Here Are The 2 Things Each Sign Obsesses Over The Most

Every sign can be a little obsessive compulsive about things, but what, exactly, are each sign’s two biggest OCD interests? A Taurus might be obsessed with how they’re viewed by others but a Libra might also be struggling with fitting in or being recognized. The main difference? A Taurus is obsessed, to the point of nearly compulsive action, while the Libra can relax and concentrate on other things.

The bottom line is simple: everyone has an OCD moment once in a while, whether they’re willing to admit it or not. Earth signs have revealed themselves to be more invested in personal growth, sensitive to criticism and they insist that everyone knows what they’re all about. Air signs want to show off to the world but often have to reel themselves back in. Water signs struggle with emotional compulsions – many have to pull themselves back or try a little harder to show how they really feel. Last, but certainly not least, are the Fire signs. Their obsessions tend to be tied to social interactions and visibility, but for more specific information, take a look at what each individual sign obsesses over.

Taurus Secretly Worries About The Solidity Of Their Romantic Relationships

One of a Taurus’s greatest secrets is how devoted they are to their romantic interests. Everyone tends to look at a Taurus’s stubborn side, but the reality is they’ve got big hearts and they’ve got lots of love to share with the right person.

Unfortunately for Taurus, they obsess over whether their relationship is going well or not. They don’t want it to fall apart, so they’ll spend hours each day thinking and rethinking conversations and questioning their lover’s expressions and comments. For a Taurus, their love is like a double-edged sword. All they can do is battle their demons and try to live their best lives.

Taurus Fights It But They Know They’re Obsessed With Marking Their Territory

Taurus guys and ladies know it isn’t the best practice, but their personalities lead them to feel the need to mark their territory. This can mean they’ll write their name on their lunch for the office, or even when they’re at home! They’ll keep an arm around their significant other and might go as far as purchasing very visible, very obvious “His and Hers” shirts as seen above.

Taurus likes for others to understand boundaries, and not to stray into their personal space or cross those personal boundaries that contain their property – especially if it might interfere with their romantic endeavors.

Capricorn Doesn’t Really Want To Grow Up

Capricorn loves to goof around. When life really gets going and the responsibilities start piling up, a Capricorn will gladly meet their challenges head-on, but once they’ve met the requirements they’re quick to turn back to their games and have a great time! They never really lose that child-like excitement for video games, playing with park equipment, hanging out with their friends or enthusiastically wasting time doing absolutely nothing productive.

This isn’t to say they can’t be responsible. They’re capable of meeting and exceeding expectations in work or scholastic environments, but it is to say a Capricorn isn’t quite willing to leave their childhood pastimes entirely in the past.

Capricorn Needs To Know Everything

Due to their inquisitive natures, Capricorn is often sticking their nose into all kinds of things. They have a strong desire to learn things, whether that involves someone’s personal life or whatever the latest documentary has to say.

A Capricorn’s thirst for knowledge goes a little beyond the borderline of obsession and they’re definitely compulsive about educating themselves on random topics. They never want to be caught unaware, so they soak up information from as many sources as possible – especially when it comes to gossip. They may not reveal their wealth of information and instead choose to hoard it, but don’t be fooled! They know pretty much everything.

Virgo Always Has Food On Their Mind

Virgo may be known for their obsessively clean nature, but the truth is they actually have a much deeper obsession – food! Most Virgos are open and honest about their love for edible delicacies. It isn’t unusual for a Virgo to finish breakfast and start talking about what they want for lunch or even dinner!

Their obsession with food can go so far that a Virgo will start to take cooking lessons, become obsessed with the Food Network, or they might even take trips to try specialty restaurants only found in exotic locations.

Virgo Is Constantly Correcting People – Internally

While Virgo knows they’re not perfect, it doesn’t keep them from silently judging literally everyone around them. Virgos don’t always judge in the negative – many are actually giving silent kudos to a well-planned outfit, admiring another man’s beard or might be silently rooting for the person jogging down the street.

Of course, many Virgos will absolutely judge a bad outfit, scraggly and dingy beard and might not be too happy with the person jogging down the street who also happens to be impeding foot traffic, but the great thing (or is it worrisome?) is they’ll never voice their thoughts.

Gemini Can’t Make A Decision To Save Their Life

Gemini is known for several amazing personality traits, but what are they bad at? Well, they’re not the best decision-makers. In fact, they’ll spend the entire day just juggling their options, whether it’s how they’re dressed – despite it being too late because they’re already out and about – or it’s a bigger, more important decision related to work or school.

While they’re struggling with their decisions, Gemini is often weighed down by the stresses related to their inability to make a single decision. They’re well aware of this flaw but the more they try to fight it, the more stressed they become!

Gemini Often Obsesses Over The “What-Ifs”

Not only is Gemini consumed with the inability to make decisions, but they’re also plagued by all the “what-ifs” in the world. They’re constantly wondering how they could have made better decisions in the past, which gives them great anxiety. Thankfully, many Gemini are able to release this compulsion to question everything once they’ve worked hard and long enough to change.

Unfortunately, for many people born under this sign, the change doesn’t occur right away – it can take several years and quite a bit of hard work, but if they try hard enough, a Gemini can break their bonds and live satisfying lives.

Aquarius Constantly Struggles With Wanting To Show Off Their Knowledge

Aquarius knows a lot of stuff. Anyone who has ever interacted with an Aquarius can attest to their uncanny ability to talk about nearly any topic with plenty of knowledge on the subject. What most don’t understand is the amount of effort it takes for an Aquarius to keep their mouth shut! They want to show off their knowledge by commenting on every little thing but they don’t want to be recognized as a “know-it-all,” so they try their best to remain quiet.

It isn’t easy, but once an Aquarius gets to chatting they really are doing their best to hold back.

Aquarius Is Always Thinking Of How To Be More Helpful

Aquarius likes to help others. They may be independent themselves, but that doesn’t stop them from extending a helping hand in the name of courtesy. Aquarius loves the people they surround themselves with and they’ll do anything to be of help to them.

Of course, an Aquarius expects their friends to be there for them in return, but even if a friend has done them wrong once or twice, an Aquarius will move forward and forget past transgressions in the name of true friendship. While this might not be the healthiest for them, an Aquarius doesn’t mind, just so long as they can feel needed.

Libra Stresses Over Book Plots

When a Libra reads a book, they get really into it. When they’re forced to stop at the end of a really great section, they’ll spend the rest of the day stressing about what will happen next. They’re well aware it’s a story that has already been told, but people born under this sign cling to the drama and wonder how the main character is going to handle their next hurdle.

While the other star signs are obsessing over the real world, Libra is unable to pull their attention away from whatever is going on within the realm of their fantasy book!

Libra Often Considers Completely Replacing Their Wardrobe

Who doesn’t want to get a new wardrobe? Libra gets tired of wearing the same old things day after day. They want to show off their great outfits once, then replace them with fashionable new items. Obviously, unless they’ve got plenty of cash coming in, they’re not able to replace their entire wardrobe, but you’d better believe they’re open to thrift shopping, getting comfortable with altering outfits and finding the perfect pieces to show off whether they’re at work, around friends, or even lounging comfortably at home.

They’re constantly window shopping and are more prone to impulse purchases – especially when it’s online!

Pisces Is Obsessed With Making Their Hair Look Perfect

Pisces knows how vain it sounds for them to always be concerned with their looks, but the truth is they’re in love with their hair and they always want to impress with the latest hairstyles. Most people born under this sign will make certain there isn’t a hair out of place before they leave the house and they’ll take every opportunity to ensure that perfection isn’t marred throughout the day.

If you walk past someone playing with their hair in a car window’s reflection or in a public bathroom, guaranteed they’re a Pisces who is just humble enough not to carry a mirror with them in their purse or pocket.

Pisces Is Obsessed With Finding Awesome Songs

Pisces really loves their music. They don’t necessarily love one particular genre, though they may have a favored one, and they’re always on the lookout for some great new tunes. They’ve got a song for everything, whether it’s mood music or some great party jams, and a Pisces is always ready to create more awesome playlists.

They even know which soundtrack songs are best and which are best left alone! If anyone ever has a song-related question, guaranteed a Pisces will be able to answer everything, from the name of the song to the name of the album it came from!

Scorpio Tries Their Best Not To Think About Their Constant Jealous Tendencies

Scorpio struggles with jealousy. They know it isn’t right to be so protective of their things and their loved ones, so they often try to talk themselves out of being so jealous – not an easy feat!

Scorpio doesn’t want to push people away so they’re secretive about their jealousy issues. Sometimes they might say or do something to let the cat out of the bag, but for the most part they’ve adapted well and are excellent at hiding their true feelings, especially when a friend asks to borrow a cute top, when another guy is flirting with a Scorpio’s girlfriend, or when anyone seems to encroach on a Scorpio’s personal space.

Scorpio Obsesses Over Their Relationships With Their Besties

Friendships can be difficult to maintain and Scorpio is very attuned to their relationships. They want their best friends to always be their besties, and only their best friends. Due to their obsession with friendship, Scorpio is more likely to overthink little comments their best friends make. They’re also more likely to go a little overboard in trying to keep their friend happy at all times.

A Scorpio might hold back some of their issues to keep their friend comfortable, without realizing the entire point of having a bestie is to share those deeper emotions and not feel judged in the end.

Cancer Wants To Be The Best

Cancer always wants to come out on top, whether it’s a competition, sibling rivalry or imaginary race. They want to dress better than others, respond to questions faster than others and excel in their studies or with their job performance.

It isn’t that they’re being snobby, they’re actually just very competitive in most things and “winning” gives them a huge confidence boost!

Cancer signs might not always win, but their ensuing disappointment isn’t to be confused with being a poor loser, since they’re only too happy to get back up and try again, this time with significantly more effort.

Cancer Is Consumed With Love For Their Pets – And Other People’s Pets Too!

When Cancer isn’t trying to win all the time, they’re obsessing over how cute animals are! It doesn’t matter if it’s a fluffy kitten or a giant lizard, all pets are created equal in a Cancer’s eyes. A Cancer sign is happy sitting on the side taking pictures of cute pets, and posing with or spoiling the animals in the immediate vicinity. They’re the ones who usually use baby talk at the dog park and create social media pages for their beloved pets.

Cancer signs aren’t only obsessed with their own pets. They’re very open to spoiling pets belonging to friends, neighbors, family members, and even complete strangers!

Sagittarius Loves Finding Hole-In-The-Wall Hangouts

Sagittarius loves to find little-known hangouts and take advantage of the quiet ambiance. They might tell one or two close friends about them so they can meet up, but for the most part a Sagittarius will hide their new little hangout in order to keep the place a comfortable one.

A Sagittarius isn’t always so secretive about their favorite places. They’re not unwilling to go out to a more popular or louder restaurant, coffee shop or general hangout location, but they prefer private locations for dates, spending time with friends and just simple people-watching.

Sagittarius Is Hungry For Local Knowledge

When a Sagittarius isn’t out hunting some great hangout spots, they’re walking around town learning which restaurants are worth it, which parks to avoid and what areas are the best for hanging out with friends.

The more local knowledge a Sagittarius possesses, the more likely they’ll jump on social media to share pics of the prettiest locations and leave reviews for the best places. They want to bring attention to the places that are close to their heart, and want to warn others of places that don’t have the best customer service, deals or ambiance.

Leo Can Be A Bit Vain – But They’re Honestly So Attractive!

Leo can be a tad vain from time to time, but if we could all look like a Leo, we would be too! Leo tends to be a super-attractive person who stops to ensure they don’t have a hair out of place, their outfit is always on point and their makeup is perfect.

Leo men do try to reel in the vanity, but they know they’ve been blessed with the perfect bone structure and that isn’t something they can help.

Leo Loves The Limelight

A Leo is always aware of where the spotlight is and they’re only too happy to jump right into it! They know they’ve got the looks but they often feel they also have to show they’ve got talent.

They don’t want to be seen as just another person wanting attention. They want to show that they have a good reason to have people turn their way.

The class clown is often a Leo, as is the jock or head cheerleader. Whether they’re making people roar with laughter or are just confident and popular enough to turn heads simply by existing, it’s guaranteed that a Leo will be in the spotlight.

Aries Craves Only The Best Entertainment

If an Aries isn’t able to get decent seats at a concert, they’ll sit it out and wait for the next show, or might even travel to the next city on the tour, simply because when they want entertainment, it had better be up to snuff.

Those born under the Aries sign are most likely to attend opening nights for movies, grab the best seats for shows and are only willing to travel if the location is up to their very high standards. They demand excellent entertainment and have been known to back out of plans at the last minute if the entertainment is average.

Aries Is Obsessed With Their Social Lives

Not only are their expectations for entertainment a step above the rest, but an Aries’s sense of social interaction is too. They surround themselves with the best people, know how to kick a toxic person out of their lives and are only too happy to meet up in person just as often as they communicate over social media.

Aries loves to socialize and is definitely obsessed with hanging out, even if they have to squeeze every last second out of their schedules! The compulsion to spend time with those they appreciate and love is too strong to deny, so an Aries tries hard to just go with the flow.

Source: The Talko