Here Is A Mood Board For Your Zodiac Sign

You can ask anyone to assign the perfect lipstick, workout, or summer movie based on your astrological sign. And, in theory, having these highly tangible, wholly un-spiritual points of comparison ought to give you a clearer image of your sign. But anyone who lives as an Aries 24/7 knows that their experiences, behavior, and personality can’t be encapsulated in a fire-engine-red gloss.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Each sign of the Zodiac contains multitudes. To distill, say, Sagittarius and all its quirks, inclinations, and preferences down to even a handful of everyday reference points requires a well-trained eye (and a keen sense of humor).
If you’ve ever browsed the astrological corners of the internet, you’ve already seen some of the keenest and best trained astro-thinkers create their own impressions of the signs-as-ordinary-things in posts tagged as #zodiacaesthetics on Tumblr and Instagram. An “aesthetic,” in this setting, is usually a set of images, objects, and words that, in sum, create a mood board intended to define a sign’s overall vibe. No two people will associate a sign with the same set of items — and that’s kind of the point.

Most of the fun of “internet astrology” is seeing how different people imagine the signs and what sorts of things they associate with them. Where one Tumblr user attaches wood tones, iced coffees, and old, worn books to Capricorn, someone on Instagram might associate the sign of the Goat more closely with museums, fresh flowers, and candles. Neither are wrong. It’s just a matter of perspective.

We could scroll through #zodiacaesthetic posts for hours on end, but we wanted to get some of our favorite creators of astrological content to share their personal thoughts on the signs’ vibes. Ahead, Dania and Hannah, aka Twitter’s Astro Bebs define the aesthetics of the Zodiac.


Colors: red, black

Feelings and tendencies: protectiveness, jealousy, competitiveness, speed, impulsivity, impatience, anger, idealism

Objects: cartoons, games, balls, cars (transportation in general)

Activities: play-fighting, live events, kickboxing, wrestling


Colors: green, brown

Feelings and tendencies: possessiveness, stubbornness, entitlement, nurturing, attachment, sensitivity, stability

Objects: greenery, stuffed animals, comfort food, baked goods, band-aids, chicken soup

Activities: cooking, physical exercise, sleep

Miscellaneous vibes: veterinary care, taking care of plants, natural beauty, the “Mom Friend”


Colors: silver, yellow

Feelings and tendencies: contrariness, rationalizing, confusion, nervousness, lightheartedness, talkative, chameleon, opinionated, adaptable

Objects: mirrors, phones, Wikipedia, WebMD, magnifying glasses, headphones

Activities: nightlife, texting, being on the phone, conversations, learning languages, picking up dialects, (seemingly random) hobbies, collections, social media stalking, debating

Miscellaneous vibes: politics, childlike curiosity


Colors: the whole spectrum — rainbow, particularly pinks, pastels

Feelings and tendencies: passivity, creativity, fear, empathy, sensitivity, moodiness, very crabby at night, self-protective

Objects: homemade food, organic ingredients, reclining chairs

Activities: singing

Miscellaneous vibes: slouching, family


Colors: pinks, deep purple, orange, red

Feelings and tendencies: dramatic, generous, adventurous

Objects: scarves, hair tools, food from different cuisines, beautiful social media presences, emojis

Activities: presidency, graphic design, architecture, acting, any summertime activity

Miscellaneous vibes: the beach, the sun, regality


Colors: black, white

Feelings and tendencies: nervousness, perfectionism, peer pressure, inadequacy, criticism

Objects: coffee, ear plugs, alarm clocks, calendars, reminders, vitamins, whole wheat anything

Activities: cleaning, procrastinating, panicking, planning with a spontaneous twist, wellness

Miscellaneous Vibes: bangs, large friend groups, haircuts, niche music, tough love, hypochondria, nursin


Colors: off-white, navy blue, silky or satin textures, shiny things

Feelings and tendencies: diplomatic, fairness, indecision, people pleaser, great host, harmony, peace-lovers, cohesion

Objects: wine, party outfits, events

Activities: curating their social media, politics, international affairs

Miscellaneous vibes: cats, winged eyeliner, false lashes, ’30s and ’50s eras, glamour, Hollywood, sunsets, cities, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, classical Greek period, cocktail hour, unsaved numbers


Colors: red, orange, black

Feelings and tendencies: distrusting, all-or-none, serious, charisma, nonchalance when they actually care, intensity

Objects: kohl eyeliner, tweet poetry, chokers, rings

Activities: putting their sign in their bio, stalking, subtweeting, blocking, private accounts

Miscellaneous vibes: private browsing, investigating, loud, fixed eye contact, glaring, the ’90s


Colors: blues, purples

Feelings and tendencies: easily bored, curious, adventurous, need variety, love freedom, restless, experimental, sensual

Objects: maps, plane tickets, glass, seashells

Activities: camping, hiking, running, anything outdoors

Miscellaneous vibes: unsolicited advice, glass half-full, optimism, foreign countries


Colors: grey, deep green, earthy tones

Feelings and tendencies: restraint, calm and collected, composure, hate gossip

Objects: saxophone, money

Activities: fact-checking, holding back feelings

Miscellaneous vibes: math rock, finances, classiness, elegance, traditional manners, goals, careers, reputations


Color: dark blue

Feelings and tendencies: theoretical thought, cerebral, hypothetical, deep thinker, stubborn

Objects: books

Activities: research, tweeting, innovating, hypothesizing, sharing opinions

Miscellaneous vibes: new technology, new discoveries, alternative theories, aliens and space, engineering, science, business, revolution, contrarianism, individualism, the New Age, protests, demonstrations


Colors: lavender, ocean blue, murkiness

Feelings and tendencies: daydreaming, empathizing, escapism, slipperiness, beneath the surface, chameleon, attempted whimsy, secretive, wearing their heart on their sleeve

Objects: ticket stubs, diaries, poems, books, indie music

Activities: dreaming, volunteering, healing, meditation, yoga, listening, helping, avoiding make eye contact

Miscellaneous Vibes: the spiritual world, esoteric practices, astrology, mystic, old souls, illusion and delusion, avoidance