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Galapagos Giant Tortoises Born For First Time in 100 Years After Their Extinction in 1800s

In the early 1800s rats had arrived on the archipelago of Galapagos islands along with the pirates who reached this new destination.

Because of the rats arrival, the species of tortoise had gone instinct but recently a news of happiness broke out when first Galapagos tortoise naturally took birth on the archipelago.

These black rats were feasting openly on these tortoise.

Rats used to eat the eggs of the tortoise.

But after years, this species of giant tortoise was reborn naturally.

This has been termed as a significant breakthrough.

Tortoise are again hatching after elimination of the black rats

These endangered species of Duncan island giant tortoise, Chelonoidis duncanensis, were recently born naturally on the island.

It made the people happy who had a thing for these giant tortoises.

The arrival of humans in mid-19th century, to the archipelago which is a part of the Republic of Ecuador, made the survival of these Galapagos giant tortoise a tough bid.

The migrants had brought rats with them to the island.

Then the island was a part of the ‘Republic of Ecuador’.

The extinction of tortoise started with the pirates and whalers who first landed the place.

Danny Reuda, head of the ecosystems for the national park, was interviewed by the media regarding the natural birth of the tortoise, he said that there were some massive rats present; therefore, these giant tortoises went extinct as the notorious rodents ate their eggs.

He further added that the same was true for other specie of birds, lizards and snakes.

Therefore, in order to return balance to the nature in 2012, the experts in a helicopter, visited the place and distributed rat-poison to end the large colony of rats.

This was done to prevent the natural habitat of the place from vanishing.

This poison was distributed across the 1,789 hectare of land.

Later in year, 2014 the island was declared rats free.

Until recently the news broke out about a tortoise taking natural birth.

In addition to the rats, twelve birds were taken from archipelago and nourished in an artificial habitat before their return to their natural one.

Source: TalkOfWeb