Choose An Alchemist Symbol For Your Weekend Fortune & Advice

Have you had any problems over the past period? Are you trying to find out what you need to do to make a difference in your life? The following fun test will tell you exactly how things stand. Explore these alchemical symbols and choose the one that most attracts you. Proceed further and find out if you’ll smile happily soon…

1. Leo

If you chose this symbol, it means you need to take control of your fate. The lion is a symbol of the sun. This choice suggests that you are doing everything you can to live a great life, but you are still captive and you can not move on. You are concerned about questions such as “Have you made the right choice?” And “Did you have to choose the other way?”. You have to accept that your life is exactly the way it should be. When you come to terms with it, many other opportunities will open up to you. All your previous choices have been made for a reason and you must accept that knowledge.

2. Sand clock

If you choose the sandstone, it means you feel trapped in time. You are facing the past and the painful experiences that do not allow you to move forward. You feel like drowning, you do not have energy and you’ve settled down with the fact that life is not easy and nice. You should reconcile yourself to the past and move on. You will be much stronger unlike before, because all the tragedies are lessons that will serve you in the future. Live in the present. When you learn how to do it, time will become your friend.

3. Moon

If you chose this symbol, it means your heart is currently a military field. Something strong and deep in you does not allow you to have a restful sleep. Is it laziness, anger or passion? Your spirit needs peace, and for this you need to express your emotions sincerely and openly. Admit to yourself and to others how you feel. When there are hidden emotions they can not eat, and their suppression has always done more harm than good.

4. Key

If you have chosen the key, it means that your spirit desperately needs answers. Everything you believed suddenly is questionable. You may have been tired of the search for truth and correct answers. Maybe it all got bored. It’s time to get to know the other side of life through new adventures. Soon something will happen to you to help you overcome the current period. It is necessary to travel somewhere, at least one day.

5. Palm

If you chose this ancient symbol, it means you are surrounded by negative energy. Your spirit is trying to get rid of these influences and if you notice that you are doing strange things, that means that something inside tries to warn you about the situation. It is interesting that we have always been captured by evil forces, but we always have the choice to get rid of them. To get rid of it, you need to forgive yourself first, and then to others. Take time to relax and for the people you love.