Engineer Vs Doctor: Who Is More Brilliant

The relationship between a doctor and an engineer has always been quite interesting. Most of the times, they are at loggerheads, trying to prove their intelligence. Having a love-hate sentiment for each other, they go many extra miles to prove that one is more intelligent than other.

However, there is quite an amusing tale that will leave you rolling on the floor laughing. Also, this story might help you ensure the outcome of the debate- “Who is smarter- Doctor or Engineer”?

The story of the Engineer vs Doctor goes like this:

Once upon a time, an engineer opened a treatment clinic. The advertisement said, “Get your treatment for $500, if not treated get back $1000.” Undoubtedly, it was surprising for everyone as an engineer had opened a clinic for treatment, doing a doctor’s job.

When a doctor got to know about this, he decided to make the engineer bite the dust. He decided to win $1000 from the engineer.

The Doctor’s Test

He entered the clinic and complained about the loss of taste from his mouth. The engineer asked the nurse to bring an elixir from box number 22. After that, he asked her to put three drops into the doctor’s mouth. The patient was in the mood of denying that he still hadn’t got the taste back even after getting the drops in his mouth. But the moment he tasted those drops, he shouted, “This is Gasoline!” The engineer congratulated him and announced that he had got his taste back.

The doctor had to give him $500.

Smart Engineer

A few days later the doctor visited the clinic again complaining that he had lost his memory. He was confident enough to defeat the engineer this time. The engineer asked the nurse to bring the elixir from box number 22, and for the same three drops. Hearing that, the doctor yelled, “No! It’s Gasoline again!”

The engineer congratulated him again and announced that he had regained his memory back, and charged him with $500.

The Doctor Won’t Quit

After a couple of days, the doctor decided to ensure his victory over the engineer again. He didn’t give in. The doctor visited the clinic complaining about the loss of his eye-sight. He was ready to taste gasoline without shouting or yelling in the clinic. The engineer forfeited and accepted that he was unable to treat his eyes. He was ready to pay the doctor $1000. He gave the currency to the doctor and asked him to leave. The doctor exclaimed seeing the note, “But this is $500…” The engineer congratulated him, and announced that he had got his eyesight back! Again, the doctor had to pay $500 to the engineer.

He admired the engineer for his intelligence.


The story doesn’t proclaim that engineer is smarter than the doctor. It is a funny tale, and should remain like that!

Doctors indeed have a very significant role to play in society.

Together with the engineer, they ensure the safety of the world for us.

Each of them has a very vital role to play in the society and one cannot undermine the other.

Source: Truth Inside Of You