Gemstone Tarot-Pick A Set Of Cards To Learn About Your Love, Career & Wellness For September

Welcome to the Gems Oracle reading, which uses the intuitive power of gemstones to focus energy around three important areas of your life: love, career/money, and personal wellness. Choose three cards to reveal the gemstones that will help guide and improve your daily life.

To Begin Your reading, just close your eyes and choose a number between 1 and 4. Then, scroll down to the set of cards with the corresponding number



Love: Garnet

Prosperity. Profits made. Children are a strong presence. Community and job/training focus. Humanitarianism.

With Garnet in the first position, you’re not only thinking about how to express your love for your partner. Humanitarianism is taking up a decent portion of your brain, too. Love for all things human, as well as your friends in the animal kingdom, is just as important as the romantic kind. Kids become more important as well, whether you’re planning to become a parent yourself, or just like to be around younger people. Help all prosper, and your love life will flourish.

Career: Lapis lazuli

Power. Open-minded and willing to express feelings. Brotherhood. Head of a company, good judge, professional.

Your impact is powerful under the influence of Lapis lazuli, and you could find yourself in a position you may never have dreamed possible before. Being open-minded to whatever is coming your way money-wise is the best tactic for success. You have the ear of your boss and other superiors. Trust that they have your best interests at heart, professionally speaking. Forming mutually advantageous alliances gets you where you want to be that much faster.

Wellness: Orthoclase

Clairvoyance. Psychic powers are heightened. Good to try alternative therapies. Social structures are key.

If you’ve drawn this card in this position, you’re in the process of developing your innate psychic powers. Your intuitive abilities are heightened, and you may find that you’re dreaming more than usual. If you’re interested in trying complementary medicine, or supportive practices like yoga, tai chi, or qi gong, it’s a great time to get started. Your social life is just as important for staying healthy. Calling a friend strengthens your bond.


Love: Amethyst

Equilibrium. Stable progress. You have the upper hand/edge. Good for travel, new pursuits.

With Amethyst in the first position, you’re considering a bold new move when it comes to your love life. In the past, you may have been content to let others come to you. Now, you’re on equal ground with everyone you meet, and may even gain the upper hand. Flirting yourself silly isn’t just encouraged with this placement, it’s practically required as you strive to get a new relationship or relationship dynamic off the ground. Stay balanced as you heart soars!

Career: Apatite

Evolution. New light to lead your journey. Inner revolution. Lifestyle changes. New encounters.

Apatite is a stone of change and under its influence you’re leading your own one-person revolution when it comes to your career. You may have been content to make do with less in the past, but now you’re going after what you really want. Imagine a light in your life, leading you to a career that makes you happy and earns you the kind of money you really want. Your life is about to change for the better.

Wellness: Agate

Contradictions. Hard to get the truth. Conflicts. Unsure about relationships. Extremes.

If you’re not feeling as well as you could now, it may be only partially a physical issue. You may need to dig deeper into your body and mind for the information you need, or do some research. Once you have all the information, you can make some informed decisions and get on the road back to better health. Don’t worry about offending others. You need to find the truth, even if it causes a few conflicts.


Love: Malachite

Courage. Pursue noble goals for you and the weak. Strong ambitions to start over anew.

If you’ve drawn Malachite in the first position, you’re drawing on your inner nobility to advance your cause in matters of the heart. Love has been on your mind a lot lately, and you have been searching for that one true way to advance your goals and ambitions. Courage will become your most potent weapon as you make your feelings known. You gain nothing by sitting back and waiting for others to make all the moves.

Career: Morganite

Unrest. Uncertainties, misunderstandings, and dissatisfaction. Incompatibility and inappropriate passion.

Dissatisfaction on the job may create difficulty for you as you struggle to find work that provides you a meaningful and yet livable income. Your choice of career is under new consideration, due to the fact that your present job may not be the best choice for your life now. Rather than giving in to petty fighting and competition in your workplace or business sphere, spend your time thinking about how to apply your passions in a more productive direction.

Wellness: Azurite

Transformation. New emotions. Complete studies/learning. Going off on own. Uprooting self.

As you think about trying a new project on your own, you may find that you have more than a bit of nervousness inside you. Don’t worry about it! You’ve changed a lot over the past few months, and have experienced all kinds of new feelings along the way. You’re more ready than you may think to make a significant move, pursue a new course of study, or just become a front row student in the School of Life.


Love: Star ruby

Passions. High ideals and ambitions. Complex love affairs, relationships, and attraction to the unusual.

With this card in the first position you’re clearly feeling passionate in many areas of your life. But your mind may be mostly on how to express these passions to a partner or lover. You’re not one to do things the same as everyone else. You’re drawn to unusual people who share your desire to change the world somehow. This can create complex romantic arrangements, but your high ambitions will accept nothing less than the absolute best.

Career: Aquamarine

Introspection. Good time for self-analysis. Meditate. Think things out carefully.

In the second position, Aquamarine shows that you may need to give a new career idea some additional thought before diving in and taking action. Of course you want to make more money, but meditating on how a new arrangement might affect the time you have to spend with family and friends, and your own free time, may make you think twice before accepting. No matter how rushed you may feel, take the time you need to make the right decision.

Wellness: Black opal

Protection. Activities around helping the less fortunate are blessed. Parent, friend, or guardian vibes.

If you’ve been contemplating making changes on the personal front, it’s time to set those into motion. This card indicates a time of protection, either from friends and family members, or divine forces from above. You’re being guided toward your best life, so get ready to make some changes in the health and wellness sectors. Look to trusted guardians for information about how to be as healthy as possible, both inside and out.