How Cosmic Energy Will Impact Your Weekend Plans – Based On Your Sign

Your Weekend Horoscope tells you how cosmic energy will impact your weekend plans. Don’t start your weekend without reading your horoscope!


You’re money-driven, so you’re pulling out all the stops to move things forward with your career. Who has time for fun and games when you’ve got important things to do with important people? Don’t be too hard on yourself (or others). A little love will go a long way toward refueling your emotional tank. If you’re going to swim with the sharks, you’ll need both physical and emotional stamina to keep you afloat, so take time to connect with someone who gets you and your struggle.


You’re all about being your best self and that means discovering ways to broaden your horizons. You love staying in your comfort zone, but according to your weekend horoscope, you’re keen to do something you’ve never done before even it feels challenging. How about a weekend getaway to an unfamiliar destination? Or spending time in nature (if you’re the couch and TV type)? Cerebral bulls might prefer a lecture or workshop that opens your mind to new ideas. What you learn may inspire you to embrace life more fully, so take advantage of any opportunity to experience something different.


Your heart and mind are super strong, although your physical mojo might be low. Hence, even though you’re motivated to make big plans, you may not have the energy to follow through. Taking extra time out for rest and relaxation will help you recharge. Meditation, yoga or a day at the spa are just some of the ways you can get yourself back in sync. A romantic and leisurely evening in with your date or mate could also revive you. Just keep it low-keyed. You don’t need to stress over planning the perfect evening.


This isn’t the time to fly solo, Cancer. You need to be around people you feel a connection with, so make plans to get together with friends or do something special with your mate. You’re super motivated to make your relationships work (especially with your significant other), so you’ll do whatever it takes to work through problems and get on the right track. It’s also an excellent time for any sort of collaboration or team project. Ambitious and hard-working folks are especially appealing right now because they inspire you to do more.


All work and no play make you the person most likely to succeed, so this weekend you’re willing to put in extra hours with work assignments and important personal projects. You’ll be especially industrious if your boss or another important person is monitoring your progress. Don’t stop your flow unless it’s for a workout and a nutritious meal. Self-care is an important component of your strategy for success. Once you’ve crossed the finish line, you’ll feel relaxed enough to do something fun.


When you decide to go beyond what you know and grow in new directions, you don’t stop until you get the wisdom you hoped to find. However, it isn’t just about taking in new information but also finding ways to apply it in your everyday life. You’ll feel like you’re on the right track when you see improvements in your love life, your relationship with your kids, and in expressing yourself more creatively, but don’t make it a chore. Sometimes you need to stop plotting and planning and just enjoy life. Don’t overthink it or make things complicated.


You feel strong, so you’re ready to tackle a major assignment on the home front. You’ll leave no stone un-turned in your quest to identify the source of a problem and implement a lasting solution. Whether you’re taking on tricky repairs or dealing with difficult relatives, you’re prepared to keep hammering away until you achieve the desired result. Even though you feel up to the task, it can still be exhausting as well as emotionally draining, so have helpers on standby to offer support.


You have loads to say, so this might be the perfect time to start journaling or writing your memoirs. Your words can be pretty intense, so if you’re going to get into a heavy conversation, you should make sure the other person is prepared to hear what you have to say. Maybe you need to connect with a therapist? There are no retractions in your personal life, so consider the potential consequences of your words before you open your mouth.


You probably won’t relax until you have an important financial matter under control. Chances are that you can work things in your favor providing you don’t get greedy or try to do more than you’re equipped to handle. When you see a win in sight, take the money and run. The same applies if you’re shopping around for the right price on a big purchase. Accept a reasonable offer instead of spending more time haggling or searching around. If you want to have time for fun and romance, quit while you’re ahead.


You like to win at everything you do, so it’s no surprise that you’re being super competitive. And because your confidence is supercharged, you’re certain you’ll take home the prize. Whether it’s love, sports, or getting the best of a friend, you have what it takes to stay in the game until you emerge victoriously. The question is, do you really want the victory you’re after or are you just trying to prove you have what it takes to win? It might be different than you think.


The intense emotions you feel are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s something major brewing beneath the surface of your consciousness. It may be connected to your family, your childhood, or the past. Reclaiming your power from something that may have crippled you before unleashes a wellspring of energy and inspiration. You’ll need it to move forward with your life.  Your inner exploration could also unearth hidden talents that are ready to be cultivated. It’s time to say goodbye to the past and hello to the future.


You feel inspired, motivated, and also a little annoyed by your friends, but you have to take the rough with the smooth. At times, they can be a competitive pack, but it’s all good if it pushes you to do your best. According to your weekend horoscope, you’ll know the right words to say to squash a squabble or to get your friends on the same page for a group outing. Even if a conversation gets heated, it’s better to get everything out in the open. You’ll be better equipped to deal with their moods when you know what’s what.