Here’s What Your Favorite Color May Reveal About Your Personality

Many of us have had a favorite color since childhood. Some say have changed their choice of colors because as you mature, your thoughts and your personality evolve. Thus your choices, decisions and lifestyle are all entwined and in sync with your personality which is why several of these elements can reveal the type of person you are.

We all have a personality color and it is reflected in the type of clothes we wear, the shades of paint we chose for our homes and many other things. A color can be dependent on your experiences, your positive and negative associations with the color as well as the need to acquire the qualities of that color. Here is what your choice of color says about your personality.


If your favorite color is red, then you are one who is action-oriented and very physical in nature. You prefer experiencing life through your senses. The choice also identifies you as an extroverted person who is courageous, confident and very optimistic. You are action-oriented and also enjoy physical pleasure.

You tend to have strong survival instincts and are always the center of attention because you may also have an outgoing and somewhat dominating nature.

People are drawn to your vitality and confidence because you are competitive and prefer being the winner. Because you are goal oriented, you can make a great leader because of your desire to achieve.

You should also hold your ego in check and not allow it to get inflated with a false sense of self-worth because then you lose the real productive and positive properties of your personality.


If your favorite color is orange, then it means that you also desire to socialize with people and want to be accepted as part of a group. You like challenges t appear in life be they physical or social. By being an orange person, it doesn’t mean you will inherit all of the personality traits of an orange person but there will be several things that make you fit the description as well as the negative traits too.

You are an optimist

The words that best describe an orange personality are warm, optimistic, extroverted, flamboyant, good natures, friendly, light-hearted, charming and sociable. You get along well and tend to be an agreeable person who loves and needs human contact. You love partying and socializing and also like helping people who also find your vitality and positivity attractive. The problem is that when staying away too long from people, you tend to get depressed easily.

You love the outdoors and possess a spirit of adventure and outdoor sports. You love life and are competitive but you tend to take too many risks in life because of your outgoing nature. So be wary of that.


By choosing yellow it means you desire everything organized and logical in your day to day life. You express yourself through a sense of logic using this trait for your inspiration and ideas. You are a cheerful person who is also creative but you may be daydreaming a lot too.

You could also be your own worst critic because you are a perfectionist and will analyze everything and anything. You are methodical in your approach to problem-solving but you could tend to be impulsive and make rash decisions out of anxiety instead of taking things steadily.

You are independent and choosy

You are very independent and choosy with friends. You prefer a small close circle than being involved with large teams or social events. You excel at networking and would make a good journalist. While you make money easy, you also spend it too fast. As a yellow person, you may be too stubborn although you dislike pettiness. You prefer knowing that you are intelligent which you are and can be good at anything you try your hand at.

However your intelligence could also give way to deceit if you live negatively and can become arrogant and snobbish which is what you should avoid doing.


Several people love black. This preferring black means they desire power and control just to be protective of their own emotional insecurities. It is as if hiding in the shadows behind the power of black. Prestige and power are important to lovers of black who are independent and have strong will power.

If you love black, you could be too serious and should bring some light and color into your life, simply have some fun as it could mean you are conventional and bit too restrictive of yourself.

People who like black are intimidating

You intimidate people because of a dictatorial and authoritarian attitude. You rarely come across an emotional person because you are always dignified, sophisticated and appear in total control. Your choice of black may reflect your desire to hide from negativity and like creating a sense of mystery about yourself.

You aren’t good at sharing and keep things bottled up inside you. You need to let go sometimes. Work wise you are methodical and always complete a task.


Those who love blue are desirous of inner peace and truth. If you are one, then you prefer living according your beliefs and ideals because you are a spiritual person. You will not compromise on your ideals to suit others. The words that best describe you are trustworthy, reliable, sharing, calm, genuine, responsible, sincere and conservative.

You have a great need for harmony and peace in your daily life and never do anything that is impulsive or spontaneous. You also think before you act and speak but while you appear self-controlled, you may be hiding your vulnerable side.

Blue is often regarded as spiritual and wise

You are even-tempered but if your emotions take over, you can become moody and over-emotional or even cold and indifferent. You are caring of others needs and are a sociable and friendly person who always puts others first. However, at the same time, you tend to be rigid and prefer dealing with things familiar to you rather than swaying from the path.

You don’t like drawing attention to yourself and are a background worker. You are very loyal and faithful in relationships and form strong attachments. You are highly spiritual and possess a great thirst for wisdom and knowledge in every area of interest. You are devoted to god and family too.

However don’t get too over emotional at time, stop worrying too much and don’t sway towards self-pity.


If you chose green as your favorite color, then it means you have a desire to belong to someone, to love and be loved. Green is the color of nature and also of feeling good, it invokes positive emotions like blue is for calmness, green is the color of happiness. Green people are down to earth and practical who also love nature. It signifies generosity, kindness, and compassion. Such people are also calm and composed in any situation.

You are also a caring and nurturing person but don’t neglect your own needs too. You are an intelligent person and feel at home in all social groups being also well mannered and graceful which makes people like you. You like being appreciated and possess high moral standards.

What you prefer is peace and harmony rather than action however you don’t like to concede defeat easily. Because of your desire to belong, you could be prone to gossiping now and then just to fit in. You struggle with weight loss because you love your food.

Green people make good counselors

You are good in business and though you feel money is important, you are also generous. You will make a good counselor or psychologist because you listen to others and possess a sense of empathy, clarity and analysis to see both sides of a situation.

Green people are frank and sociable and prefer peace at all costs but you can become too modest and patient which may make others exploit you because of you appearing innocent and naïve even though you are smart. On the negative side, you are prone to jealousy so keep that in check.


If you like the color pink, you desire acceptance and love. The words that best describe you are generous, sensitive, loving, friendly, approachable, sensitive and kind. People are drawn towards your warmth and softness. You are a nurturer and like receiving in return.

You possess maternal instincts and like taking care of others but you also tend to neglect yourself in the process. For men, you also have a feminine side and are romantic, sensitive and sensual.

Pink people are methodical and organized but tend also to be flippant and immature at times. Pink people are very calm, reserved, refined and non-violent which makes them appear shy since they also appear naïve and sweet. A pink person often looks youthful even when they are aged to the point of looking dainty and vulnerable. The biggest challenge for pink people is to become more self-reliant and loves yourself too.


White is rarely a favorite color which makes it unique because it signifies simplicity, independence and self-reliance. The words that best describe the color white is neat, (both of person and possessions) immaculate appearance, impeccable standards of cleanliness, far-sighted, optimistic, sensible, well balanced, cautious, discreet, wise, practical and self-control.

You possess self-control

You are careful with money too. White isn’t a favorite from childhood and it becomes a favorite at transitional periods of life when seeking new direction or new beginnings. This may be temporary or long-lasting. People who prefer white possess self control and not prone to impulsive behavior.

Being self sufficient may make you a loner since you don’t need anyone’s help but then this could lead to loneliness. You could also be fastidious and choosy if you fall prey to your moods. You can also be self critical but are also fair and impartial. You tend to hide your flaws to appear perfect to others. What you need to be is a bit more open-minded and flexible to communicate openly your needs to others.

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