Game Of Thrones Tinder Profiles Are Absolutely Hilarious

These days, levels of fandom can vary from simply watching and enjoying a show to becoming so irate by it you feel the need to create a petition to have it changed.

Others, meanwhile, enjoy different aspects of certain films and TV shows, perhaps deciding to create cosplay outfits, card games or fan fiction.

Taking fan fiction to another level, one person has created Tinder dating profiles for a number of the main characters of Game of Thrones, imagining what their, shall we say, colourful bios would read and what kind of person they’d be open to dating. And yes, you guessed it, if you’re Cersei Lannister that circle is rather small.

The creative dating profiles were posted to Facebook by Jeff Landry, who didn’t really give much explanation behind the photos, other than simply saying: ‘GoT Tinder profiles!’. And, well, what more do you need?

They range from the very NSFW (The Hound), to the tongue in cheek.

Sansa Stark’s profile, for example, reads:

Queen of the north. I love my family but not like Cersei. Been married a few times but nothing serious. Not looking for another little finger in my life. Win the throne and winter won’t be the only thing that is coming.

While Sansa’s ex, a certain King Joffrey Baratheon, writes:

My uncle told me I should come here to get my pipes cleaned. Never had much of a father figure. Really really really into S&M. Looking for a girl that can make a killer pigeon pie. Just don’t want to die a virgin.

As you can imagine, the Lannisters in general get some pretty hilarious profiles, with Cersei saying she’s ‘here to practice my bio for’ and ‘sword fighting with my brother’. While Jaime says he’s ‘Really into family’, and Tyrion says ‘I want to sneak you in the back door of Casterly Rock so I can sneak into yours.’

Check them out:

Among the profiles were some familiar faces, and others who have been sorely missed since their short-lived time in King’s Landing.

For example:

And some of those who made it through to the end (more or less):

Much like the game of thrones itself, when you play the game of Tinder, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.

Source: Unilad