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Every Zodiac Sign Has 2 Faces, Here’s Yours

Light and darkness, life and death, happiness and sadness, good and evil, success and failure. In life, everything is a combination of positive and negative, a combination of strengths and weaknesses.

This is also the case with the zodiac signs. Each zodiac sign has two faces i.e. positive and negative qualities or light and dark traits.


This sign is characterized with plenty of energy, passion, motivation and ambition. They light up the room with their confidence, courage and strong-will. However, on the other side, they can get easily irritated, aggressive and moody. They have trouble listening to others and get angry if things are not as they want them to be.


The people born in this sign tend to be stable, devoted to their partner and faithful. However, on the other side, they can be rather stubborn with tendency to become possessive in relationships.


The name itself indicates that they have two sides of their personality. On the one hand, they are friendly and open-minded. They have adventurous spirit not letting anything get them down. On the other hand, sometimes they are superficial and impulsive when it comes to decision making. Due to their “split in personality” they show tendency towards anxiety and depression.


They are amazing people, always caring, devoted and loyal. They are excellent listeners thus being genuinely sensitive and kind. However, due to their hypersensitivity they have to deal with a lot demons. More precisely, they are prone to depression, anxiety and mental disorders. They are often misunderstood and characterized as self-absorbed. This can lead towards their isolation and self-pity.


Natural-born leaders with outgoing, charming and funny traits. But Leos are not team workers and they can be pretentious, overly dramatic and boastful. Their extreme friendliness can sometimes seem superficial.


Detailed-oriented and extremists when it comes to being methodical, logical and analytical. They possess incredibly patient character and are amazing problem-solvers. However, their tendency to over analyze and take things too seriously makes them inflexible and rigid even at times cold and uncaring.


Respectful and kind people who love helping others. They try to keep their balance and possess gentle nature. This tendency for balance is not always practical as well as their too peaceful nature which makes them seem indecisive thus lacking the ability to stand up to others.


Their greatest qualities are irresistible to those who understand them. They are witty and possess sarcastic sense of humor. They are passionate, organized, independent and resourceful. However, they have their bad sides as well. That means that they can be manipulative and revengeful.


Their intensity draws people towards them. They are light-hearted, fun and adventurous souls. On the other hand, they lose their temper easily and are unpredictable.


Driven by wealth and success they are the hardest workers of all zodiac signs. Highly intelligent with strong logical and practical skills. Their most important thing in the world is their work. However, they can easily become workaholics. Due to their pride, they lack ability to listen to others’ ideas. In addition, they have tendency to be stubborn, uncompromising and bad-tempered.


Being the most interesting people due to their love towards traveling, exploring new cultures and meeting new people. They have various interests and enjoy life and its challenges. However, they face problems when in relationships due to their introvert character and emotional unavailability.


The most creative sign, deeply emotional and sensitive. However, they have tendency to be alone and enter their own imaginative world since they find it difficult get in touch with reality.