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Diamond Finger Piercings Are The Latest Craze For Engagements

Has the world finally decided that traditional rings are so last year?

A new trend emerging on Instagram shows an unexpected rise in engaged couples (although it seems to be more prevalent in women so far) getting their fingers pierced with diamonds.

According to Teen Vogue, the trend, which is called dermal piercing, is a more permanent fixture. In other words, instead of just wearing a diamond-studded band on your finger, the idea here is to create the impression of a “floating” diamond.

The minimalistic engagement look has never looked prettier or more painful.

Engagement ring: would you/wouldn’t you..? 😀😱💍

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But is it really that painful? And what are the risks?

According to Refinery29, it can hurt but not necessarily more so than any of your other average piercings. They go on to add that a full healing process can take a few months and that if you do want to opt for this trend you should definitely have it done by a professional.

What you should take into account here is that these kind of piercings differ from, say ear piercings in that this only has an entry point and no exit point. also adds that the biggest risk lies in the fact that for a dermal piercing to hold, a titanium anchor needs to be implanted in the skin in order for you to be able to attach any jewellery to it.

And what about the sanitary risk? Being exposed to open air and places that aren’t hygienic will surely result in infection?

While I understand the need for artistic and creative expression, especially in an industry that thrives on one-upping each other in terms of bridal beauty and engagement stakes, I have to wonder why run the risk of this when the convenience of an engagement ring would be much easier?

Admittedly it is a much cheaper option, so if you do decide on this, make sure that you rather go to a professional who may charge a little more instead of just any place who offers piercings. If it isn’t done correctly, it can result in tissue damage.

by Tammy February

Source: W24