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Choose a Picture and See What it Reveals About You

Here is the scenario . . .

Imagine that you are staring up into a clear blue sky. Now visualize the landscape beneath the clear blue sky. Which of the scenes above do you picture? Choose a picture that makes you feel relaxed, calm and serene – but make sure that you don’t overthink your choice! Go with the picture that immediately “calls” to you.

The secret psychology behind your answer . . .

Colors are powerful elements in life. Did you know that the color blue has the power to slow your pulse and deepen your breath? The landscape you picked when contrasted against the clear blue sky reveals a lot about a hidden talent that might be buried in the depths of your mind.

1. If you chose the white snowy landscape:

You have a natural talent for decrypting complex ideas and situations. Deep down you have a great capacity for making clear decisions, and you also have a strong intuition. You are a visionary by nature.

2. If you chose the blue seascape:

You have a natural talent for communication. You have strong interpersonal skills, making you an excellent peacemaker or “troubleshooter.” People function better together in your presence. You are a counselor by nature.

3. If you chose the green mountain:

You have a natural talent for self-expression. Somehow, you always find the right words to express how you feel, and for this reason other people can easily relate to you, even if you aren’t aware of it. You are an artist by nature.

4. If you chose the yellow field of flowers:

You have a natural talent for storing large amounts of information within your conscious and unconscious mind. Because of this, you are often bursting with ideas, making you full of limitless creative potential. You are a philosopher by nature.

Origins of the Self-Discovery Game

This game was inspired by two Japanese psychologists Tadahiko Nagao and Isamu Saito, and their creation of “Kokology,” or the study of the “mind” (kokoro) in Japanese. Kokology is based on the science of psychology and is aimed at discovering the hidden attitudes we have about ourselves, other people, and the world through a series of unique games, such as the one featured above!

Source: Loner Wolf