Follow Your Heart – Pick a Moon To Receive a Spiritual Message

✪ One-

The blue moon is a time to recall all of your previous memories that have lead you to this exact moment in time. What exactly got you here? Why did you allow it to move you to the place you are today?

Thoroughly think about your actions, your thoughts, your feelings. Think about everything. Is this a path you would like to continue on? Or would you prefer to find a route similar to this one that contains a little more adventure, insight, and knowledge?

It’s truly amazing to realize how every thought, action, and feeling that has came from you has literally lead you down a road to get you where you are today. Isn’t it? With that being said, you can control where you are to go next. You are in full control of what happens next. You just have to understand that everything that comes from you is something you created. Think of yourself as a mini-God. You can create and you can destroy whatever you wish to. If you want to create a healthy path for yourself to continue on than you must construct your thoughts, actions, and feelings to be more on the uplifting side than on the downward side. It’s harder than you may think, but with practice and patience comes results. You must discipline yourself and catch yourself whenever you begin to slip into a way you do not wish to continue down.

You have a lot of determination that radiates within you, so this will help you get to where you wish. The blue moon makes your determination even stronger within your being. Have trust in yourself to analyze your every move and to catch yourself when you are slipping back into old ways.

This is a time for complete and utter reflection on yourself, and yourself only. Do not get caught in helping others reflect upon themselves during this time. Fore this exact moment should be dedicated to you, and you solely. Do not fear stepping away from helping others for a moment. This doesn’t mean to push everyone away, but this does mean that you need to understand that you have boundaries. Do not break down your boundaries because someone is lost within their own mind. Remember sometimes we need to become lost to become found.

May you come to understand the power and greatness that radiates within your being. You have more control of your life than you may know. May you find that power and use it for the brighter side <3

✪ Two-

Flow with the energy that surrounds you. You have worked so hard emotionally and spiritually lately. It’s time for you to sit back and allow the natural power of ‘Flow’ to do its job. Don’t fear the energy that sweeps you up and takes you on your way. It is the Universe/ Source/ God, doing what it was created to do. That job is to keep order within the Universe that surrounds us. Even when we ourselves have become tired and unbalanced to the point where we cannot complete our Universal jobs alone.

Trust that you will go to where you need to. Every situation that comes to you is meant to come at that exact moment. Pay attention to the reasoning behind its arrival. While you sit back and enjoy your journey, you can learn a thing or two without completely exhausting yourself. This is a good time to regain your energy when it comes to your emotions.

Re-balance and center them. Do not allow them to control you and your life as much as you have allowed them to. Meditate. This does not mean sit in a room alone, with your legs crossed over each other, while you chant, but if that’s your favorite form of meditation by all means do it. This means that you must focus your soul and heart on something that captivates you and is nothing more to you than fun. This will allow you to see deeper within yourself. Which can allow you to understand your emotions and why you feel and see the way you do.

This will take sometime for you to understand. “Letting go, and trusting within the Universe/ Source/ God to get you to where you need to go” is a huge spiritual leap that you must take. It’ll be worth it. You will learn that when you are completely drained it’s okay to let go. Stop thinking about your next move, and be content with your current state of mind. Focus completely on the breaths you take instead of the actions you need to make in the upcoming moments.

Relax and become in the moment again. This will help you more when you pick being in full control back up. It’s okay to willingly give up your control and hand it to a bigger source than yourself. If you think of it you’re still in control. You decided to give your life to Flow, nobody else decided that except you.

May you regain your energy when it comes to your emotional and spiritual state. May you re-balance and recenter it.

✪ Three-

A new beginning is upon you. Your energy is becoming renewed and blessed by the grace of the Universe. You will face new exciting journeys that will take you down roads you have yet to travel down. You won’t do this alone.

Imagine that you are the shore of a beach. There is a new wave of positive energy and life coming straight for you. It’s going to come crashing onto your life. Be patient whilst you await its arrival.

Patience is the hardest thing that you have to face as of right now. You do not need to make any huge decisions while you are awaiting this new energy. If you have any unsettled disputes between you and another person that you’re aware of, now would be the time to come to an agreement with that other person. It’s okay to not like each other or even not agree with one another.

Keep the peace within your life during this time period. Even though you have a new energy of life coming straight for you, you must stay quiet and tamed within your own mind. It’s okay to become hesitant on what you’re doing, if it’s truly worth it, and if this is what you truly want. Do not cause commotion within your days because you have questions that you are unsure what the answers are. If you cause commotion within your days you will only become more hesitant to wait for this new wave of energy to come to you.

Have faith in yourself and the Universe/ Source/ God that what you are doing is what will guide you to where you wish to be in the long run.

May the new wave of positive energy and life come to you when you are least expecting its arrival, fore it will bring a new form of happiness that you’re unaware of.

✪ Four-

Turn your hatred and resentment into passion. There is something that is going on in this world that you hate. That you resent. It has to do with the damage that is being inflicted upon the soil that we so freely walk upon every day. It’s not fair that we have so much control, yet we decide to treat everything that we have as if we will have it forever. The animals, the water, and even the trees are falling victim to our every actions. You dislike it. There is a piece of you that mourns for all that is becoming lost, but do not allow yourself to become too much involved with the negative aspect of it.

You are one of the people that can make the biggest changes we need to make our word a better place. Whenever you become sickened by the sound of the machines digging into the soil, find a way to grasp onto the sickness and turn it into a powerful energy for yourself. Do not become angry in the sense of hatred, but become angry in the sense of determination. Find people that are exactly like you. Travel to places that are filled with people that have the same desire as you. They will help you make whatever it is you want to change, happen.

Now this applies to not only the Earth, but to yourself and your life as well. There might be some people within your life right now that are making you sick, making you resent their presence whenever you’re around them. Instead of allowing them to control you into a downward spiral allow them to give you the determination to drop them from your life. Even if you feel like you shouldn’t, you must find a way to separate yourself from them.
You have such a powerful journey that will bring so much positive change to this world, but you have to grasp control of that negative fire and turn it into the fire that kindles your very soul.

You’re strong and warm-hearted. You are blessed by this very Earth. You are the definition of Earthling.

May you turn your anger and resentments into a powerful energy that allows you to change not only your life, but the world around you for the better.

✪ Five-

Embrace the energy that comes from within your very being. You have been enlightened by the moon and the stars. Your aura is emitting more than it typically does. This energy that is coming from you is a new energy. You may have never experienced this before, or maybe you can remember experiencing the very peace that comes from the life of a child? It’s the same energy. New, bright, happy, loving, and adventurous.

There is something you were meant to do. It’s calling your soul to it as we speak. It may come to you in an unexpected opportunity or even an unexpected trip. Go on it. Forget about your “responsibilities” for a few days out of your life and go experience what it is you were meant to see. You will be greeted back by those responsibilities, so no worries, they won’t just up and leave.

Do not fear the adventure of the unknown fore it is what made your very essence to what it is today. Have a little faith in that new energy that you carry to show you what it is the Universe has in-store for you. Do not be afraid of saying yes when you would typically say no. It’s okay to try these new things that you may have once judged others for being so reckless about. Learning is what your soul is desiring.

You have the light and soul of a child, but do not take this as an insult. You’re blessed with the ability to see love within all of which surrounds you. Your imagination can run free without you having to focus on it so intensely. For this you are blessed. Many others have to remember what an imagination is, but not you.

Take hold of your inner child and that new energy that is surrounding your very being and go for it. Run with the horses, swim with the dolphins, and roam the mountains high and low. You have much to see. Do not allow it all to pass you by because you feel obligated to hold down all of your responsibilities all of the time. The universe allows fun. Go experience it while you still have the opportunity to!

May you find a new light on your way to a journey you’ve never experienced before. May your inner child run free among the fields of grass with you.

✪ Six-

Your happiness hasn’t been fulfilled to it’s highest potential lately. Today is the day that you are going to begin to look forward to your happiness being fulfilled. Forget about all of those what ifs and how tos that crowd your mind when you are dreaming of where you wish to be. Trust in yourself and the Universe/ Source/ God that it will be provided for you.

Money may be an issue for you or has been an issue with you, but all you have to do to end that cycle is stop worrying about the flow of money. It will come and it will go. It will never stay one way or the other. Some days will be better than others while others there seems to be light to it coming back your way. This is completely normal and it’s going to take you sometime to understand better, but it’s well worth it.

By ending your worry about money, and about you’re going to get to where you wish to be you’ll be setting yourself up for a brighter road. When you worry about these concerns of yours you tend to set your happiness aside. So by stopping this your happiness is going to rule your concerns out. Which means you will no longer be controlled by the inevitable.

Do not worry yourself anymore. You have worried yourself about too many things for way too long. Today is the day you need to start living your life for the better. For whatever reason makes you happy. You are guided by your ancestral energies that still are present on the soil you walk on. Listen to them and what they have to offer you in times of rest. Care for yourself a little more today than you did yesterday and repeat this tomorrow. You are going to see the change that you’ve been wishing for.

Keep going and never look back. The troubles of yesterday might be today’s light. Just because something big may happen and it may take your life on a total change of routes, doesn’t mean that you’re on the wrong path. It just means that you’re on the right passage way to get to where you have always dreamt of.

May you find that concerns are not worth your time anymore. You are a new being as of today.