How Likely Both of You Are To Cheat Based on Your Zodiac Signs

No single person thinks he/she can cheat on their spouse but at the end people find themselves cheating. Not every person is unfaithful; there are some who are always honest to their partners. Some of the reasons that can make one cheat include being unhappy in their relationship, having a culture that supports monogamy, or some were not serious when getting themselves into the relationship and probably thought no strings would be attached. The following are the ways that may lead to such situations:

24. Adventurous Aries ladies are more likely to cheat

Girls who like traveling and getting new things are prone to also getting involved in new relationships every now and them. They have gained self-confidence in them that makes them think they can do extra great hence they always like men of high standards. If you try to be honest with yourself, at one time or another, you will see that you once did cheat or you were tempted to cheat. The person who seems fit to be your boyfriend should meet the conditions that Aries lady wants to avoid being bored later and replacing them with someone else.

23. Aries boys are hard to date but easy to love

They have almost similar features with the Aries ladies because they tend to be very proud and confident of themselves. They are handsome and good looking which makes them have the pride and attract some ladies’ attention. These make the ladies like them which is something they are unable to resist and end up having many relationships due to the recognition. These guys confuse self-esteem with being self -confidence.

Aries guys are easy to love but difficult to date since at the end they will disappear and disappoint you.

22.Taurus Ladies think that cheating brings more trouble than it’s worth

Ladies of this kind are the best for a relationship. They believe that when they enter into a serious relationship, cheating the partner would bring more trouble compared to staying loyal. When in a relationship, they try to ensure that everything works for both partners.

If they are not comfortable or there are issues, the Taurus girls decide to break it and change the course by moving on, not by cheating.

21.Taurus guys will make every lady change their mentality towards men

If you are ready and have been in many relationships, but they all end because of cheating, find a Taurus guy. The guy in all the relationships is forever faithful to the partner. During their young age, they have some features that are unique. They can have a friend in junior school and still have the same friend being their best man during his wedding. His dream is simple, having a lovely house, beautiful kids and a lovely wife who will form a family. They just love simplicity, and they tend to be keepers.

20.The many personalities of a Gemini lady has made it hard to be loyal

This kind of ladies know themselves, and this is no shock to them. It is common that people with so many personalities need more demands and vice versa. To find a man who will meet all the requirements you have in unrealistic. It is the reason why this girl will forever a cheat trying to find the one who will fit in the relationship.

The solution to this is that they should ignore the many personalities, make a decision and understand that nobody is perfect. They should have many friends to accommodate their personality’s demands too.

19.It will be hard for a Gemini guy to choose what’s best

Their characteristics are similar to the Gemini ladies. They are like the Aries but in a different way. Today he wants to get married, the next day he is partying with other ladies. Their destiny cannot be well explained. They can waste your time as a lady because they don’t understand what they want.

18.Cancer ladies are forever loyal to their untrustworthy partners

Cancer ladies can rarely cheat on their partner but their partners do not reciprocate this, and it’s unfair to them. The love and care she gives are always exceptional. The problem with the partners is they tend to take that as an advantage of their loyal partners because they seem to take more time before breaking up. It may not seem fair, but it happens. They should learn to play on the safe side by protecting their heart yet sharing the love.

17.A cancer gentleman is likely to be caught in the middle of the love triangle

The guys are such caring that a lady may think that she got the best guy, but it’s never the case. This type of guys can love two ladies at the same time. Surprisingly, they will even convince themselves they can love both ladies at the same time. They always have trouble trying to settle in life but tend to fit perfectly in a beneficial relationship with no strings attached.

16.With a Leo lady? That’s gambling

These are the kind of ladies who view men as projects. She may meet a man and sees as if he is a lower level than she is, so she thinks she is doing a favor to the man. On the other hand, she can meet a man who has the same features, bold and confident, but when she imagines the qualities, she thinks the guy will cheat on her just like the ex. The solution is that these ladies should view their men as partners, not projects.

15.For a Leo guy to cheat, he must put more efforts

This guy is quite loyal, but for a reason, they have absolute confidence in themselves while searching for a lady. The Leo guy tries his level best to find a lady who is above his standards. The moment he wins the lady, it is tough for such guys to allow the lady to go away. It is because of such efforts that they can hardly cheat on the ladies because he feels he is lucky to have her.

14.For a Virgo lady, it will be rare to find them cheating

Virgo ladies don’t cheat at all conditions. They believe in making their relationship stronger. The mentality in them is that if they do it once, they will still do it again in future. A Virgo girl sees cheating as something that will destroy both the current relationship and the future one. When their relationships are not working, they do not take cheating as a solution to that.

13.Virgo men are loyal till death

Similar to Virgo girls, Virgo guys are the same. The guy will never even try to cheat. If the relationship is not working, then he better tries all things at his power to make it happen. If all the tries don’t make it happen, then he performs the last step which is to talk and break up.

12.Libra ladies cheat due to pedestal relationships

Their story is simple; they get a guy whom they can enter into a serious relationship. The lady keeps the guy at a higher pedestal, but in the process, when the guys luck some things, the lady will automatically end up searching satisfaction from other guys. They don’t think they can cheat, but they do.

11.A Libra guy takes relationship as a status

These are the guys who don’t cheat, but the reason behind this is funny. They don’t like to be laughed at, so the last thing they don’t want to hear is that they cheated on a lady. They love being praised even when deep down they know they are unhappy. They can be true only because they don’t want people to laugh at them.

10.The emotions that a Scorpio girl experiences is always her downfall

Scorpio ladies know they are likely to cheat and they know the reason behind it. Emotions drive this kind of ladies, so when something horrible happens, they opt to go out and do anything. At last, they end up cheating.

9.To a Scorpio guy, every lady is special

These are the guys who can make every woman feel special. They can easily arouse the feelings in a lady. They can do this to as many ladies as possible. Scorpio guys find it hard to settle since they are connected to many ladies. For them to be serious, they need time to learn how to be loyal.

8.Sagittarius ladies thrives off confusion

The Sagittarius ladies and guys can hook up well. They have one thing in common, they all love fun. They are there to hook up for just a short time. People believe that they can relate, but it cannot be right 100%.

7. Sagittarius Guy

Sagittarius guys and girls are actually perfect for each other. Why? Doesn’t it seem like they would cheat on each other? Well, sort of. The thing is, Sag guys have the same views on relationships as Sag girls. They basically just want to have fun and not deal with any pressure to commit. A lot of signs say they can handle this, but the truth is that they simply can’t. It’s a lot more difficult to separate the emotional and physical side of things than people think. But Sagittarius guys and girls are masters when it comes to short term hook ups and summer flings. Put a Sag guy with anyone else, she’ll want a relationship, and he’ll just want to cheat. Put a Sag guy and a Sag girl together, and they’ll keep their expectations low and leave things open for each other. But other girls-be careful with them!

6.The Capricorn girl

They are the ladies who don’t know how to balance between work and life. They find themselves working for long hours during a day. When they are off from work, they see themselves worn out hence end up finding pleasure from anywhere. Their partners end up doing the same.

5.A Capricorn guy lacks the energy to cheat

The guys are workaholics in nature. They work hard, and their main aim is to be successful. They find it hard to cheat since they lack time to do so unlike the Capricorn ladies. They use most of their time working hence a lady may think that the guy is cheating, but the guy does not.

4.To an Aquarius girl, relationship is a priority

They are special ladies. They don’t engage themselves in a relationship just for the sake of doing so, they do have a purpose. They enter into relationships with the people they love. They may at times slip with their best friends but cannot get attached.

3.Aquarius guys rarely cheat but watch out

These are the kind of guys who rarely cheat. The moment they love a lady they do so with their whole heart since they find it difficult to love another. In case they slip, they rarely do say sorry. They can change the storyline in a way the other partner will be guilty.

2.Romance to the Pisces lady is dangerous

They are the kind of girls who have dreams of getting into good and romantic relationships with romantic guys. Their main problem is that if they find someone more passionate, they end up loving them and think they are in a dilemma so that the guys can fight over them. The solution is that they have to wake up from the dreams and act in this real world.

1.The guys who act without thinking are Pisces

They are the guys who are a pro when it comes to cheating. They always think they are in the center of a narrative like the Pisces girls. They will still act without thinking and in the long last someone will end up being hurt. They are charming, but ladies should also look on the other dark sides.

To wind up, any guy or lady fits one of the above natures of life. There are different kinds of people in life, those who meet your qualities and those who don’t. The solution to avoid being frustrated is to search who matches you.