet your words could make someone’s day. Cook an extra meal for a neighbour who might need it or take part in a fund raising venture.

Helping vulnerable members of your neighbourhood will make you a valued member of your community but don’t forget to be kind to yourself. At the end of each day think of at least three things you are grateful for.


Mars and the Delta Aquariids Meteor Shower energy will be triggering your desire to build stronger and deeper relationships.

Self-Development: You don’t have to put on an act when you are with your friends and family. It’s important to be able to relax and be yourself when you are with those you care for and who care for you.

Stop worrying about looking confident or sophisticated and let people see who you really are. It will take courage to make yourself vulnerable to others but reaching out for support will strengthen bonds and deepen your love.

Relationships: Take the time to develop closer bonds within the family and with friends, neighbours and colleagues. Ask about other people’s interests and share your views and feelings.

It takes time to build relationships but work at it and eventually you will develop a greater understanding of each other. If you’ve been thinking about someone you’ve not seen in a while, give them a call. You have to stay engaged to sustain friendships and loving bonds.


Mars and the Delta Aquariids Meteor Shower energy will be triggering your desire to improve your health.

Self-Development: If addictive behaviours are making you unhappy, adopting healthier habits will make you feel more positive. If you need treatment for a phobia that is holding you back, now is a good time to seek expert help.

A sympathetic counsellor will support you in breaking this cycle. A sensible exercise plan and eating nutritious meals will help you cope with stress. Raw vegetables, nuts and dried fruit boost your productivity.

Relationships: You can be a perfectionist but you should beware of driving some people too hard. You always set a high standard for yourself and others but workmates might start to feel you’re expecting too much from them.

Not everyone will have the same priorities. For the most part, people are grateful for your encouragement but tone down demands. The key is to temper criticism with genuine praise.


Mars and the Delta Aquariids Meteor Shower energy will be triggering your creativity.

Self-Development: Friends who don’t understand your creative vision will try to nudge you in a direction that doesn’t feel right for you. You might feel tempted to give in but don’t. Be true to yourself and continue along your path even if you receive criticism or negative feedback.

Eventually your work will attract praise and admiration. Don’t let your creativity go to waste. There’s even a chance you will be able to make money from talent.

Relationships: Building a social network of like-minded people will help you reach new creative heights. It’s not easy to find common ground with everyone and it won’t be good for you to follow the herd.

You don’t have to be the outsider. Meet up with people who share your interests. Share time with accomplished artists who appreciate your unique style and you will learn from each other. Joining a group or workshop will help you produce some impressive works of art.


Mars and the Delta Aquariids Meteor Shower energy will be triggering your nurturing instincts.

Self-Development: Creating a routine that suits all your family will help keep stress at bay. Making your home life a priority and spending quality time with your nearest and dearest will be enriching.

If outside interests have taken over your life recently, you will be ready to change that now. Your aim is to reconnect with your family and show how much you care. If you’re looking for work, a job that involves caring for children or animals will bring emotional satisfaction.

Relationships: Helping a youngster in the family or older relative through a difficult patch will take up a lot of your time but this will be a willing sacrifice. Heart to heart discussions within the home will draw you all closer together.

You might decide to look into your family history and this is a project you all can share. If you live alone, pay attention to your instincts. If you want to change your living situation, now is the time to do so.


Mars and the Delta Aquariids Meteor Shower energy will be triggering your curiosity and desire to learn.

Self-Development: Travel, books, groups and adult education courses are all good ways to expand your horizons. If you hear of an exciting learning opportunity, go for it. Adding to your knowledge will be lots of fun.

You will enjoy learning all you can, not just education-wise but about yourself too. Increasing your skills helps keep your brain active, will enhance your self-esteem and makes you a more well-rounded person. Enhancing your knowledge will put you on a spiritually gratifying path.

Relationships: Being able to learn, share and develop your skills with others is critical to your happiness. Sharing your skills with friends and colleagues will be rewarding and joining a professional organisation or academic group will boost your prospects.

Your interests are likely to put you in contact with some impressive people and if you have ever wanted a career in the educational field, pursue it now.


Mars and the Delta Aquariids Meteor Shower energy will be triggering your need to achieve financial and emotional security.

Self-Development: You will be giving more careful thought to your financial situation and earning potential. You can sense which money making opportunities are worth pursuing and your instincts are reliable.

Speculative investments will make you wary. Your priority is to grow your money over time and build an adequate nest egg. Are you looking for a new job? Explore opportunities at a non-profit organisation. An exciting offer will soon arrive.

Relationships: Decluttering your home and workspace will bring you tremendous satisfaction and will benefit everyone. Making more space around you paves the way for new energy to enter your life.

Encourage your family and workmates to get rid of unwanted items. You will all feel more productive and more active when your workplace is less cluttered. At home, a neat environment will help your family to relax.


Mars and the Delta Aquariids Meteor Shower energy will be prompting you to make decisions, initiate projects, establish contacts and sow seeds.

Self-Development: Find ways to put anxiety on the back burner. Hidden fears will rise to the surface but you shouldn’t let them get in the way of your progress. Whatever your goals, whatever your decisions, don’t worry about looking foolish.

Setting long-term goals, making practical choices and keeping your thoughts positive is the best way forward. Have faith in yourself. You are versatile and inventive. Use these qualities to promote your agenda.

Relationships: A need for change will cause you to reassess your relationships. You want to feel you are putting your trust in people who have earned it.

It gives you great pleasure to be able to help others who need it but this can sometimes cause you to neglect yourself. It is time to do something that’s geared towards satisfying your own needs now. Hiding away from the world for a wee while might sound like a good idea.


Mars and the Delta Aquariids Meteor Shower energy will be triggering your desire to find spiritual fulfilment.

Self-Development: Taking up a spiritual practice will help you reconnect with your intuition. Developing a belief system that gives your life meaning is important for you now.

This is a wonderful time to read inspirational books, commune with nature and practice relaxation techniques that help calm your mind and relax your body. Creative activities can also help connect you with your spiritual side.

Relationships: Attending a group spiritual retreat will remind you there is more to life than work and responsibility. You don’t necessarily have to be religious or join an organised religion.

Finding out more about cultural beliefs or visiting a pilgrimage centre will be fascinating. If you’re single, you could meet someone special at a cultural group or spiritual retreat.