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Here’s What It Means If A Dead Loved One ‘Visits’ You In Your Dream

Dreams are a fascinating phenomenon that has interested people from the beginning of time. While often times dreams may be ridiculous and silly, some dreams are more serious and vivid, seeming to carry some sort of meaning.

One dream that seems to always bring questions is a dream in which you are visited by a dead loved one. What does the visitation mean? Is my loved one alright? Are they trying to send me a message?

The Science Of Dreaming

Unfortunately, there is very little that science can tell us about dreams and their meanings. What we do know is that dreaming is a way to process your emotions. People often dream of past events, as if your brain is reviewing and evaluating the information.

Although many people don’t remember their dreams in the morning, research has shown that everyone dreams for about 2 hours every night. While you can dream during any stage of sleep, dreams are most vivid in REM sleep, which generally occurs about 90 minutes after falling asleep. (1)

The Meaning Of Visitation Dreams

Science may not have much to offer when it comes to dream-meanings, but many psychic mediums have shared what they believe to be the meaning of dreams.

A dream in which a deceased loved one visits is often referred to as a visitation dream. Psychics say that these dreams can be placed into one of two categories. A visitation dream may leave you feeling comforted and at peace, or it may cause you to feel dread or fear. In both cases, it is believed that your loved one is trying to send you a message.

Peaceful Visitation Dreams

Some visitation dreams leave you feeling at peace, comforted, and happy. In this case, there are several possible messages that your loved one may be trying to send you.

It may be that your loved one simply wants to let you know that they have reached “the other side,” and that they are doing okay. Sometimes they make a visit to let you know that they are pleased with the decisions you have made since their passing.

However, quite often the message is even simpler. Sometimes your loved one simply wants to remind you that they love you.

Fearful Visitation Dreams

Some people experience visitation dreams that leave them feeling afraid or unsettled. While these dreams can sometimes be scary or upsetting, you should not feel anxious or apprehensive about them.

In visitation dreams of this type, oftentimes your loved one will appear in the dream somewhat different from their normal characteristics, making them seem strange or “off.” Often times the message they wish to send in this type of dream is a message of warning.

It can be difficult sometimes to discern the message that your loved one is attempting to send you, especially if they do not speak to you directly in your dream. However, it is important to pay attention to how you feel during the dream in order to best interpret what the message may be.

What If I’m Not Getting Visitation Dreams?

If you have not been visited by a deceased loved one, this does not at all mean that this person does not love you, or that they are in a bad place. It may simply mean that you are still mourning and processing their loss in other ways and are not ready for a visitation. Other times it may be that you are dreaming about them, but are unable to remember.

If you would like to be visited by a certain person in your dreams, you can try placing something of theirs under your pillow before you go to sleep. This could be a picture of them, a letter they wrote, or something they loved very much. This can show that you are open and ready to hear what they have to communicate.

Another good idea is to keep a dream journal or a pen and paper at your bedside every night. This way you can record your dreams as soon as you wake up and lessen the chance of you forgetting them.


The most important thing to remember is that visitation dreams are nothing to be afraid of or anxious about. Most often your loved one simply wants to show that they care about you and are thinking about you, just as you are about them.

Source: Healthy Holistic Living