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Happy Astrological New Year! The Spring Equinox & Mercury Goes Retrograde

The spring equinox is upon us! This year, 2018, is supposed to be a year of radical changes, year of positive energy and many interesting connections and patterns in the universe. That’s why this year’s spring equinox will have a strong impact on all of us.

The spring equinox is on 20th March and it’s also the International Astrology Day. This is the part of the year when the time starts going fast. The amount of darkness and lightness becomes equal and you feel how your spirit is slowly waking up. Springtime gives the most beautiful feelings and it’s a wonderful time, time of rebirth, colors, and warmth.

Spring reminds humans that ALWAYS we can start again and have a new beginning. Also, spring gives us the feeling that something special is coming and we are all slightly more relaxed. However, March will be a month of strong energy. All of you who practice meditation will have a nice opportunity to use the power of the universe in your favor.

We don’t have to be stuck in anything, we can always change our own situations if we truly wish to do so. Now, this equinox is going to be a bit different than the others as just days later Mercury will be in retrograde. Yes, Mercury goes in retrograde on March 22nd.

This means that we will be forced to continue looking back for a bit longer than expected. Mercury is a very powerful body that pushes out things we need to face. It brings us within and forces us to let go of our past issues. I guess you could say it is the best therapist there is.

Now, another important thing to note is that during this time, Mercury will be in Aries. Aries will be leading us to something specific as Mercury forces us within. These two combined will be making us address something very serious. That being said, do not be afraid this will bring about something amazing for you and the rest of your year.

This is the time when nothing can hold you back. This is the time when you need to show strength, dedication and wisdom, all in order to achieve your success and secure tranquility. Your soul is having a perfect opportunity for making a nice change and using the energy of the universe for improving your life.

via The Limitless Minds