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How To ‘Cut’ Unhealthy Etheric Cords

It is weird how our relationships with some people can control our thoughts and emotions. The Etheric cord creates this unnoticed bond in our relationships. We all have Etheric cords, we are born with them. They allow us to feel a connection with what we have corded with. It is of utter importance to know how to maintain the healthy Etheric cords and cut off the unnecessary cords.

Etheric cords connect the humanity. They manifest from general interaction and love to fear and anger. The Etheric cords can provide feelings of empathy, love, sympathy, hate, fear, connection, loathing, fear and attachment.

Everyone we meet in our life will be connected with us through an Etheric cord. The most common places for connection are the top of the abdomen (the solar plexus) and the Etheric cords from the third eye chakra (the forehead) to the heart chakra (the chest). Even though most people do not see the etheric cords, they affect all of us.

However, if we are in love with someone, the Etheric cord can be visible. Namely, when we are in love with someone, we automatically promote an energy cord with that person. By sharing our emotions, feelings and thoughts through an interaction with the person we are in a romantic relationship, the Etheric cord gradually strengthens and grows.

According to Doreen Virtue, a spiritual writer, the Etheric cord represents a hose, which connects two people through the energy that flows among each other. Owning to this Etheric cord, we communicate with each other and became aware of the thoughts of the person we are in love with. It is more like telepathy.

Even though the Etheric cord seems amazing, what if we are sharing it with a person we are now really fond of?
When the Etheric cord is healthy, there is a flow of unconditional love between people. However, when the cord is unhealthy, they may have a physical and emotional impact on our life and may reduce our personal power.

This is the difference between an unhealthy and a healthy Etheric cord. For instance, when the Etheric cord connects us to a person we are in love with, we exchange vibrations and energy.

However, if it connects us to someone we are not close to, we feel that our thoughts and emotions are controlled and we feel emotionally drained. If we do not cut off the unhealthy Etheric cords, we may experience health issues, too.

In general, we become aware of this Etheric cord, when we understand the emotional connection with the people we care of. However, when it comes to the people we are not close to, when they start controlling our thoughts and emotions or when we get obsessed with someone, the Etheric cord is unhealthy.

Do you like someone to approach your energy field without your permission? If not, the only thing you can do is to obstruct the unhealthy Etheric cord from the negative influences and to save the energy for the people you care of.

Cutting the cords can free you from the cords that prevented you from achieving emotional and spiritual growth.
Obstructing the Etheric cord is beneficial, as it brings positivity and eliminates negative influences. We feel energized and peaceful. Make sure that the cutting of the Etheric cords does not diminish your relationship with other people.

How to obstruct the unhealthy Etheric cord?

You have realized that unhealthy Etheric cords only drain our energy, but how can we obstruct them?

Follow the steps given below to cut off the unhealthy Etheric cord efficiently:

1. Firstly, find a place where you can be on your own.

2. Then, try to calm down by breathing deeply.

3. When you calm down, close your eyes. Then, recall your spirit or angel guides to help you in the process of cutting off the unhealthy cords.

4. When you feel the presence of your angel or spirit guide, begin reciting the mantra given below:

5. ”Dear Spirit guides, I am asking for you help to heal me and eliminate the negative energy that is holding me back by cutting off the unhealthy Etheric cords. The Etheric cords that are connected to me are not filled with positive energy, light, love, so I ask you to help me cut them off. When they are cut off, surround me with light and positive energy that will protect me from negativity in future. Thank you very much.”

6. Close your eyes and image the Etheric cords cutting off. If you still feel negative attachments, repeat the mantra again until you feel free from the negative energy.

Recite the mantra from your heart and you will be able to cut off the Etheric cords. When you finish with the reciting of the mantra, smear the surrounding and have a warm bath. The water will help you to relax and enjoy the surrounding. Not only it is beneficial for your energy system, but it also enhances your physical and emotional health.

You are worried if the mantra has worked? If you feel more peaceful and energized, it has worked perfectly. Etheric cords are crucial for humanity and they are of utter importance for us, because they allow us to interact and socialize with people in a healthy manner.