Guy Swims Through Polluted River To Save Stranded Kitten

There aren’t many reasons to swim through a polluted river. This hero, however, landed on a good one when he saved a stranded kitten from drowning.

This is the heart-warming moment a good Samaritan braves a filthy canal in Bangkok, Thailand, to rescue a stranded kitten moments after the hapless feline fell into the dirty water.

Onlookers watched as the soggy moggy tried to scramble to the side of the waterway after the incident on Thursday afternoon.

Its faint cries of meow from the female cat were heard by passers-by who were too afraid to wade through the notoriously polluted canals.

But one man bravely removed his top – and despite not being a strong swimmer – used a polystyrene box as a float to negotiate the deepest part of the water.

He made it to the other side where he was able to stand within reach of the cat, which at this stage, looked a lot like the Inferi in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Only, a lot less scary and a lot more sympathetic.

But luckily, this guy was on hand and things panned out a lot better for the cat than the fictional bewitched corpses.

The resourceful man was carrying a large net in his free hand – thank god he thought to take it to work that day – which he then used to scoop up the kitten and pass it to a neighbour whose house backs onto the canal.

The endearing scene was filmed by onlooker Rimklong Sammakkhi, 37, who said the man was a ‘hero’.

She added:

The car was stuck and couldn’t get out. I think everybody has to say thank you to this man who rescued the cat. The water is not clean and he was very brave to go inside.

Rim said the cat has now been ‘adopted’ by one of the residents.

via Unilad