Dog Follows Google Street View Car In Japan, Hilariously ‘Ruins’ Each And Every Photo

Ah, Google Street View.

This easy-to-use Google program makes it so simple to digitally wander around just about any city in the world, which is perfect for travel buffs scouting out their next adventure.

In fact, it doesn’t stop at cities.

You can actually scope out some pretty remote places, like small towns and villages. If a car can access it, Google can document it.

Google Street View cars equipped with cameras make their way around these global locales and take enough footage and photos to create a digitally walkable map.

Over the years, the vehicles have captured some unnerving things, but what one in Japan just caught on camera is honestly too cute for words.

Google’s Street View car was taking pictures of the Kumage district in Japan’s Kagoshima Prefecture

When this curious pup spotted the vehicle

The plucky pup immediately began to give chase

Pulling a variety of facial expressions, from playful to slightly unhinged

What the doggo hoped to achieve we will never know

And nobody knows what happened when the car hit a dead end

With the pup still bounding manically along in hot pursuit

You can follow the dog’s journey yourself