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Dog “Cries Tears Of Gratitude” After Being Saved From Chinese Meat Market

We’ve heard it again and again, but we honestly don’t deserve dogs. They’re loyal, fun to play with and perfect companions – which all feature among the reasons people find it difficult to think of them being caged up in dog meat factories.

So it should come as something of a relief to anyone who finds that thought troubling – one golden retriever’s lucky day came when he was rescued from a factory by a group of animal lovers.

A group of people raised the 14,450 yuan (£1,612) needed to purchase the dog and around 20 others, sparing them all from the chopping block.

The animal appeared incredibly happy, so much so that it looked like it cried tears of joy over its release.

Interestingly, the group was on the hunt at the market in Kunming’s Xiaobanqiao Market because of a missing pet. They reportedly were hoping to find the animal and came across all these dogs in small cages.

When they enquired about the pups, they were told that they were being stored before being killed for their meat. Apparently, the marketplace sells to restaurants one kilo of meat for £6.60.

Obviously, the group didn’t want them to go to the butcher and so they forked out enough cash to set them free. The animals were taken to Knming’s Dongfang Animal Hospital to be looked over by a veterinarian and once they were all cleared they were set up for adoption.

If the golden retriever crying wasn’t enough to cause a few tears for yourself, the news that 17 of the rescued animals have found news homes might send you overboard.

But if that wasn’t enough to make you choke up, maybe it actor Chris Evans’ video of how he met his pet dog will.

In a disgustingly heart-warming tweet he paid tribute to his version of Man’s Best Friend and also encouraged others to pick up a pup from the pound instead of buying a brand new one. He’s got a point too – there’s millions of dogs in rescue centres that are desperate for a new home, and no less cute than their pure-bred counterparts.

The Marvel Universe megastar said: “This is the moment we met. He was trying so hard to stay seated even though he desperately wanted to get out.

“I knew right away that he was coming home with me, so I took this video to always remember our first hello. Rescue dogs are the best dogs!! #NationalPetDay”

Their relationship has gone from strength to strength since then as well, he’s always sharing pictures of him and Dodger out on their adventures.

by Stewart Perrie

Source: Ladbible