Goth Chicken Is Completely Black from Its Feathers to Its Bones

Never before have we related so deeply to a chicken.

Ayam Cemani is a very special breed of chicken.

A goth breed of chicken.

This breed is goth as f***.

Seriously, this breed is goth as f***.

It’s Marilyn Manson.

If it wore makeup (which it does not), its makeup drawer would be filled with black eyeliner and despair.

Because this particular breed of chicken is entirely black. We’re not just talking about black feathers, to be clear.

The Ayam Cemani chicken is totally black, from its feathers to its internal organs and bones.

Its skin is black. Its eyes are black. Its claws are black. Its tongue is black. Even its blood is black. See? So goth.

Ayam Cemani chickens get their black coloring from a condition called fibromelanosis, which allows extra melanin to soak into the chicken when it’s just an embryo.

This results in black chickens. It’s pretty magical. The breed was first developed in Indonesia, but it’s really tricky to find goth chickens anywhere else in the world thanks to fears of avian flu.

Nautilus reports, however, that there’s one breeder based in the U.S., Greenfire Farms, that sells the breed for thousands of dollars.

There’s a pretty high demand for the chickens, from artisinal chicken enthusiasts and people who just really fancy the idea of having a goth chicken of their own. Fair enough.

The chickens are mostly bought so more can be bred, but in Indonesia, goth chickens are often eaten as part of spiritual rituals, as their black blood is believed to bring wealth and good luck.

So essentially, if you’re desperate to own your own goth chicken, you’ll either need to travel to Indonesia or drop a load of money on a chick from Greenfire Farms.

Or you could just get a crow to fulfill all your goth bird needs. Same thing.

Source: Metro