Here’s The Typical And Atypical Traits Of Each Zodiac Sign

Let’s face it, we all love doing those cool personality tests that tell us why we are hard-wired the way we are. It gives us an excuse to boast about our good traits and then smile sheepishly at our less-than-stellar ones.

Knowing the traits of your zodiac sign is quite common. But there’s a catch.

Your zodiac sign (a.k.a your sun sign) represents what you are here to learn in this life. That’s why you only tend to embody most of the characteristics of your zodiac sign much later in life once you have a lot more experience under your belt. No wonder pop astrology pieces in magazines often feel only partially accurate!

Another reason why most of us don’t relate to the entire description of our zodiac sign is that there’s a lot more to astrology than just your sun sign. For example, you might be an easygoing Sagittarius most of the time but quite possessive of your partner because your Venus sign is in Scorpio. Or you might be an emotional Cancer but have mercurial traits because you were born on the cusp of Cancer and Gemini.

So, here are all the typical and atypical traits of all 12 zodiac signs. Check them out and see how many match your unique personality!

Typical Aries Traits: Courageous, Spontaneous & Likes To Take The Lead

Aries, you are the baby of the zodiac wheel. And like a child, you are absolutely fearless, incredibly spontaneous, and do not like to hear the word “no”.

There’s something really innocent and guileless about you. So, even when you do tend to make impulsive blunders, people usually forgive you for them. It’s your ultimate “get out of jail” card! But that’s not all there is to you.

Being the first sign of the zodiac, Aries, you tend to be incredibly competitive and absolutely love taking the lead. You really are a natural-born leader that way, although your leadership style is more like that of an army commander than a respectable CEO in a company. After all, you are ruled by Mars, the planet of war!

You can see this pioneering Aries spirit in action in celebrities like Lady Gaga, who was raised a demure Catholic but changed the world of music and fashion forever with her eccentric and imaginative costumes and powerful songs, and Robert Downey Jr., who is as much Iron Man on screen as he is like Tony Stark off of it.

And the best part is, if you are an Aries, you never tend to age. Don’t believe us? Check out pictures of Pharell Williams. He just turned 45 but still looks 27!

Atypical Aries Traits: Tends To Be Clumsy, Can Blush Easily & Does Not Hold Onto Grudges

There’s a high chance you relate to most, if not all, the typical Aries traits mentioned in the point above. But these ones are not like that. These are the traits that are exhibited less often by those born between March 20th and April 19th.

Since Aries is ruled by Mars, which rules the head and shoulder region of the body, some Aries tend to be quite clumsy when it comes to these parts. This can range from simple injuries like bumping headfirst into tables or cabinet edges to nasty falls that result in facial scars, especially around the eyebrows.

Another atypical Aries trait is their propensity to blush easily when they are embarrassed or near someone they have a massive crush on. But this is not always evident unless you are fair-skinned. But, then again, Aries individuals tend to be like open books, so, even if you do not blush, your expressions and body language give you away!

Arians also tend to be quite short-tempered. But that’s mainly because of their impatient and intense dislike for the word “no”. Nevertheless, most of them don’t hold on to grudges, unless they have a lot of fixed planets in their birth chart.

Typical Taurus Traits: Practical, Ambitious & Has An Eye For Beauty

Taurus, you are the first earth sign of the zodiac. That’s why, out of all the earth signs (the others are Virgo and Capricorn), you tend to be the most stable. You are the bedrock, after all. And the bedrock needs to be strong and stable to keep everything else in order. No wonder you are so particular about security in life, whether in the form of life-long relationships or a stable job and always have your feet firmly planted on the ground.

Believe us, no one can accuse you of having your head in the clouds (unless your Mercury is in Gemini). You really are that practical.

You are also known for your artistic ways and fine tastes in things. It’s because your zodiac sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, sensuality, and expression. That’s why, you are so particular about surrounding yourself with luxurious things, whether it’s a down-feather bed or a super-sleek car. Your Venusian sensibilities cannot tolerate cheapness (although you do tend to pinch pennies when it does not concern you).

All this talk of stability and luxury can make you seem lazy and indulgent. But in reality, you are quite ambitious and work hard to earn a large bank balance. After all, How else will you pay for all the fine things you aspire to have in life?

Atypical Taurus Traits: Gives Good Advice, Has A Good Sense Of Humor & Can Be A Bit Slow-Paced

Like every zodiac sign, you, Taurus, also have an atypical side. Traits most people born between April 20th to May 20th don’t show. But then they do crop up every now and then in your population.

Let’s start with your pace first.

Since you are a Taurus (the bull), you basically function at two speeds – leisurely, flower-sniffing slow and bullfight fight. The latter is only observed when someone manages to piss you off or tries to force you to do something you do not wish to do (which happens quite often in this over-entitled world of ours). But you prefer functioning at the former pace. After all, you are ruled by Venus, the planet of luxurious indulgences. And you cannot enjoy your material riches if you are always in a hurry!

You also tend to have a good sense of humor. Only, this trait is not observed too often and usually crops up when your Mercury is in Gemini. And since you are an earth sign, your humor also tends to be more of the earthy variety – full of innuendoes and observations of the world around you.

In fact, this earthiness is the main reason why you are quite good at giving advise. After all, you believe in keeping your head out of the clouds and often make accurate judgments based on real-life experiences.

Typical Gemini Traits: A Master Communicator, A Social Butterfly & Good At Convincing People

Gemini, if we lined up all the zodiac signs and told them the person who out-talked everyone else (intelligently) would win a million dollars, you would be the one who took the loot back home. After all, you are ruled by Mercury, the planet of wit, intelligence, and communication. So, you really have no dearth of the gift of gab!

You are quite sharp and capable of absorbing information from all quarters and relaying it word-for-word elsewhere. No wonder most news reporters have a lot of Gemini or a strong 3rd house in their birth chart (Mercury was the messenger of Gods in Greek mythos). Plus, you have the ability to see everybody’s perspective, which allows you to really connect well with people.

That’s why you are often called the magician of the zodiac wheel. Your mercurial nature allows you to smooth-talk yourself into all the right places and get yourself out of all the tough spots!

You can see this magical quality in action in Gemini celebrities, like Johnny Depp, who is known for his ability to transform himself into characters as eccentric as the Mad Hatter to as psychopathic as Sweeney Todd, and Kanye West, who often talks himself in and out of controversies.

Atypical Gemini Traits: Walks Away From Conflicts, Loyal Once Committed & Very Observant

Now let’s talk about the rarer traits displayed by those born between May 21st and June 20th.

Gemini is the sign of the twins, therefore, even though they may appear to be independent on the outside, what they really want is a soulmate they can bounce ideas off, talk about everything and nothing under the sun, and just have some crazy fun. And they tend to keep searching for this perfect companion by socializing and hooking up with a lot of people. After all, by the law of probability, they are bound to find the one if they cast their web wide enough.

That’s why, while Geminians tend to get a bad rep for being players and commitment-phobes, in reality, once they find their true partner, they loyally commit to them for life.

Another atypical Gemini trait is their propensity to walk away from conflicts. Because, let’s face it, with their strong gift of the gab, they rarely fail to win debates and arguments. But then again, being smart has rarely saved anyone from a bully’s punch. So, walking away from conflicts has its merits.

Also, while Geminians are known for their sharp intellect, they often fail to understand the big picture and instead get lost in the details. That’s why an observant Gemini who can see the forest for the trees is quite a rare sight.

Typical Cancer Traits: Tends To Have Mood Swings, Very Loyal & Likes To Nest

Cancer, you are the moon child of the zodiac. Like seriously. That’s why, like the moon and it’s waxing and waning phases, you tend to be quite changeable when it comes to your moods too. In fact, since the Moon is the natural ruler of your zodiac sign, you are more influenced by its cycles than any other human being on this planet (even though all of us are made up of 70% water, which is directly controlled by the Moon’s gravitational pull)! And this is exhibited in the form of extreme liveliness and “moon-madness” on full moon nights and severe depression on the dark nights of the new moon.

Now let’s talk about the sigil of your zodiac – the crab – and why your zodiac sign was given this symbol even though the ocean holds millions of other creatures. It’s because like the crab with its hard shell and soft inside, you tend to be stony-faced and reserved with strangers so as to protect your vulnerable and emotional heart from becoming loyal to the wrong people. And you also have a tendency to nest and hoard everything that has sentimental value for you. Even the paper napkin with your first crush’s phone number written on it from 18 years ago!

Atypical Cancer Traits: Good At Reading People, Generous & Calm

If you were born between June 21st and July 22nd, you probably know your moody side and your deeply-nurturing side as well. But what about some of the rarer traits exhibited by crabs like you?

The first atypical Cancer trait is your ability to read people accurately. And considering how empathetic you are, it really should have been more of a typical trait. Unfortunately, most crabs are not very good at harnessing their emotional sides and often tend to be emotional wrecks constantly needing support from loved ones to boost their confidence. So, only a rare few can claim to be good at reading people. And they all happen to be the ones who are willing to engage with their inner psyches. You can see this trait in action in the standup-comedy routines of the famous drag queen, Bianca Del Rio.

Crabs also tend to be quite generous, although they do not show this side of themselves until they have let you inside their inner circle. That’s when you find out that they mean it when they say “mi casa es su casa”.

Finally, only a rare crab can boast of being truly calm. And these ones are usually also the ones who have done a lot of inner psychological work, so it’s not surprising really.

Typical Leo Traits: Has A Big Heart, Protective Of Loved Ones & A Natural-Born Leader

Well, who do we have here? It’s the Leo, the dynamic, ever-shining, flamboyant royalty of the zodiac! But you already knew that, didn’t you, Leo? After all, you are ruled by the most important star of our entire solar system – the Sun – and so know at all times that you were born to do great things in your life.

The zodiac sign Leo governs the heart, so it’s not surprising that you are warm-hearted and extremely generous. You truly do have a big heart. And also have a tendency to wear it on your sleeve since you are one of the most passionate, honest, and romantic signs of the entire zodiac. Your larger-than-life personality does not know how to be any other way!

You are also very protective of your loved ones. After all, you are a lion. And lions always protect their pride.

You can see this protectiveness in action in Kylie Jenner for her daughter, Stormi Webster. Did you know she makes people sign $10 million non-disclosure agreements and wear surgical masks before she lets them see Stormi? That’s a lioness protecting her cub.

Another sparkling example of leonine leadership, heart, and charisma is Jennifer Lawrence. We rest our case.

Atypical Leo Traits: Straightforward, Forgives Easily & Tends To Be Sensitive

So, you were born between July 23rd and August 22nd. Well, you don’t need us to congratulate you on being born a Leo. You do that quite nicely all on your own. After all, you are one proud kitty!

Nevertheless, like all zodiac signs, you too have certain atypical traits that are only exhibited by a select few members of your leonine community. Not that you want to get in touch with them. You prefer being the only lion in the room.

The first atypical Leo trait is forgiveness. And it’s uncommon for a good reason. It’s because Leo is a fixed sign, and so famous for being stubborn and unforgiving when disrespected. So, if you are one of the rare, forgiving types, it could be because you have a lot of mutable signs in the rest of your chart, like Gemini or Virgo.

The second atypical trait is straightforwardness. Now, Leo is one of the most honest signs of the zodiac. After all, you only lie when you are scared and what could possibly scare the queen? Nevertheless, you aren’t as bluntly straightforward as Sagittarius, and instead, prefer to throw sarcastic barbs at the person who has deigned to displease you. So, a straightforward Leo who cuts to the chase is quite a rare sight.

And finally, while Leos do tend to be sensitive towards criticism, it’s only an odd Leo with probably a lot of Cancer in their chart that tends to go overboard with this issue.

Typical Virgo Traits: Has An Analytical Mind, Practical & Strives For Perfection

If we ranked all the zodiac signs from most modest to the least, you, Virgo, would probably be the first name on that list, although Capricorn could give you a serious run for your money. It’s because you are an earth sign that is blessed by the analytical abilities of Mercury.

Yes, you share your planetary ruler with Gemini. But you don’t mind sharing. After all, you are a mutable sign, like the twins, and so capable of change (as much as a solid earth sign can change). No wonder your brand of practicality allows you to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground while your head roams the airy realm of ideas and perfect dreams you wish to execute in reality one day. It’s the perfect blend of airy optimism and earthy pessimism.

Nevertheless, you are notorious for your perfectionist streak. It’s the negative manifestation of your ability to analyze the present and still hope for a better future. No wonder you tend to be overly critical of yourself sometimes and are often afflicted by your special Virgoan brand of “analysis paralysis”.

You can see your Virgo perfectionism in action in celebrities like Beyoncé and Kobe Bryant. And Michael Jackson was a famous Virgo too!

Atypical Virgo Traits: Tends To Be A Germaphobe, Has A Hidden Wild Side & Is Often Opinionated

Now let’s talk about the atypical traits displayed by some Virgos born between August 23rd and September 22nd.

The first one is an intense case of germaphobia. It’s a negative manifestation of the more typical Virgo trait of being health-conscious, especially about the food they eat. But that’s not surprising considering the fact that Virgos often suffer from gastric disturbances. Wouldn’t you be a germaphobe too if you found yourself popping diarrhea pills ever fortnight?

As for being opinionated, Virgos are one of the sharpest tacks in the zodiac, so it’s not surprising that they tend to be this way. After all, they are perfectionists who tend to feel no qualms in pointing out every little mistake in your work or your arguments. So, when they firmly believe in something, they usually take a stand for it, even if that means debating you to death!

And then there’s the case of their hidden wild side. Granted it’s not a trait exhibited by all Virgos but, again, the root of this occasional outburst of mad humor is this sign’s ruler, Mercury. So, if you are a Virgo who happens to have this trait, congratulations. Your friends probably tolerate your snappy criticisms from time to time since you are so fun to hang around with when you turn up your wild side.

Typical Libra Traits: Tends To Be Diplomatic, Fair & Very Charming

Libra, like Taurus, you too are ruled by the planet of love and feminine grace, Venus. No wonder you are so charming and beautiful. Seriously, it’s an odd Libra who is born without naturally flawless skin, gorgeous hair, and a set of perfect features. In fact, your beauty and grace are so legendary that you can dress in the drabbest outfit and still turn it into a fashion trend. Kim Kardashian West is a Libra and a perfect example of this. And like the rest of her community, she is not a beauty without brains. How else do you explain her thriving business?

The fact is, Libra is an air sign. And so, you tend to engage your mental faculties more than most people give you credit for. That’s the reason behind your diplomatic stance in most circumstances. You refuse to take a stand until you have thoroughly examined all sides of the story and have found a clear winner.

No wonder Libra is represented by a set of scales of Justice. You refuse to be unfair to anyone.

The only pitfall of this fair-playing trait is your inability to make decisions quickly. And as you know very well, in life you don’t always get all the information you need to make the right decision, or enough time, for that matter.

Atypical Libra Traits: Can Be Persuasive, Tends To Be Skeptical & Is A Good Listener

If you were born between September 23rd and October 22nd, Libra, you probably identify with most, if not all, the typical traits of your zodiac sign. But there are certain traits that only a few members of your tribe exhibit. So, let’s break them down one by one.

Persuasion is not your strong suit, Libra. And while people think you are persuasive because of your ability to smooth over conflicts, in reality, you are more like a mediator who calms the situation down rather than a persuader who persuades one side to agree with the other. After all, how do you persuade someone when you yourself are not sure which side you are on?

Nevertheless, some Libras are quite persuasive and can give Geminis a run for their money. They are usually the ones with a lot of Virgo or Scorpio in their charts, as these signs are known for their ability to get to the heart of a situation fairly quickly.

Other atypical Libra traits include a tendency to be skeptical and have good listening abilities.

The former is seen when the Libra has a lot more Virgo in her chart because on her own, Libra prefers to hear out both sides without judgment first before she judges who is right. And the latter is not typical of Libra since Librans tend to talk a lot more than they listen (Libra is an air sign, after all!).

Typical Scorpio Traits: Passionate, Intelligent & Has A Magnetic Personality

There’s something intensely magnetic about you, Scorpio. Some people think it’s your mysterious ways while others think it’s because of that sensual way you glide through a room with everyone’s eyes secretly upon you. But the truth is, your magnetism is a gift of your planetary ruler, Pluto.

In Greek mythology, Pluto is the god of the Underworld, a realm almost no one understands because its the realm of the dead. Nonetheless, death is the ultimate inevitability and nothing and no one can hide from it. That’s why people are afraid of looking into your piercing eyes. With the power of Pluto upon you, most people can’t help but feel as if their soul has been laid bare and vulnerable before your piercing gaze.

This ability to accurately see people and situations for what they truly are also powers your intelligence. That’s why, even though you are a water sign, you are as analytical as a Gemini or a Virgo.

You are also an intensely passionate individual and are very protective of your loved ones. In fact, some Scorpios will not hesitate to take a bullet for the ones they love. And this list is notoriously small since you are a very private individual who prefers letting only as many people into your inner circle as you have fingers on one hand.

Atypical Scorpio Traits: Independent, Resilient & Can Be Blinded By Love

Now let’s talk about the atypical traits exhibited by those born between October 23rd and November 21st.

The first uncommon Scorpio trait is independence. And this might sound odd to some people given the fact that Scorpios often abhor social interactions and seem to prefer their solitude. But deep inside the typical Scorpio would rather find her soulmate and then never be apart from that person than be alone. That’s why Scorpios who love their independence and enjoy their solitude are actually quite rare. These are usually the ones who have spent an incredible amount of time healing their internal wounds and have come out whole on the other end.

Resilience is the natural prize of these internal excursions into one’s psyche. That’s why the Phoenix is another symbol used commonly to represent Scorpio. It sums up the Scorpionic ability to burn to ashes and then find the strength to rise once again. Katy Perry’s song Rise is a perfect tribute to this trait. After all, she is also a Scorpio.

Lastly, the trait of being blinded by love is again an atypical trait of this sign. This is because Scorpios pride themselves on their ability to scrounge up your deep dark secrets. So, finding one who actively refuses to see the toxicity of a relationship is quite rare. Typical Scorpios usually see the toxicity and still stay since they are too addicted to the rollercoaster ride of emotions in the relationship.

Typical Sagittarius Traits: Optimistic, Candid & Witty

Sagittarius, you are one of the most honest signs of the entire zodiac. In fact, we were to line all of them up and rank them in the order of most honest to least, you would top the chart for your absolute inability to tell lies and propensity to shoot tactless arrows of blunt honesty at people, strangers or otherwise.

Nevertheless, the people close to you soon get used to your brand of candor and forgive you when they realize your words do not carry any malice behind them…unless you have a lot of Scorpio in your chart, and intentionally shot those barbed arrows at them! (Think: Taylor Swift)

Since you are ruled by Jupiter, the planet of wisdom and expansion, you are typically very optimistic about life. Plus, there’s that teeny tiny fact that Jupiter blesses you with a lot of luck. So, you usually manage to land on your feet even when life throws you a curveball.

In fact, your luck, optimism, and wisdom make you an incredibly witty person who usually loves cracking slapstick jokes on herself to make everyone laugh. That’s another reason why people like you so much (the first one is your honesty). You almost never laugh at anybody’s expense and are very liberal-minded.

Atypical Sagittarius Traits: Tends To Be A Know-It-All, Can Be Impatient & Likes Taking Risks

Now let’s talk about the more atypical traits exhibited by those born between November 22nd and December 21st.

First of all, most Sagittarians are very well-learned individuals. It’s a natural result of your love for travel and exposing yourself to a wide range of experiences, cultures, and people. But sometimes this trait can be exhibited in a more negative manner. It’s the know-it-all tendency. And it is not an endearing trait since nobody likes being condescended.

The other atypical Sagittarius traits are impatience and a love for taking risks.

Sagittarius is a fire sign, so inherently passionate, creative, and impulsive. That’s why Sagittarians love to take off on impromptu adventures at the drop of a hat. Impatience is a natural manifestation of this impulsive behavior. After all, impromptu plans can sometimes fail to materialize when the logistics don’t add up or crucial members of the team refuse to go along with the plan. Nothing ticks off a Sagittarius when this happens.

Their love for taking risks is also a fiery trait that is spurred on by their incredible Jupiter-blessed luck. After all, won’t you take risks too if you knew the probability of your succeeding outweighs that of failure?

Typical Capricorn Traits: Resourceful, Disciplined & Has High Standards

Capricorn, you are the most ambitious sign in the entire zodiac. Yes, even more than the spotlight-hungry Leo and the power-hungry Scorpio. And true to your mountain goat sigil, once you set your sight on a distant goal, you do not give up until you cross the finish line. It’s a gift of your planetary ruler, Saturn, the planet of discipline and structure.

You really are one of the most disciplined people on this planet. And traditional. After all, you are an earth sign who likes to stick to real-world structures and traditions. That’s why, your ambitions often tend to be traditional, like becoming the CEO of a large company, being the most-respected movie director in the world, or a real-estate mogul.

You can see this ambitious but slow-and-steady streak in some famous Capricorns, like Jared Leto, who is known for his incredibly realistic method acting, and Kate Middleton, who was a model before she started dating Prince William and then became the Duchess of Cambridge.

Other than your disciplined nature, you, Capricorns, are also very resourceful. You know how to make the right connections to help you reach the summit of your field and how to strategically outmaneuver your competition so you are the last woman standing.

Unfortunately, all this intense focus on climbing the ladder of success can often take a toll on your personal life and prevent you from forming genuine friendships with people who are not in it for power or favor. But then again, that’s your priority in life and you stand by it.

Atypical Capricorn Traits: Tends To Be Harsh When Angry, Doesn’t Like To Wait & Is Crazy And Wild With Friends

If you were born between December 22nd and January 19th, you probably identify with most, if not all, the typical traits of Capricorn mentioned above. Nevertheless, some members of your community do tend to show some rarer traits. Let’s see what they are.

The first atypical Capricorn trait is the tendency to become harsh when angry. And that’s really a rare trait since you are one of the most patient signs of the entire zodiac. So, if you exhibit this trait, you probably have a lot of planets in air and fire signs, which are the more impatient and angry signs of the zodiac. In fact, you can positively become a snark machine if you have some Aquarius in you.

This is closely related to another uncommon trait seen in just a few Capricorns – the ability to go crazy and have mad fun. So, if you are an ambitious goat yet have a penchant for changing your hair color to pastel shades every few months, you probably have a lot of Sagittarius, Libra or Aquarius in your birth chart.

However atypical a Capricorn might be, they almost always will show up predominantly as a typical Capricorn since Saturn is a very heavy and strong planet. This sets atypical Capricorns apart from the other atypicals of the zodiac.

Typical Aquarius Traits: Embraces Change, Can Absorb Knowledge Like A Sponge & Does Not Like Being Told What To Do

Out of all the zodiac signs in the wheel, you, Aquarius, are the most unconventional of the lot. In fact, you are such an odd hat that the other unconventional signs of the zodiac, like Sagittarius, are not even in the same league as you. No wonder you hate it when people try to tell you what to do with your life. After all, you cannot fathom walking the same old beaten path as the rest of mankind when your innovative mind knows it can stir things up and push people forward into a utopian future.

But there’s a reason why you are so eccentric and unconventional. It’s because you are ruled by Uranus, the eccentric planet of genius and electric fast actions. And this Uranian energy allows you to embrace change quicker than any other sign of the zodiac and then create systems that did not exist earlier.

Ellen DeGeneres is a prime example of this Uranian eccentricity and courageous unconventionality that made her come out of the closet on prime television in an era when gays were widely considered aberrant. She was fundamental to the movement that ultimately got the LGBTQ+ community legal rights in the USA.

Other than this, you, Aquarius, is also known for your sharp intellect and ability to absorb knowledge like a sponge. In fact, when you couple this ability with your unconventionality, we get pure genius that changes the history of humankind forever. Don’t believe us, Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin were Aquarians too.

Atypical Aquarius Traits: Is A Music Aficionado, Tends To Overthink & Prefers Working Alone

Now let’s talk about the more atypical traits of those born between January 20th and February 18th.

Aquarius, you love all things unconventional. And that includes music. From obscure indie artists to Dark Bass songs, you will find the moodiest and most eclectic tracks on an Aquarius’ music list. In fact, some Aquarians abhor mainstream music so much that they might refuse to socialize with people who only listen to UK and US Top 100 tracks on loop.

Another atypical Aquarius trait is the lone-wolf syndrome. These rare Aquarians do not like to be a part of social movements that could change the world, like most typical Aquarians. Instead, they prefer working alone and developing their own breakthroughs. Ayn Rand is a famous example of this. She was intensely reclusive as a child who decided she wanted to be a writer by the time she was 9 and then spent the rest of her life championing objectivism and lamenting why the world could not see that her utopian vision was right.

Aquarians also tend to overthink quite a lot. It boils down to the Uranian energy that drives them. In fact, this trait is magnified when they have a lot of Pisces in their chart. That really muddies up their ability to zone down and see things clearly.

Typical Pisces Traits: Very Supportive Of Loved Ones, Incredibly Imaginative & A Total Sucker For Romance!

If we could catch a dream and give it a human form, we would get…well, you, Pisces. You truly are the dreamiest sign of the entire zodiac. And there’s a good reason behind that.

It’s because you are ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams, fantasies, and illusions. No wonder you tend to be one of the most gullible signs in the zodiac too. It’s almost like you are so caught up in your dream of what could be that you fail to register the sharp nudges of reality that tells you everything is not as it seems.

This is often the reason why you tend to be so attracted to bad boys. You get caught up in the romance and fail to see how toxic the relationships is for you and your self-worth.

Since you are the last sign of the zodiac, it’s said that your soul has already experienced all the other signs in your past lives and is now on its final journey. This is a reason why it can often feel like you are not really living in this world and have your head too far up in the clouds. Thankfully, this is the root of your powerful imagination, which translates into strong artistic skills. So, we are not complaining.

Atypical Pisces Traits: Tends To Be Very Spiritual, Prefers Being Alone & Fears Rejection

Now let’s talk about the atypical traits of those born between February 19th and March 19th.

While most Pisces have their heads in the cloud, fantasizing about something that most often is not rooted in reality, a rare few actually happen to have their heads in other spiritual realms. In fact, Pisces is a sign of the natural psychic and shaman and so, its natives often have extraordinary gifts that science cannot explain.

This spiritual bend is the reason why some Pisceans choose to renounce materialism and become monks. And why others tend to find it incredibly easy to meditate and embrace new age spiritualism.

Another atypical Pisces trait is their fear of rejection. This is not usually observed in most Pisces since most are introverts who really do not care what others think of them. But is seen in those few who really crave recognition and wish to fit in. These are the ones with some Aries in their charts. Their internal conflict mainly arises from the battle between the part of them that wishes to renounce the world and the part that wants to fit in.

Regardless of their introverted nature, most Pisceans love it when they are with someone they love dearly. It could be a soulmate in a romantic relationship or a soul-sister best friend. All they want sometimes is to become a part of a school of fishes and follow wherever the leader takes them. They really crave human connection and often become codependent in their relationships, both altruistic and romantic. That’s why Pisceans who prefer being alone is truly a rare sight and considered uncommon for this sign.

Source: The Talko