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Guy Pranks Drink-Driving Friend To Think He’s Been In Coma For 10 Years

Everybody knows the dangers of drink-driving, but there are a few among us who choose to ignore those dangers and get behind the wheel after having a skinful.

Not only are drink-drivers putting themselves in danger when getting on the road while intoxicated, they are also endangering the lives of other road users and pedestrians.

That’s why one guy played an epic prank on his mate to teach him a lesson about drink-driving, and it went viral pretty soon after it was posted.

Back in 2013, Tom Mabe decided to play a prank on his mate Ray, who had five DUI’s and was heading toward his sixth, in order to shake him out of the routine.

Ray just couldn’t stop getting black-out drunk, and Tom knew he had to step in to stop his mate from making one mistake too many.

So when Ray passed out after a drinking session, Tom somehow managed to get him into a fake hospital room, full of medical equipment.

Ray eventually woke up from his bingeing session, with a nurse attending to him, before she leaves and brings in a doctor to tell him that he’s been in a coma for 10 years.

The ‘doctor’ explained:

“Some time ago you were out drinking and you decided to drive and there was an accident and you’ve been with us for some time.

The accident took place back in 2013, it’s now 2023. You’ve been in a coma for the past 10 years.”

The doctor then leaves the room, before a fake news report comes on the TV set 10 years in the future, with some references to Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and Hillary Clinton.

To be honest, the reference to President Hillary Clinton hit a little close to home considering the real future has actually turned out much worse.

This news report finishes, after which Tom himself comes into the room disguised as a doctor to further explain what happened to him and to inform him that his family is on the way.

He then begins running some fake tests on his buddy to test his reaction times, before slapping him in the face and asking whether he can feel it.

It’s around this time that the penny drops for Ray and he begins to laugh as Tom berates him for passing out drunk again, imploring him to think about what he’s doing.

One of the more poignant moments of the video is when Ray asks to see his daughter almost immediately after he is told he has been in a coma.

The video has a bittersweet ending between two men who clearly are great friends, but shows the frustration of Tom clearly as a guy who just wants his mate to make better decisions.

Let’s just hope this elaborate prank was enough to stop Ray from getting black out drunk before getting in his truck.


Source: Unilad