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Have You Ever Heard Brass-Techno? Marching Bands Have Never Sounded So Sexy

As Germany’s first techno-marching band, the band Meute is pioneering a sound that gives new meaning to the term “brass band.” The group from Hamburg puts a unique twist on techno and house hits.

Raise your hand if you were a band nerd. Anyone who marched the brass, winds and percussion knows the best part of practice was playing modern hits with your friends.

Germany’s MEUTE takes that fun and runs with it. A self-proclaimed “techno marching band,” MEUTE likes covering electronic dance hits, and we cannot get over this video of MEUTE’s take on Flume’s remix of “You & Me” by Disclosure.

Marching band has never sounded so sexy. That saxophone is choice. Even Flume gives it up. He shared the clip to his Facebook with the caption “beautiful” and a hand-clap emoji.