Each Zodiac Sign Has A Body Part That Goes With Their Sign & This Is Yours

Your zodiac sign has the power to influence all facets of your life, from relationships to career paths, and many look to the stars in order to gain insight on decisions and directions to take. But did you know that your sign can also tell you what your most powerful body part is?

Each sign rules a different part of the body and when the planets interact with your particular sign, a specific area of your body takes on powerful strengths. Amazingly, your most powerful body part also reflects your general sign habits, and both work in tandem to give you insight into your behavioral characteristics. Ever wonder why your eyes are so often complimented? It could be because you’re deeply sensitive and are giving out a powerful energy through them. Have you ever been called fierce and majestic? It might because of the way you carry yourself with a strong back.

We all have inner strengths that help us tackle each new day and as women, we are strong beyond compare! But in case you’re in need of a little extra confidence, tap into your sign’s most powerful body part and flaunt your new power with the knowledge that the stars have given you what you’ve got. Go be your most powerful self!

Fire Signs – You’ve Got the Power of Allure

Fire sign gals, you’re just too hot to handle! As anyone would expect from fire signs, you’re the most enthusiastic and have larger than life personalities. You have a burning flame of creativity and passion within you and glow with confidence and courage. It also goes without saying that you are also the sexiest, most flirtatious zodiacs of the bunch. You are hot, hot, hot! You sure do know how to play the game of love, and you revel in your ability to draw in others with your dazzling allure. On the flip-side, you can also have a tendency to be a little overbearing. But those who know you will appreciate you for your strength of character and will look to you for inspiration on how to live a fuller life. You’re self-assured and not afraid to let people know it! You’re fiery as hell, but when you get too hot to touch, it may be a good idea for everyone to stand back!

Aries – Your Brain is the Game

Your innate optimism and unrivalled leadership skills mean your most powerful body part is your brain. Your zeal for life means you like getting things done and your need for productivity pushes you to achieve great things in life. You’re all about living life to the fullest, and you don’t hesitate to seek out adventure and fun whenever you get the chance. You’re naturally competitive and push yourself and others around you to do better, making you an inspiring and uplifting person to have around. You like your independence and don’t appreciate being bossed around, so beware to anyone who thinks they know you better than you know yourself! Your self-reliance allows you to succeed in everything you put your mind to, and it’s no wonder you’re known for being a tough, smart cookie! Because of your exuberance for life, you tend to be quite trusting, making you an honest and open friend that loves sharing good times with those you hold dear to your heart.

Leo – Baby Got Back

Majestic, fierce, and full of energy, you Leos are the leaders of the pack and stand tall and proud amongst the other signs. That’s why your most powerful body part is your back. You’re brimming with confidence, never shying away from the limelight, and your magnetic personality draws people around you. It’s no surprise you probably have a lot of admirers! People can’t get enough of your warmth and charm, and your confidence is so palpable that others in your presence feel their confidence grow too. You’ll never settle for second best and you’re driven by your strong self-belief to get the things you want. You don’t feel the need to impress people, which is a powerful strength to have. Instead, you rely wholly on your own sense of self-worth, which allows you to pursue your passions without feeling held back. You are a true lioness with a brave, loving heart and a larger-than-life personality.

Sagittarius -You’re Bootylicious Baby

I don’t think they’re ready for your jelly! That’s right Sagittarius, your most powerful body part is your booty. Your confidence and optimism guide you, and your expansive, vibrant personality allows to live life to the fullest. You are wild, free, and an energetic force that can’t be contained or restrained. This also means you love learning things for yourself from your own experiences, and you certainly don’t like being told what to do! Your sense of adventure leads you to meet lots of new people and experiment with different things, and your wicked sense of humor means people love being around you. You have a broad, positive outlook on life and your natural love of spontaneity means you’re always living life in the moment. You’re a fast thinker who doesn’t let obstacles get in your way. If you want something, you’ll find a way to get it!

Air Signs – You’ve Got Intellectual Power

You might be an air sign, but your head is definitely not in the clouds! You’re deep, intellectual thinkers whose skills in analyzing and questioning make you go-to people for problem solving and brainstorming. You’re masterful communicators with a knack for knowing exactly what to say and when to say it. You’re inventive and perceptive and balancing out all points of view before making a decision is highly important to you. Your balanced approach to life also drives you to make the world a better place, and you’re the first one to want to lend a helping hand to others in need. You have a glowing optimism that makes you a joy to be around and your bright, shiny idealism inspires others to achieve. Sometimes your mood can blow a little hot and cold, but you know how to set yourself right and get back to the calm and composed mental space you usually possess.

Gemini – You’re Hands Down the Best

You are the ultimate social butterfly and love taking a hands-on approach to life – which is why it’s no surprise that your most powerful body part is your hands! Brimming with energy, you love getting involved in whatever’s going on around you and you thrive in dynamic, social situations. You love communicating with other people, and your strong-minded thoughts are much admired by those who surround you. You’re also extremely independent and refuse to be pinned down by rules or other people’s expectations. You feel the need to experience the world on your own terms, and a sense of freedom is key to your overall happiness. Your friends love you for your sense of adventure and your fun-loving spirit, and because you’re a master at communication, people don’t hesitate to come to you for advice. Your positive energy encourages others to flourish and thrive too and you’re the first one to inspire your friends to chase their hopes and dreams.

Libra – Your Hips Don’t Lie

How lovely you are lady Libra! Your friendly, do-right nature means your most powerful body part is your hips, the natural balancers of the body. You seek out harmony in your surroundings and believe in upholding justice and fairness in every situation. This makes you naturally very diplomatic and great at resolving tricky situations. You’re a flirty, fun-loving person who attracts others with your wit and charm and although you can be rather blunt sometimes, your intentions are rarely bad and you generally wish only the best for others. Because of your natural tendency to balance things up before you take action, you can often struggle to make decisions. This however is a good thing as you like to take the time to know what’s right before throwing yourself into something too hastily. You take your friendships very seriously and are protective of those you love. You are open and receptive to new ideas and aren’t afraid to take on new challenges – as long as you’ve balanced up the pros and cons first of course!

Aquarius – You Put Your Best Foot Forward

Your strong sense of independence and your ability to stay grounded is why your most powerful body part is your feet. Although you enjoy having an element of privacy in your life, you thrive in social situations and know how to use your wit and intelligence to lure a crowd around you. Because of your strong sense of self, you are prone to helping others and don’t hesitate to be firm when people come to you with questions. You live by your own rules and you admire people who stick to their intuition. People whose sign is Aquarius tend to be more unpredictable than other signs, but this isn’t always a bad thing! People enjoy your sense of adventure and experimentation and respect you for your dedication to your personal priorities. Your drive for self-success is what makes you such a strong and fearless sign, which is why others will flock to you just to be around your powerful aura.

Earth Signs – You’ve Got the Power of Practicality

Practical and dependable, you Earth signs have your feet firmly planted on the ground. Although you aren’t big risk-takers, you pride yourself on your ability to build things from the ground up, whether it’s your career, your love life, or your friendships. You view the world in terms of practicality and enjoy knowing the decisions you make have been rationalized and well-thought out. This means you are wonderful at accomplishing things, as you take your time to fully develop the correct means by which you will succeed. Sometimes you get so focused on your own objectives that you may end up forgetting that there’s a life outside your own personal goals. But those who know you love you for your drive and determination and your logical way of getting things done. You have your feet on the ground and your eye on the prize in life, and not much can get in your way once you’ve put your mind to something.

Taurus – You’ve Got Them by the Neck

Taurus, you are one tough cookie and watch out to anyone who tries to mess with you! Your most powerful body part is your neck, which is a pillar of strength and beauty on your body. The neck rules the head and stands tall and proud on your frame. As a Taurus, you are naturally determined and persistent, and don’t easily let setbacks get you down. You are emotionally strong and rely on your independence to get ahead in life. Some might think you’re too stubborn and bull-headed, but you don’t care – you just know what you like, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! You crave stability and don’t trust change, but these traits make you a loyal, supportive friend and an asset in any relationship. You project kindness and understanding to those you hold near to you, and you’re the perfect person to have in times of crisis as your ability to handle stress is next to none. You’re a natural protector and won’t let anyone mess with you or the ones you love.

Virgo – You’ve Got Guts Girl

You are the queen of intuition and know exactly when to follow your gut instincts, meaning your most powerful body part is your stomach. You’re the most level-headed of all the signs, and your analytical mind helps you have a keen sense of people’s ulterior motives. You are highly intelligent and unwaveringly strong-minded which means you’re not afraid to take on challenges and pursue success. You don’t get influenced easily by others and stay true to your beliefs and personal tastes. Some might say you’re too much of a perfectionist, but don’t let the haters knock you down! You strive for being the best and follow your in-built instincts to get the results you want. Because of your good understanding of human nature, people come to you to help solve their problems, which you’re more than willing to do thanks to your good-natured heart.

Capricorn – You’ve Got A Leg Up On Everyone

Capricorns tend to succeed in everything they put their mind to and stand tall in the knowledge that they’re a victorious bunch. That’s why your sign’s most powerful body part is the legs. Your drive for success pushes you forward in life and you move through situations with confidence and ease. You set yourself lofty goals and don’t shy away from challenges or risks. Your steadfast nature makes you a reliable person and a good, trustworthy friend, which is why you probably have so many people wanting to be around you! You tend to be optimistic which is why your love of goal-chasing sees you getting the results you’re after, and you tend to keep achievement in mind with every task you tackle. Justice and equality are important to you and you’re not afraid to fight for what’s fair and right for yourself as well as for others.

Water Signs – You’ve Got Emotional Power

Water signs, you’re sensitive souls who are enviably in tune with your every emotion. You are intuitive and nurturing, giving others a sense of calm and serenity with your very being. You base your actions first and foremost on feelings and the choices you make are grounded in compassion and understanding. When you’re called upon to help others in need, you take everyone’s feelings into consideration, and put forth solutions that will be most emotionally beneficial to all. But just how water can be calm and peaceful one moment and then stormy and dangerous the next, you too have your moments of deep mood complexity, and you’re not afraid to show how you really feel. Because you’re so in tune with your own feelings and emotions, this gives you almost a psychic ability to know how others are feeling too, and you’re not one to be deceived by someone else’s temperament.

Scorpio – You’re the Queen of Hearts

Oh my Scorpios, aren’t you saucy? Of all the zodiac signs you’re by far the flirtiest and the most passionate, which is why your heart is your most powerful body part. You’re ruled by your emotions and are often quite mysterious when it comes to expressing your wants and desires. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t afraid to pursue pleasure! On the contrary, you live for your desires and you aren’t afraid to chase what you want. Scorpio is one of the strongest signs, and you give off a powerful energy which is why you probably have a lot more admirers than any of the other signs. Your mysterious, sensual aura draws people in, and you effortlessly grab the limelight in social situations. You have a magnetic charm that can’t be ignored and your strong-willed heart gives you the dynamism to take charge and lead.

Pisces – You’ve Got the Eye of the Tiger

They say the eyes are the gateways to our soul, and my, oh my what a wonderful soul you have Pisces. Your most powerful body part is your beautiful peepers, which exude kindness and openness to all you meet. Mysterious, creative, and emotional, you tend to be drawn to creative pursuits, and you pour your personality into your work. But beware to any who mistake your kind-hearted nature for being weak! On the contrary, you have a powerful inner strength that is fearful to all who underestimate you. You are kind but firm, and your natural intuition guides you with determination in your pursuits. Your friends admire you for the emotional support you so readily give them and the way you share care and affection in your relationships. Your vivid imagination makes you a fun and desirable person to be with, and you’ll use every opportunity to can get to infuse situations with your flare for creativity.

Cancer – You’re The Breast of the Bunch

Cancers, your natural tendencies to love and nurture others means your lovely lady lumps are your most powerful body part. Your wonderful, caring nature makes you faithful and generous towards others, and your soothing aura is a joy to be around. You gravitate towards peaceful situations and try to avoid conflict as much as possible. If you or your loved ones come under attack though, you’re ultra protective and will do anything to keep those you care about safe and secure. Your need for security makes it hard sometimes for you to trust people, but once you let your barriers down, you devote your energy to making people feel safe, loved, and valued. Despite your tendency to be one of the more emotional signs, you have a tough shell that is resistant to being hurt without your say-so. You’re very in tune with the emotions of others and find it easy to empathize with people, making you a loyal and reliable friend.

Source: The Talko