Hidden Code. The Mystery Behind The Numbers 3, 6 And 9 Revealed

Nikola Tesla believed that the numbers three, six and nine were magnificent and kept the key to the universe. His obsession with these numbers was so big that he did certain things which some would say can be characterized as obsessive compulsive disorder.

For example, before entering a building Tesla would walk around the block for three times, he would clean his plates with 18 napkins and stay in hotel rooms whose number is devisable by three. The truth is that Tesla really had obsessive compulsive disorder and that he was incredibly superstitious but there was another reason for Tesla’s obsession with these particular numbers.

If you start bisecting a circle you will notice that the result is always nine (for example 360°C in a circle is 3+6+0=9; 180°C is 1+8+0=9; 90°C is 9+0=9) i.e. a pattern is created when bisecting the circle and the resulting angle always reduces to nine. The question raised is whether there is a code hidden in our number system. The answer to this question is yes according to Vortex Based Mathematics. To prove this we can have a look at the sum of the angles of the geometric shapes – the triangle: 60°C x 3 = 180 = 1+8+0=9; the square: 90°C x4 = 360 = 3+6+0=9 etc.

No matter the shape of the polygons ,the number nine is always embedded in the sum of their angles . Is this a meaningless numerology or is it a divine symmetry? The number nine reveals a linear duality. More precisely, the sum of all digits without including nine is 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8=36 i.e. 3+6=9. Furthermore, nine plus any digit returns the same digit – 9+5=14 i.e. 1+4=5.

All things concluded, nine equals all the digits(36) and nothing (0). ? Moreover, once we start doubling 3,6 and 9 we can see that 3 doubled is 6, 6 doubled is 12 which gives 1+2=3 and in this pattern there is no nine. It seems that nine is beyond patterns i.e. free of patterns and if we start doubling nine it will always result in nine: 18 (1+8=9), 36 (3+6=9), 72 (7+2=9), 144 (1+4+4=9) …

According to Tesla, nine is the Universe itself! Take a look at the following pattern:

On the one side is 1,2 and 4. This side is governed by 3 i.e. 3 governs 1,2 and 4.

On the other side is 8,7 and 5. This side is governed by 6 i.e. 6 governs 8,7 and 5.

If we have a closer look – 1 and 2 equals 3; 2 and 4 equals 6; 4 and 8 equals 3; 7 and 5 equals 3; 5 and 1 equals 6. On a higher scale the same pattern is actually 3,6,3,6. The pattern 3 and 6 equals 9 which means unity of both sides.

According to Tesla, 3, 6 and 9 are vibration, energy and frequency. He believes that if one thinks in terms of energy, vibration and frequency, one will discover the secrets of the universe.