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Estonian Artist Uses a Chainsaw to Carve a Fantastical Dragon Bench

If you’re an avid “Game of Thrones” fan, or a loves to play Final Fantasy to “Dungeons & Dragons” game, you’re most likely have a soft spot for anything and everything related to dragon.

What’s more? Sitting on a bench carved to look like a fierce dragon is wood art lover’s dream come true!

Estonian artist Igor Loskutov carved this incredible dragon bench wood art using only a chainsaw.

Chainsaws and art might not exactly the best match for this art medium, but Loskutow, a master of chainsaw carving, created a set of dragon benches that shows how magnificent chainsaw art really can be.

He was born in Tallinn, Estonia and presently working at Bad Dürrheim, Southern Germany, as a Husqvarna representative, and also a wood carving teacher.

Since 2006, Loskutow has received more than a dozen awards and praises for his wood art, including a first-place ranking at the prominent Fasna Carving Festival in the Netherlands in 2009.

Igor’s latest achievement, the astonishing dragon bench, is sure to bring him even more success!

No wonder the internet can’t stop sharing it.

Check out his awesome woodwork below, and let us know what you think.

Check out his other breathtaking works too!

Are you interested in trying out wood carving, on your way to becoming an advanced carver or are you already a master in carving wood?

(Source: Artist Official Website)