Do You Live In The Past, Present Or Future Based On Your Zodiac Sign

While many may argue that time is simply a concept invented by the human kind and time doesn’t exist, for most of us, it is a concept that finds its way to impact our lives largely on a daily basis. The truth is, time is relative. But how most of us perceive time is as an informative indicator of how do we deal with our daily needs, desires, tasks and challenges. There are three main time perspectives: the past, the present and the future. While we all get to face with all three time perspectives, each of us also has a natural inclination over how to perceive time. Based on your zodiac sign, we can tell your time preference and the unique traits, benefits and drawbacks it provides you with.

The Past:


As one of the most sensitive and most emotional signs of the zodiac, Cancer has a natural inclination to live in the past. Cancerians can talk about their childhood and their family for hours and never get bored. Instead, they love these warm feelings from the past and are happy they happened to them. Cancerians are forever grateful for their personal life history and according to some studies, this can largely contribute to their happiness and overall well-being. At the same time, Cancerians mind the future but they are not flexible enough to take potential risks in shaping it in a better way. Patient and disciplined, Cancerians can achieve a variety of future goals despite their inclination to the past.


Taurus individuals are ruled by Venus, the Goddess of love, romance, sex, beauty and fertility, which makes them perceive time in a romantic, past sense. The Taurians have a hard time moving on from the past, because they don’t like changes and seldom get out of their comfort zone. They are naturally amazed by wealth, beauty and luxury, which is why they’d rather feel grateful for their positive experiences in the past than seek new pleasures in the present. Their perception of the past brings a strong sense of value in their lives, which can boost their self-esteem, energy, creativity, as well as reduce their tendency towards aggression and depression.


The detective minded Virgo is largely inclined to perceive time from a past perspective. Ruled by Mercury, Virgo cannot help but go back to the past time and time again until they have analyzed the whole situation thoroughly. Virgo individuals love mental clarity and have a tendency to be overcritical towards themselves. Living for the present moment may sometimes feel overwhelming for them because they perceive it as an obligation rather than opportunity. Bad experiences and mistakes they made in the past are hard to forget for Virgos, as they have it on repeat all the time in their minds. This makes them more prone to aggression, anxiety and depression than any other zodiac sign, and it can impact their emotional stability. On the bright side, Virgos never leave dirty work behind and always clean their own mess.


Capricorn individuals are usually calm, collected and patient, but just like Virgo and Taurus, they posses strong memory. Due to that, Capricorns are heavily attached to the past as they consider it to be essential part of their future. However, these individuals have a natural tendency to focus on the negative side, especially failures, mistakes, unpleasant experiences and events from the past. Capricorns, unfortunately, find it hard to move past failures from the past which keep replaying in their minds. They often feel rejected, abused, misunderstood and even unwanted, so feelings of resentment often find the way to impact their present and future. Furthermore, they are inclined to disregard their own needs for pleasures and joy. Nevertheless, they put talent, energy and brain into any project they get involved into. They are persistent, disciplined and they always get things done.

The Present:


Ruled by Mars and loaded with a vast amount of energy, Aries is a prime example of a person living in the present. Aries individuals are constantly looking for new pleasures and new thrills, as they get bored easily and quickly. They avoid focusing on negativity and try to avoid tense situations any time possible. Being as action-oriented as they are allows them to find themselves achieving a variety of short-term goals on a regular basis. Aries representatives are also known as fearless and risk takers. Most Arians are joyful, positive, fun and live for the moment, which makes them a highly desirable company.


Just like Aries, Leo wants to have fun in life and knows how to live for the moment. But unlike Aries, Leo’s perception of time slightly differs, as these individuals enjoy the present as is but also cherish experiences and emotions from the past to an extent it doesn’t get involved in their current life. Leo grasps life with all energy available and Leo sees opportunities for fun, adventures and pleasures on the go. These highly energetic and creative individuals avoid boring people, boring environments and miserable chores, as they would much rather spend their energy on things that make them fulfilled. Although they can be pretty impulsive and make hasty decisions, Leos are not very likely to become aggressive or violent.


Libra is one of the most charming signs of the zodiac and the time perspective this individuals find themselves in is the present. Ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love, Libra individuals are gracious, charming and simply beautiful with every step they make. Furthermore, they live for the present moment and take advantage of every opportunity to enjoy life. They prefer balance, harmony and justice above all, so they can be seen sacrificing their own beliefs and plans just to keep the balance in tact. Libra representatives have a deep appreciation for the time required to accomplish anything valuable, so they don’t spend it just like that.


Scorpio individuals are dynamic, passionate and resourceful who are heavily focused on the now. Although they are focused on the present, Scorpios do not have high expectations for their future. The good thing with Scorpios is that they’re convinced that their past actions and behaviors don’t have to and won’t impact their lives at all. On the flip side, they understand and gladly accept that it doesn’t matter what they do and how they behave because everything has an end. Nevertheless, Scorpios live for the now and most of the time, they enjoy it. Scorpios can sometimes be manipulative and plan each move thoroughly, with the only goal of creating enjoyable present for themselves.


Ruled by the planet of growth and opportunity Jupiter, Sagittarius individuals are highly energetic and loaded with desire to travel, explore and go on adventures. In doing so, they are not focused on possible outcomes, but rather on the present. All of Sagittarius’ energy is spent on the now, as these individuals are actively pursuing pleasures and joys, avoiding boring people and environments in the process. Impulsive, playful, with a tendency to make hasty decisions, Sagittarius representatives always know how to escape the mundane world. Sagittariuses are known for their transcendental nature of all sorts, as they like exploring fields like life after death, achieving oneness with nature, reincarnation, to name a few. This perspectives on life gives Sagittariuses a whole new perception on their own life.

The Future:


Gemini is a future-oriented sign by nature as they tend to explore all opportunities available that could lead to a successful future. Ruled by Mercury, which moves quickly around the zodiac, Gemini individuals are prone to constant changes, flexibility and lots of mental stimulation. Their intelligence would be wasted if not used on some future thinking. The future-oriented Gemini representatives are known as highly intelligent, highly energetic, talented, youth lovers and versatile. In order to build the future they want to, Geminis need to learn about discipline and sticking up to a plan. Luckily, they are flexible individuals, so switching from immediate gratification to sticking up to a plan for a better future would be easy for them.


The thinker of the zodiac is as future-oriented as it gets. Ruled by the unpredictable planet Uranus, Aquarians are intellectuals, innovators and trendsetters and they are believed to be the foundation of the future. Aquarians always see opportunities for the future and since they’re highly flexible and easily adaptable, they are always ready to shift their actions and behaviors in the present to better shape the future. The extreme focus on the future can make the Aquarians appear distant and cold to others, which can lead them to wasting precious moments in the now. However, their perspective on the future can make their mundane day-to-day life fun.


Although it is hard to tell which time period does Pisces belong to, as the fish can swim through time, Pisces are mostly inclined to the future. These individuals can easily go from thinking about their most positive memories to the most unfortunate events from their past, not allowing them to impact their current perspective on the present. Pisceans are highly imaginative and compassionate individuals who tend to daydream towards a satisfying future. There is a big number of Pisceans who dwell in bad memories from the past and prefer to justify their bad events to a bad karma or a higher divine instead of taking action and making their present enjoyable. They can also get overly concerned about how others feel, which can impact their own happiness. When exhausted, Pisceans draw energy from thinking about the future.

Source: Culture Astrology