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Ever Wondered Why People Smoke After Sex?

What is the first thing that couples do after making love? While some love to sleep, some like to eat something because they are hungry, there are those who tend to smoke. But the most common thing that one can think of after making love is the couple heading to have a smoke, but what makes people smoke straight after having sex?

Well, we are here to share the details of why most of the people prefer to smoke. This is not something that people crave or wish to do, but it has a history of its own as well.

Check out the reasons on why people smoke right after having sex.

It All Started…

It all started during the 1960s and the late 70s, in a lot of movies, where the producers could not show the intimate scenes between couples and hence they resorted to creative ideas to reflect that the actors had been intimate and showed the men smoking, which was the whole concept from where this idea got invented.

Smoking Became A Synonymous Thing To Making Out

The actors used to smoke a cigarette when they were on bed and this became synonymous with the act of being intimate. This became a concept in movie after movie and was drilled into the psyche of individuals, as a lot of them started associating smoking a cigarette after the act with the concept of being ‘cool’ and hence they started believing that it was the best thing to do after making love.

It Is Considered To Be Pleasurable

If you ask a smoker which is their favourite time to smoke, they would say that their favourite one is where they had it right after their food. Smoking a cigarette after having a good meal gives them the feel of enjoying a dessert best after a meal. They do believe that it adds to the pleasure.

The Nicotine Need The need for regular nicotine uptake is considered to be high and the body tends to start feeling the need of another shot after the effects of the previous one have faded off.

It Is A Mental Activity

Sex is a physical as well as a mental activity. It requires a lot of concentration and effort and it leaves the body to feel tired but satisfied. Since the nicotine levels drop considerably low during this time, the body starts to crave for the next ciggi. The smoke after sex is considered to be the most satisfying element for the body.

The Intimacy Levels

The time that couples spend after sex is usually meant for bonding. It is the time where both the individuals are somewhat satisfied and vulnerable, emotionally. But if both the partners are smokers, then there are good chances that they both would smoke after sex and they both feel bonded over sharing the smoke and this can strengthen their bond well.

But do you think that it is really necessary to smoke after the act? What are your thoughts on the same, let us know in the comment section below.

By Syeda Farah Noor

Source: Boldsky