Here Is The List Of Zodiac Signs Which Are Blacklisted For Dating

Before going barreling your way headfirst into a brand new relationship that you are super excited about, you need to consider the fact about how this exciting thing could go sideways in just a moment. Compatibility matters a great deal, and if the stars hold something really ugly planned out through this relationship for you, the first thing you need to do is a personal threat assessment.

Lucky for you we have just the thing listed down for you. Before getting on with your latest S.O., you can go over a special list we’ve made for you that covers all the major and definite DON’Ts for each zodiac sign and why it would be the best for you to avoid them.

If you are Aries

Do not date: Capricorn

You, dear Aries, are well-known rule breakers while Capricorns are the rule makers. Which is why if you date them you might feel constantly criticized for the renegade style that you have going and this might frighten the well-behaved Capricorn. Spontaneity comes naturally to you but the Capricorn can likely not do anything without proper planning or reservation. Although both of you are high achievers, the Capricorn is too workaholic to care much about other things, like living a life. Also, you might need a lot of luck to get that regular attention that every Aries desperately needs which is why dating a Capricorn would overall be a very bad idea.

If you are Taurus

Do not date: Aquarius

Being a Taurus you might like your fair share of rules, but an Aquarius is downright wired to be just too robotic. When it comes to relationships, you always like being warm and heartful. You like showing plenty of romantic gestures. But the Aquarius generally operates on a confusing midway paradox of rebellion and logic. They can also be quite egalitarian or just really cheap after a fair while to pay for anybody’s luxe indulgences. Apart from getting a tad bit experimental between the sheets this relationship could go nowhere other than being a total buzzkill.

If you are Gemini

Don’t date: Scorpio

Apart from a hot seductive game with plenty of naughty Snapchats or texts, this relationship could go nowhere but really far south if you ever try sealing the deal. If you want to see where this was going, the Scorpio demanding fidelity, sure, but exclusivity all the time before you could even get to hold hands might really get into your nerves. With a famous Scorpion manipulative charm and strong willpower, we would warn you to put a stop to this freak show before you become their mind prisoner.

If you are Cancer

Do not date: Sagittarius

The freewheeling and wild Sagittarius will come rushing like a whirling tornado into your life. Sometimes, this might help you come out of your shell, but mostly this pattern of inconsistency will throw your fragile sensitivity into an extreme state of pure anxiety. The Sagittarius’s insane schedules will always clash with your deep-set nesting instincts. Mostly, when you try being serious the Sagittarius will crack a joke and will never understand the things that mean a great deal to you. This can get pretty painful which is why this relationship will be a bad idea.

If you’re Leo

Do not date: Pisces

At first, the dazzling and dreamy Pisces might enchant you instantly. This magical nocturnal creature might even steal your reality foothold. But beneath the veneer of the fantasy-fuelled nature of the Pisces, their somber depressive and stormy moods might scare or worry you or even spoil your days. As a Leo, you’ll probably even take it personally when they go dark on you. And both of you being really bad with money, you could end up in debt which is why this relationship is a really bad idea.

If you are Virgo

Don’t date: Libra

When you meet a Libra you might initially feel that you’ve finally found someone who appreciates your discerning and refined tastes. But you demand definite things while a Libra is incapable of commitments. Librans hate rushing into romantic entanglements so when your desire to commit gets the better of you, you’ll know that this relationship is actually heading nowhere. With your patience wearing off, bringing out your inner frustrated mean girl, you’ll realize why this relationship is a bad idea.

If you are Libra

Do not date: Virgo

Virgo might first seem like a great match to you with their tastes and enjoyment of finer things matching with yours. But Virgo being results-driven, is always on mission self-improvement while you like viewing the world in a much fun and rosier way. They might also try rushing you with their demands for certainty or action and totally spoil your days with self-improvement lectures. You like the idea of romantic gestures without worrying about expenses while a Virgo is quite cheap with everybody, except themselves. They can also turn quite annoyingly critical, which is why this relationship is definitely a bad idea.

If you are Scorpio

Do not date: Gemini

Although there are great chances that the Gemini’s mercurial style might hopelessly attract you, but their lack of commitment might soon bring out the absolute worst in you. Their erratic patterns of communication will surely leave you hopeless and you’ll end up obsessively trying to catch up with them. This and their constant and unrepentant flirting will surely frustrate you enough to turn you into a jealous and ravenous lunatic. Hence, this relationship is a big no-no!

If you are Sagittarius

Do not date: Cancer

You might like the epicurean and cultured Cancer at first but try keeping them to just the hanging buddies zone if you don’t want to suffocate yourself in too much of emotions. They get cloyingly clingy and too sweet when they’re in love. You might want to kill yourself with all the overtly sentimental chats and depressive drama. Your cruel humour might be deployed that will lead to more drama. Hence, this relationship will go nowhere.

If you are Capricorn

Do not date: Aries

Being a provider sign, your power dynamics will definitely be off with Aries, who is very much the infant of the zodiacs. They might attract you with their dazzling knight in shining armour nature at first, but soon you’ll feel like you’ve adopted a baby. Unless you want that, we’d like to warn you that this relationship will quickly turn into a romance-killing and annoying dependency. Yeah, like we told you before, a bad idea!

If you are Aquarius

Do not date: Taurus

You might admire the romantic fervour of Taurus at first, but the overwhelming intensity of their passion might leave you a tad bit catatonic. Their need for romantic gestures all the damn time and insecurity most of the time might leave you confused and frustrated. You being a humanitarian sign might also hate their tastes for materialistic and expensive things all the time. With your values clashing with each other all the time, this relationship might ultimately go nowhere.

If you are Pisces

Do not date: Leo

You might be dazzled at first by the sweeping chivalry of Leo, along with their gallant and royal romantic gestures. But you will soon thwart your desire to plunge headfirst into deeper waters when you witness the constant performance, attention-seeking and annoying praise-desiring attributes of the Leo. Their overwhelming pride and struggling efforts of being vulnerable would obviously turn you into a hot mess, striving desperately for peace, or a long nap. So before you discover their pending bills, we would advise you to run.

by Sreya Dutta

Source: Boldsky