What Is Your Dominant Trait According To The Spirituality Wheel?

In many different cultures, religions, belief systems, and areas of thought there exists a construct that can be generally called a spirituality wheel.

It is used in a symbolic way to illustrate the various connections and associations between certain concepts and ideas.

There are no strict rules or set limits as to what a spirituality wheel has to revolve around, that’s why they are so universal and multi-dimensional.

You can design your own, so long as the ideas and information it embraces makes sense, because its a metaphor rather than a rigid particular thing.

This quiz explores an individual’s dominant personality trait and uses a spirituality wheel to represent the four main types; kindness, humor, true grit, and prophecy. Each one of us falls under one of these as we display certain quirks and characteristics that all relate back to our dominant trait.

Try it now to find out what the spirituality wheel determines your most dominant trait to be and enjoy!