Here’s What You Need To Remember If You Truly Want Your Relationship To Work Out

Relationships, this word is a lot of feelings. Affection, love, pain, jealousy, possessiveness and a lot of others that make it something to experience.

There are no written rules on how we should behave or function in a relationship. It’s a process that we work out. We exchange a few beliefs and ideas.

They altogether decide how one respects and cares for the other person in a relationship.

While there are endless do’s and don’t’s, we tried listing a few points here that explain how a relationship should be.

1. “Oh, you’re partying? Enjoy baby.”

Explanation: one should not feel that their partner should only party with them or constantly update them everytime they step out. It is okay to let them be.

2. “It’s okay if we can’t meet today, go out with your friends and have fun.”

Explanation: your partner is allowed to make impromptu plans with their friends and cancel on you. They had a life before you, remember that.

3. “So what if you didn’t send me any text today. You can be busy too.”

Explanation: we are also working towards our goals and if your partner is busy at work, you must understand that and not fight about how they are not making you a priority.

4. “It’s okay if you don’t love me anymore. I understand.”

Explanation: If you can fall in love, you can also fall out of it. The process is natural.

5. “I am really angry with you, okay?”

Explanation: one should not hide what they feel. Let your partner know that something really pissed you off rather than waiting for them to guess.

6. “Everybody has a past. So what? What matters is the present.”

Explanation: we are no one to judge or comment on anybody’s past. We all make mistakes and evolve.

7. “Meet [insert name], the love of my life.”

Explanation: you should always introduce your partner if you bump into anyone you know. It says a lot about your relationship.

8. “Eat whatever you want to, dress however you want to.”

Explanation: let your partner be. Expecting them to change for you will only ruin your relationship.

9. “Let’s hang out with your friends tonight.”

Explanation: this will always make your partner happy. Forcing them to hang out with your friends alone will only make things worse.

10. “Go out of the city, explore the world. We’ll work things out.”

Explanation: holding them back or making their life revolve around you will stop your partners self-growth. And you don’t want that, right?

11. “We’ll go someplace cheap this month because I am trying to save.”

Explanation: always be honest about money matters with your partner. Money has a lot of potential to break things.

12. “Can I please watch Netflix today?”

Explanation: your partner also needs space. Everyone does. Not getting enough of it will make them ask for it and there, things can go bad.

13. “I love you!”

Explanation: never hold your self back and tell them exactly what you feel. Especially “I love you.”

Source: IndiaTimes