Here Is How This Weeks Retrogrades And The Full Moon Will Impact You – Based On Your Signs Tarot Reading

The aggressive and violent nature of Mars seems to see a significant change with the retrograde and the full moon change happening during the week of 25th June to 1st July.

The tarotscope reveals about the impending changes that each sign seems to face with this retrograde, as this could be a triggering point for any conflict that seems to appear.

There seems to be underlying tensions or misunderstood intentions that can be misread as the week unfolds. A full moon appears to occur just two days after this alignment, and this can create a lot of tension.

To find out about these weekly tarotscope readings, continue reading…

Aries – Ace Of Pentacles

For the Aries sign, there seems to be a freshness and a new beginning this week. The individuals seem to feel good in their skin and body. There are chances of a new relationship starting with their own self. Some opportunities may feel like trying to do things differently. The suit of Pentacles seems to shine a light on their body, home, career and even wealth. Overall, this week seems to be an excitable positive one for these individuals.

Taurus – Judgment

For Taurus individuals, Judgment card defines their personality, and this may be the feeling that makes them draw towards self-reflection and evaluation during the week. This unique card shows us how to look at ourselves, and our life seems to take an honest path with an open heart. Opportunities seem to receive flashes of insights of doing some self-inquiry. In your life, you seem to discover a pattern which will do wonders for you. So, look around and get the hints from the day-to-day events, as the answers are around you.

Gemini – Eight Of Pentacles

Gemini individuals seem to work hard and the card of “Eight Of Pentacles” seems to define a dedication in getting things done during the week. The map tells us that they are on the right path; and if you tend to keep doing things that you have been doing, there are chances that your happiness seems to increase and continue. You tend to feel like a perfectionist this week with your fine-tuning or polishing of your ideas on new projects. Through the week you should not try to lose on the sight of the bigger picture. Remember that whatever you focus on during the week, seems to get completed.

Cancer – Page Of Wands

For Cancer, it is their season and life seems to be quite exciting during the week! The card “The Page of Wands” is a new beginning and this week is a passionate time, where they can also feel free in their self-expression. During the week, they also tend to think that they have a lot to learn and keen to be a free-spirit. They need to be positive and embrace spontaneity during the week, as it can be quite light-footed and not focus on taking things too seriously.

Leo – Four Of Wands

Leo individuals are more likely to have been working hard over the past few weeks, and this week, they can reap some great rewards for all of their efforts. The “Four of Wands” card reveals that they have everything that they need for the next stage of their journey. On the other hand, this week seems to be the perfect time to start working on a new project or set a new goal.

Virgo – Strength

Virgo guys seem to have some supreme confidence-boosting scenarios during the week that show them with an incredible capacity to be courageous and self-assured. The “Strength” card reveals that they have been rocking themselves and facing challenges. It is all about giving themselves some firm determination and staying power to succeed. Libra – Hierophant For Libra “Hierophant” card reveals about the innate wisdom that these individuals have. Their relationship with the divine is a personal one, and they seem to get closer to their divinity during the week. The card seems to help them by listening to their intuitions and allowing them to guide them find the explicit messages during the week.

Scorpio – Three Of Cups

Scorpio individuals seem to be celebrating something emotionally gratifying during the week. They are most likely to feel super grateful for the love that they have in their life. There could be a peak experience that uplifts their heart and enchant their soul through the coming days. The “Three of Cups” card is a harmonious card, which tells them that they are surrounded by love and cooperation of their loved ones.

Sagittarius – Six Of Swords

Sagittarius can feel lighter, brighter during this week. There are chances of a great deal getting finalised during the week. The “Six of Swords” card should ideally feel like a warm cuddle for them. It should be soothing and comforting as well. These are the individuals who seem to learn more about themselves through insight and wisdom. They tend to find themselves to think in an incredible and more optimistic way about life.

Capricorn – Six Of Wands

Capricorn card which is “The Six of Wands” card is the sign of victory and success. This week seems to look great. They are likely to be celebrating something during the week, and there are chances of being rewarded for their hard work. This week, they seem to probably go to enjoy the results of their hard work, as it pays off and they are likely to get their due credit for their hard work. They need to take time to pat themselves on the back and be receptive to the compliments that are coming their way.

Aquarius – The Hanged Man

For Aquarius, this is the time of trusting the unseen forces at work. They may find that they need to withdraw themselves from the hectic schedules and take some time to go within. The card ” The Hanged Man” defines their need to give up on something or to stop doing things that are not working for them. The card wants these individuals to give up on something to obtain something of a greater value voluntarily.

Pisces – The Fool

For Pisces, the card “Fool” tells them to trust anything that feels new this week. The coming days seem to be full of excitement and they can believe that there is unique and a thrilling experience coming their way. The card speaks of freshness, boldness, and enthusiasm, which these individuals will experience through the week. They are probably going to embrace a carefree attitude in the coming days that will keep them happy.

By Syeda Farah Noor

Source: Boldsky