The First Thing You See In This Photo Reveals Your Unconscious Secrets

As we differently perceive the world, we all live in a completely different reality. The way in which we see things means much more than the mold, which creates our reality. It indicates the unconscious secrets of our mind.

The test given in this article, which reveals which things you perceive first, indicates your personality, too. However, it is an easy one. It divides the world into three elementary categories, which we belong to. In addition, these elementary categories show how we approach existence and self-realization.

Everything we do in our life is connected to these elementary categories. The picture given in this psychological test indicates the subliminal message about living and life.

Look at the picture below. What is the first thing that you see?

A face

Similar to the face on the picture, you create your personality like a puzzle. Instead of looking for yourself, you are creating yourself. You want to express yourself to the whole world.

You try to be good at different areas in your life and put them together like a puzzle, thus creating the perfect picture of yourself. To create your perfect picture, you collect different pieces of characters, which can be inner (abstract), such as experiences, accomplishments, values, memories, skills, or outer (actual), such as social circles, property, looks, accessories, clothes, friends and partners.

However, you may try to make your picture perfect, but remember perfection is only an illusion. Your approach to self-realization is external. You begin with your nature and you construct it into a picture using different aspects.

You want the world to realize who you really are. Even though your approach is right, make sure your main aim does not chase approval from other people.

A tree or brain

Similarly to the tree on the picture, you want to grow your knowledge. You are conscious. You want to learn and understand the world around you. You do your best in order to expand your knowledge. You like learning new things and exploring different life aspects. You may be a keen lover of mysteries, conspiracy theories and supernatural phenomenon.

Other people would describe you as a knowledgeable person. You can understand psychology and psychological theory. If you have been born thousands of years ago, you would have certainly been a philosopher.

Every piece of information that you get is predetermined for a bigger purpose. This bigger purpose that you are trying to comprehend is to come to the cosmic truth. You closely investigate and put together the information you obtain in order to find answers and resolve the mystery.

Your approach to self-realization is inner. You begin from the outer world and obtain information as much as you can, so that you can find answers and come to the truth. You do not care what other people think of you; you only want to find out who you really are and what you are doing on Earth. This is your mystery.

You approach is completely right, but be careful not to lose yourself in this complex process. You do not represent the answers; you are only looking for them.

Nature and birds

Similar to the birds on the picture, you do not appear to be a part of the picture that society tries to create. You neither want to find yourself, nor to create yourself. You love being free and able to experience the world.

It seems that you are not fit in the place where you are now. You would prefer to travel and explore the world. You do not prefer spending your time in one place. You ability to understand that everything is temporary just increases your anxiety and your desire to travel around the world.

You are not a serious person. You prefer hanging out with friends and being crazy. You love spending time in nature. You are happy when you are exploring new places. You favor experience over knowledge. You obtain information and put things together, but they do not last long. You keep them until they serve you to create an experience, and then you let them go. You go on.

Your approach to self-realization is radiant. It represents a combination of inner and outer with emphasis on going ahead in life. As you go on, you learn about yourself and create yourself.

However, you main goal is to understand yourself and to experience the world. You do not care about what other people think of you or what the cosmic truth is. You feel like a traveler who wants to have fun.

Even though your approach to self-realization is not wrong, you have to take care of your relationships. Although everything is temporary, the moment when you learn to take care of things that will not last forever is when you will find the meaning of your purpose.


via Offroadmind