How Every Moon Phase Affects Each Astrological Type

For people who are really into reading about the traits related to their astro sign, checking out your horoscope can be pretty fun! For some people, it can even be a way to make some decisions in life. If a person’s horoscope says that it’s going to be a rough week, they know to prepare for it and make the best of it!

One thing many people don’t consider is that there’s a lot more to their astro sign than just reading their personality traits and their horoscope. The phases of the moon can also have a huge impact on a person’s life depending on their astro sign. How do the new and full moons affect your sign? Keep reading to find out!

Aries: New Moon

A new moon can be a time of renewed energy for many signs and Aries is definitely no exception. When the new moon comes around, an Aries is likely to find that they have less patience for things they’ve been holding onto than usual.

Whether it’s a closet full of old clothes that you never wear or a friendship that has really run its course and is no longer good for you, the new moon is a good time for an Aries to let go and start fresh in some aspect of their life.

Aries: Full Moon

Everyone likes to have their hard work appreciated. Aries is a sign that typically tends to be associated with high amounts of energy and determination, so being recognized for the hard work that is put into a project is especially important to an Aries.

During the full moon, an Aries is likely to crave that recognition and appreciation. Working on finishing up a big project during the full moon is key for an Aries who will likely find themselves seeking attention for their work.

Taurus: New Moon

A Taurus tends to be a person who is responsible and practical. They’re typically not people who like big changes, something that is different from some other signs during the new moon. But for a Taurus during the new moon, it can still be a good time to make some changes.

Despite not liking sudden changes in their lives, the new moon can give a Taurus the energy to refocus their life and move their priorities around in order to figure out what’s important to them.

Taurus: Full Moon

A Taurus is always someone who likes to keep their life pretty stable and like to work toward their goals. During the full moon, they’re like many other signs in that they can start to feel the need for validation and recognition.

For a Taurus during the full moon, it can be a good time to focus on the things that have been successful for you in the past few weeks. Think about where your determination has paid off and treat yourself to something nice as a reward.

Gemini: New Moon

A new moon is a time there’s a lot of energy and it can be difficult for some signs to focus on just one thing because of this high level of energy. For a Gemini, a sign that already dislikes routine, this influx of energy can be a problem.

During the new moon, it’s important for a Gemini to do their best to focus. It can be helpful to pencil in future plans to help them feel productive while releasing some of that energy.

Gemini: Full Moon

Typically, a Gemini loves to learn new things. Doing the same thing all the time can get dull to a Gemini. During the full moon, it’s a great time for this sign to focus that curious energy into learning something new in order to improve themselves.

Whether it’s a new skill that will help at work or a fun new hobby, a Gemini will be glad they spent the full moon trying something different that they might not have thought they would enjoy during any other time.

Cancer: New Moon

A Cancer is someone who is typically really loyal to their loved ones and a fan of doing things that let them flex their creative muscles. During the new moon, it can be a really good time to try out a new hobby.

Picking up a hobby that can help a Cancer improve themselves is a great way for this sign to use the high energy of the new moon for the best. A Cancer will be glad they tried something new and made a change in their life during this moon phase.

Cancer: Full Moon

As a very loyal sign, Cancers tend to be happy to help their friends and family members whenever they can. During the full moon, this is especially true.

The energy of the full moon makes for a great time for a Cancer to try to find a way to help those around them because of the fact that they’ll feel even more stable in their own life and generous than they usually do. Reaching out to a friend in need during this time will do nothing but help the Cancer nurture this feeling.

Leo: New Moon

Typically, a Leo is someone who really loves to be the center of attention and release their creative side. A Leo isn’t usually someone who likes to be overlooked and they love having fun with their friends and loved ones.

for a Leo to make the most of the new moon.

Leo: Full Moon

During the full moon, a Leo’s energy is definitely at its peak. Although Leo is a sign that is usually full of life and energy, the full moon really only heightens this and makes them more spontaneous and excitable than usual.

During the full moon, a Leo’s usual creative side will be stronger than ever. The full moon is also likely to make a Leo’s feelings toward another person, be it their partner or just their crush, even stronger. It’s the perfect time for a date night!

Virgo: New Moon

A Virgo is a person who is typically highly analytical and a hard worker. A Virgo likes to stay out of the spotlight and just help others by keeping things neat, tidy, and running smoothly.

During the new moon, a Virgo’s organizational side is at its strongest. For a Virgo, the new moon is a great time to take a look at projects that you’ve been putting off and decide whether or not it’s time to really get to work on them or to stop keeping them on your back burner.

Virgo: Full Moon

A Virgo is someone who is typically someone that has their life in order and really doesn’t like things to get messy or have their plans thrown off. Although life gets in the way sometimes and this can happen even to the most organized Virgo, the full moon is the best time to deal with this and get things back on track.

During the full moon, a Virgo’s desire to tidy up their life will be at its peak and it’s a great time to get your priorities in order.

Libra: New Moon

A Libra is a person who typically likes to be with others and work together toward a common goal. They are not people who like confrontation or people who aren’t great at making up their minds.

During the new moon, the high energy will really invigorate a Libra and give them the energy they need to focus on making long-term plans and communicating with other people in order to make these plans happen. The new moon is a highly productive time for a Libra socially!

Libra: Full Moon

For many different signs, the full moon is a time of heightened creativity. The Libra, a sign that isn’t exactly known for being creative but is known for wanting to get along with others, this is definitely the truth.

During the full moon, a Libra will likely have a boost in creativity but will want to act on it in their own way. Instead of creating something, the best way for a Libra to harness this creative energy is to find new and creative solutions to problems they’ve been having with others.

Scorpio: New Moon

A Scorpio is someone who is known for being resourceful and determined. There are times that a Scorpio’s determination to be right can cause issues in their personal lives. During a new moon, the fresh new energy that they feel can help them to deal with this.

The new moon is a good time for a Scorpio to think about their own behaviors and focus on things that they should change about themselves. Along with this, it can also be a good time for them to let go of old grudges.

Scorpio: Full Moon

During a full moon, a Scorpio’s usual love of being around other people is stronger than usual. A Scorpio usually loves to be with their friends or with their partner and this only increases during a full moon.

If you’ve been wanting to meet up with an old friend again or have been waiting for the perfect time to say something to your crush, a full moon is the best time for a Scorpio to do so. This moon phase makes them feel bolder and eager to connect with others.

Sagittarius: New Moon

A Sagittarius is known for being generous and always looking on the bright side. Typically, they expect the best out of others and they like to experience new thing.

During the new moon, the fresh and new energy they feel will likely give them the push they needed to finally break a repetitive cycle and try something new in their life. A Sagittarius loves excitement and trying new things. No time is better for this than during the new moon!

Sagittarius: Full Moon

Being incredibly positive and bubbly isn’t out of he norm for a Sagittarius. But during the full moon, their feelings of joy and excitement for every aspect of their life is heightened to a whole new level.

During the full moon, the positive vibes that a Sagittarius is giving off will draw in other people and make their social life more active than ever. This is great for a Sagittarius that loves to be around their friends and have a good time.

Capricorn: New Moon

Capricorns are typically known for being responsible and disciplined people who like steady schedules and set routines. This makes the fact that the energy that the new moon gives a Capricorn makes them want to reevaluate where they’re distributing their time unsurprising.

Because a Capricorn likes to make sure that they’re being recognized for their work and not waste any time or energy, the new moon is a great time for them to look at their life and cut out anything that isn’t benefiting them.

Capricorn: Full Moon

Because a Capricorn is typically so focused on their goals, they can get caught up in working hard and neglecting other parts of their life. This is definitely not good for anyone but luckily, during the full moon, a Capricorn has a chance to change this.

During the full moon, they can step back and examine the things they’ve accomplished and take this time to congratulate themselves for what they’ve done. It’s a great time to treat yourself to a day off to hang out with friends and have a good time.

Aquarius: New Moon

There isn’t much that an Aquarius dislikes more than becoming bored or falling into a routine. An Aquarius is definitely someone who likes to keep their life fresh and exciting while always being original.

During the new moon, an Aquarius’ desire to be original and different from others while keeping their life interesting is especially strong. This is a great time for an Aquarius to break old habits that have gotten stale and try to incorporate new, productive habits into their life.

Aquarius: Full Moon

Because an Aquarius likes to be unique and different from those around them, they also like for people to recognize that they’re doing something that is off the beaten path. While other people may take a conventional route toward their goals, an Aquarius is more likely to seek out a creative way to fix their problems.

During the full moon, an Aquarius will start to desire recognition for their unique accomplishments more than ever. The full moon is a great time to show them off and be proud of yourself!

Pisces: New Moon

A Pisces is typically someone who is really creative and enjoys spending time by themselves in order to really reflect on their life and create something that they enjoy.

During the new moon, the energy that causes other signs to want to try something new definitely impacts the life of a Pisces as well. It causes them to reflect on the things in their lives that are holding them back from reaching their goals and inspires them to cut those things out of their lives.

Pisces: Full Moon

Pisces is a sign that is known for people that are incredibly compassionate toward other people. They put others first and have no problem putting themselves in the shoes of those around them in order to understand their feelings. During the full moon, this feeling of being emotionally connected to other people is strengthened and a Pisces becomes more kind and gentle toward people around them. Along with this, the full moon can also make a Pisces more sensitive in regards to receiving comments from other people.

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