Guys Get Revenge On Man Who Parked Over Two Spaces

Two guys managed to get the perfect revenge on a man who took up two parking spaces in a car park.

There’s lots of annoying things that can happen in car parks. Stray trolleys can stand in your way, other cars can swoop in and steal the spot you’d set your heart on, and don’t even get me started on tiny cars creating the illusion of a free space.

Possibly the most annoying thing people do in car parks is parking over the line. A little accidental overlap might be acceptable, but the guy in this video had no regard for the divide and decided to park right in the middle of two spaces, with the line neatly down the centre of his car.

Guys get revenge on man who parked over two spaces

The video was taken in Oregon, USA, when two people who just happened to both own huge jeeps appeared in the car park and taught the driver of the red car a lesson for his thoughtless parking.

The drivers of the big vehicles squeezed their way into the spaces either side of the offending car, getting as close as they could without actually touching and consequently making it impossible for the driver to fully open the doors of the red car.

The pranksters left the vehicles in a snug row and went to hide in a place where they could see the driver’s reaction, saying ‘let’s wait for the guy’.

Crouching behind some grass – which didn’t appear to be very concealing, but seemed to do the trick – the truck drivers filmed the driver of the red car returning to his vehicle to find it sandwiched between the two huge jeeps.

Assessing the situation, the driver walked around the one of the trucks to try and find a way to open his car doors to a point where he could squeeze in, but there was no hope.

The man threw his arms around in a tantrum while the men behind the camera laughed at the success of their revenge.

Sharing the video online, one of the jeep owners wrote:

It makes me mad when cars don’t park right, so I decided to teach this Mercedes driver a lesson.

Guys get revenge on man who parked over two spaces

The man kicked one each of the trucks’ huge tyres in frustration – though there was no way that was going to have any effect the massive wheels of the vehicles. Or help to free his car, for that matter.

Seeing only one way out of the situation, the driver popped open his boot and clambered in through the rear. He crawled over the back seat, legs flailing very ungraciously in the air, and wiggled his way into the vehicle.

He eventually managed to squeeze his car out from between the trucks – though it would have taken some very steady and very straight reversing to avoid any collisions.

I think the jeep drivers well and truly got their revenge!


via Unilad