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How Souls Choose Their Families And Friends Before Birth

When you think about your life, you may be thinking about your life from birth to death in your body.
I want to invite you to expand this idea of life by viewing life in terms of your soul. Your life is not one life, but in a way, it is much life. It is a continuous journey of your soul.

Your Soul Has Been Here Before

According to Buddhism, your soul has been on this Earth before. It may have been here many times actually. Our souls come to this world time and time again. This allows growth and change. As you grow old, your soul outgrows its contract and is ready for a new one. As your time in this body is over, your soul moves on to.

Our souls are born into many different bodies throughout many different lifetimes to learn and grow. Currently, your soul is occupying this body and working with this mind you have.

Some lives your soul might’ve to have the same parents or same siblings as it did the life before or it will the life after. Sometimes it gets a completely different family and has a chance to meet completely new souls.

Your Soul Chose This Life, Including Your Family and Friends

It may seem like a random chance, but it may not be. Many people in the Buddhist religion believe that what body your soul will occupy, what life it chooses, and what other souls will be in our lives is up to us. As your soul connects to the source, you determine who will you meet again before you return to Earth in another form.

Of course, you won’t remember making this decision. You won’t remember choosing your people. Yet, many believe, it’s the case.

During your lifetime, you learn lessons. Your grow. As you connect to the source, you choose a new lesson. You decide what kind of life you want to live. You consider everything. Based on the lessons you need to learn, you pair up with your parents, siblings, and partners.

They will be your guide during your life to help you learn the lessons you need to learn. You may even choose to reverse roles in the next lifetime to learn something new. You may be a parent to your parent, and they will be your child next lifetime, for example, to learn a new lesson. There are no limits.

Your soul contract includes your time, date, and location of your birth, and the family you are being born into. It includes all the events of your life until death and how they may unfold. According to this theory, everything is that your soul has considered before choosing this life. You can’t remember this decision, yet there is a path for you and lessons to grow.

There Is a Path, But You Have Free Will

Even though there is a path your soul has chosen before being born into this body, you also have free will to make changes as you wish. There may be an outline, it is not your destiny. You can get off the path, and choose differently.

Your soul contract has meant to help you grow to a higher state of consciousness and awareness. Everyone you meet has their place and reason to be in your life. It may be confusing, but eventually, it will all be clear to your soul.

The world is a mysterious place. You don’t have to understand everything that unfolds in the universe or in your life. Just know that everything happens for a reason. Take comfort in that you are carrying out what you soul wanted all along. Life is an exciting journey with a twist and turns and all kinds of people to help us along the way. Life is about growths and lessons.

Source: Healthy Holistic Living